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09 Jan 2022 20:00:33
Well it's fair to say Rafa has been a massive failure. Did well at the start, I guess it's true what some fans said about Steve Bruce actually being just as good at Newcastle.

Got rid of our best player and is now getting rid of our current best player because he's very stubborn and clearly left his good tactics back in 2007.

That or agent Rafa is really a thing. Either way, dreadful manager and a dreadful board with a dreadful team for us all to watch.

Rafa Out
Moshiri Out
Kenwright Out.

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09 Jan 2022 20:14:18
Get a grip mate moshiri out the fella has has pumped all sorts into this club to get us fighting and also new ground. I understand the club us run bad he has made mistakes but he only wants what we all want.

09 Jan 2022 20:18:38
Swan, please tell me you are not calling digne our best player. He's been shocking for 2 years.

09 Jan 2022 20:21:21
Mr Moshiri out, goodness me I ask you this world has gone Bloody Mad.

09 Jan 2022 21:37:22
Love the revisionist history with Digne now because he wants out. Same thing happened with Lukaku and Arteta “oh they’ve been awful for years now”

As for Moshiri. Since he joined we’ve actually become worse as a club.

If a man pumps money into improving your house but insists on putting a fancy toilet on the ceiling instead of a regular toilet on the floor. Is that good just because he’s put money into it?

The man could insist we only buy 40 year olds from Sunday league and actively try to relegate us and fans would say “oh good jolly he’s put money into this so we can’t criticise”

Rather be poor and decent, than rich and terrible.

09 Jan 2022 21:59:47
Swan, in terms of moshiri, criticise away but not going to force him put like we have done with 6 managers and are going to do with rafa too.

He will just stay and milk us with interest on the loans he has given us.

Think a fair few have been criticising digne for a while. Can't remember the last goal or assist he got.

09 Jan 2022 22:03:08
I have to agree. Kenwright spent so long looking for a buyer who wouldn't just run the club as a business has missed the boat. The successful owners now run a club like they are a business. They are slick with player trading, sponsorship, ambition and at the same time take a chunk of profit. Moshiri uses the club like a train set. No idea how to drive it but still wants to. Pumps a load of money in but runs it so badly that he will never be able to take anything out.

10 Jan 2022 01:53:38
Just to clarify. Fron the 2020 accounts Everton hsa loans of £350 million due to Bluesky Capital Ltd which is controlled by Mr Moshiri. I can't find any other info on Bluesky on the iniernet. Our accounts say the loans are interest free. The loan is to be repaid at a schedule to be agreed between Everton and Bluesky

On top of that we have borrowed externally against our future TV revenues so we have other loans of £59 million (up 42 million from previous year) These loans we do have to pay interest on

So in total we have loans of over £400 million against a turnover of less than £200m per year before we even start paying wages/ expenses etc. We lost £139 million in 19/ 20 so if we carry on the debt will likely continue to rise

We are 100% reliant on Moshiri continueing to support us. If he doesn't I can't see any other investors taking over that debt, especially as there is nothing to see for it

So yes I want Moshiri to stay or else we are bankrupt but we, Everton, are the ones who owe the money so I am p. ed off that it has been spent by Moshiri so unwisely. We are in a complete mess caused by mismanagement from Moshiri down and are saddled by debt that we can't afford so need Moshiri more than ever not to walk away.

As I said What a Mess.

10 Jan 2022 02:39:02
I missed another note to the accounts that says a further £50 m was loaned to Everton by Bluesky after the balance sheet date so the money owed to Bluesky is £400 m not £350 m.

10 Jan 2022 03:56:35
Maybe you should read Sky Sports Geoff

"He's recorded more assists than any other Everton player since he joined the club in the summer of 2018 and last season he created more chances than any of his team-mates, too.

"Since the start of last season among Premier League defenders, only Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson at Liverpool have created more clear-cut chances. "

Appears Digne isn't so bad after all.

10 Jan 2022 08:07:31
We have very rich owners (not a typo) . In a normal business with owner (s) willing to service debt so that deficit doesn't become a factor, everything would be fine. Unfortunately thanks to ffp football isn't a normal business. I honestly believe that at last Everton are attempting to address our issues. This is going to be a long uncomfortable ride. Not going to stop moaning let's call it pressure relief.

10 Jan 2022 08:39:57
BW - he has been good for us, but he’s been terrible this season.
0 assists and 0 goals.
Michael Keane has 2 assists
Jonjoe Kenny even has an assist.

He’s not been the same since his injury.

10 Jan 2022 09:07:04

All I am doing is feeding back what Sky Sports statistics are saying. If they are true he must have bloddy brilliant before his injury to only be bested by Robinson and Alexander Arnald
I think we had a good player that Rafa has decided he wants rid of rather than working with him and getting him back to his best
I don't know all this ins and outs of it but I think we will regret it long term
I think Lukaku was handled better by Chelsea/ Tuchel and with Aubayang it was his third of fourth transgression. Benitez had an agenda which might be right for the club in the end - who will know - but I personally don't think he handled it well but that's just my view.

10 Jan 2022 09:09:58
BW, not been the same players thus or last season. Chances created is one thing but they are not assists or goals. So either the pass is just a little bit imperfect or team mates couldn't finish or his shots saved by keeper.

The glazers borrowed the 700 odd mil from the bank to buy utd they used none of their own money. We are quite lucky jn that we owe the money to the owner, not to the bank

So, he could technically write it off, if he wants to. not that it would happen but the debt to him will keep rising due to C.V. losses, etc.

This may be one of the reasons we bringing in younger cheaper players which can still have real value and letting up to 8 high earners leave the club in the summer.

10 Jan 2022 10:26:44
Benitez took him off set pieces so his stats were bound to drop.

10 Jan 2022 15:55:51
Chances created are not assists? So your blaming him because others missed those chances?

11 Jan 2022 04:20:44
And these are 'Ckear cut chances' Woburn and it's still his fault that other players missed them

Geoff's 'technically' he could write off his loans to Everton is also incoreect if he spent some time trying to understand FFP rules but why let facts get in the way.



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