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12 Jan 2022 13:30:36
To all those saying Digne has been rubbish for last two years.
Season 20/ 21.
Games played 30 Ranked 7th.
Assists 7 Ranked 1st.
Chances created 46 Ranked 1st.
Passes into opp box 208 Ranked 1st.
Open play crosses 155. Ranked 1st.
Not too shabby, and we let him go for 25m?

{Ed025's Note - but he wants away brass so what can you do?..

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12 Jan 2022 13:57:19
Want to walk away or been pushed. Article posted by VW268 a good insight into Rafa's aporoach. I have to admit, my wanting him at our Club was based on positive info, info it turns out mostly coming from him. ?.

12 Jan 2022 14:13:32
At 25m, if he wanted to go, we got a fair price, but to give them back 15m for a player who could not hold down his place in a VERY, poor side, given our ffp circumstances is just plain crazy .

{Ed025's Note - im with you JCW..

12 Jan 2022 14:36:03
Brassington - what do those stats matter? We still failed to qualify for Europe with those stats he posted.

He wanted out - he’s gone for £25m which is a decent price.

If he was so amazing as some fans want to believe then why has he gone to villa? The only other club that was in for him was Newcastle who possibly will be relegated this season.

No champions league team were banging our door down for him.

{Ed025's Note - fair points there dan..

12 Jan 2022 14:40:59
Think 25 mill is a good deal for him. On unsustainable wages given our FFP issues, and we’re getting what we paid for him even after 3.5 seasons here and then some. Aye he’s good, much better than some people have retroactively decided because he wants out, but he isn't irreplaceable. Good deal in my opinion, even if i'd like him to stay.

12 Jan 2022 14:47:12
I’m with Brass here. Yes he wanted to go but was that because he wanted out of Everton or away from Benitez?
Dan are you saying it’s his fault we didn’t qualify for Europe?
£25m for a player in his prime and considered to be one of the best left backs in the Premiership is not a decent price.
Maybe he likes the idea of playing for a young manager who believes in him, and will play to his strengths.
You have no idea who might have been in for him, only what you read.
Stats don’t lie. We have let one of our best players go to a team similar to ourselves, and he will make them stronger.
Who next DCL, Richarlison?

{Ed025's Note - but you cant let players rule the roost latch, just because he does not like rafa does not mean he can hold the club to ransom mate..

12 Jan 2022 15:02:13
So Bob if he’s one of the best left backs in the premier league whys he gone to Villa?

I’m repeating myself here but if he was that good and as you suggest one of the best left backs in the league why were only villa and Newcastle in for him? No top teams were in the chase.

He was amazing first couple of seasons we had him, but not the last couple.

Not his fault solely we didn’t qualify for Europe but he’s not blameless - he’s a defender and we shipped in a shed load of goals the last 2 seasons, while his attacking qualities had been good, his defensive ones not so and end of the day want my defence to defend first and assist score second.

12 Jan 2022 15:08:00
I am with you up to a point Ed, however Rafa has got form here, form that indicates he is not just stubborn mate but downright 'obstinate' surely that would repel players of every type of personality every calibre of talent and even test a players loyalty to club and fans.

{Ed025's Note - i can see your concerns R2R and i agree that he is bloody minded, the jury is still out for me and i think the next couple of weeks is pivotal whether or not he goes or stays, we need 4 points at least from the norwich and newcastle games i feel mate and then see how the land lies..

12 Jan 2022 15:29:46
I hear you Ed, and when we get the proverbial magic 40, I will close this account down and choose a more cheerful i'd .

{Ed025's Note - im looking forward to that mate..

12 Jan 2022 18:21:01
Digne is just an bang average full back in the Premiership, great bit of business from Everton ( for a change) to get 25m for a 29 year old that is past his best with an obvious bad attitude towards the club that was paying him 100k per week, Villa already have a better full back in his position not sure why they wanted him to be honest.

12 Jan 2022 19:53:34
Great LB, Crap LB or just bang average. Good value for money, over priced or under priced . tbh none of this matters to me as it’s all about opinions I suppose hence why SG has decided to buy him after securing Coutinho for the Villa. What bothers me is it’s a player who wants to leave and has told our Manager that he no longer wants to play for the club any more. Now this could be just one apple here and there is nothing to suggest otherwise but something just doesn’t feel right, very disheartening .

12 Jan 2022 20:24:08
people keep banging on about those stats but love to ignore the fact that he is absolutely woeful defensively and his stupid fouls at the edge of our box countless times. coerners are woeful. free kicks woeful. And don't get me started on his instagram posts after every mediocre performance.

13 Jan 2022 01:17:47
Have to somewhat agree with joe from germany on the digne opinion. Amazed by how some people on here are talking him up, makes it sound like Leighton baines never played for us (now he was a full back and one of the best in the prem consistently for 5 years or so! ) . digne last 2 seasons has been crap. I'm sure he's a decent fella and I'm not saying he didn't try. I recall a certain game against wolves at home maybe pre C.V. where he got torn to pieces time and time again by that traore. He isn't a very good defender nor is he one of the best left backs in the prem. Actually for once I think it is very astute business selling him for a good fee especially given the mire we are in with ffp and given he was one of the clubs highest earners. Maybe the saLe goes a long way towards balancing the books. Of course it's calculated risk but this could ease the pressure and mean we can keep the likes of dcl and richarlison? What would I know though. Re el ghazi paying a fee would be madness but as a loan 100 percent I'd have him. Agree that we are very weak now in central defense, central midfield and bizarrely having signed every number 10 going in 2017 we have very little creativity in that area of the park! I don't think we will get relegated, I do think rafa has made mistakes, I don't think he's a bad manager and I think sacking him will only breed yet more instability. I think we will have a little run now especially once he gets his pawns in position and I think we will see gradual improvement from next season. I just wish there was a unity at the games because the anti benitez stuff is madness and won't help results or the 1st 11.



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