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15 Mar 2022 21:03:53
Unbelievable how it's gone on here We now have two sets of fans

Fans who speak there minds and have a go at players and management

They are toxic fans

And then we have the other type who don't really have to many bad things to say about anything

Theses are the real fans

Well I guess I'm one of the toxic fans

Don't know what is the worse to be honest.

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15 Mar 2022 21:18:14
Everyone of us need to raise the roof every game. Make goodison rock even if we fall behind we have got to make it loader then we ever have and help save our beautiful club from the drop. Rather than shout rubbish at our players we need to give thwm beleive and our unconditional support by making the place defening. please!

15 Mar 2022 22:11:49
What are you on about?

Everyone entitled to their own opinion, however I’m sure we’re all in the same boat regards current form and worry of relegation.

Speaking up about players performances and managerial decisions isn’t toxic. However blaming bill for current plight, moaning about DCL getting a speeding ticket etc is embarrassing.

15 Mar 2022 23:47:00
Don't overrate yourself Skylark

You are not toxic

You are irrelevant

When you have something constructive to say rather than spouting off just to be noticed let me know.

16 Mar 2022 06:21:34
Why do I need to let you know?
You are?

16 Mar 2022 06:43:27



You're like an annoying sheep in the field next door saying nothing, just bleating on and on all day


16 Mar 2022 06:49:41
I think the point is: whatever you post, whether it be positive or negative, the chances are someone may respond to you. It might agree; it might disagree. But let’s not get bogged down in slinging muck at each other.

The club is in a mess. As fans, we can’t have control over who plays, how we play or what we play. The only thing we can control is the atmosphere. Everything else is out of our hands.

Most people respond better to the carrot than the stick. If we can create a positive atmosphere in the ground, maybe - just maybe - we can lift the team to get a better performance. It’s worth a try. What else can we do?

16 Mar 2022 07:00:41
Well I guess I'm one of the toxic fans Sky.

16 Mar 2022 08:04:37
I think people get confused. Airing worries, concerns, fears is a normal thing to do in the circumstances. Criticising players, tactics performances or analysing negative aspects of things doesn't mean that the support isn't there and it doesn't reflect on the crowd at Goodison. Jumping on here and divulging feelings and opinions can have the opposite effect
I find as you reflect on it, draw a line under it and move on to the next match. People are going to say negative things as we are in a negative situation and I really don't understand why people don't get that. It doesn't mean we are not supporting the team.

16 Mar 2022 08:57:47
I've regularly gone on this site and made observations/ criticisms of what is happening at Everton but I try to be balanced and constructive in my criticism.

What I do object to is knuckle dragging homophobes who 99% just post criticisms

If any of you think this is OK and is supporting the team then that is your prerogative. I don't.

16 Mar 2022 09:18:20
''two sets of fans'' From the OP. . . To my recollection it's always been 'one fractious set' . ⚔️.

16 Mar 2022 09:19:39
There’s plenty to point fingers at, and be negative about, let’s be honest.
My view is that there’s a difference between constructive criticism and observations, to frequently slagging off any and everything to no end.
Does that cause a toxic atmosphere? Sometimes, yeah.
The results speak for themselves - poor beyond measure. But to brand Frank as useless after 6 weeks and Dom as useless when every fan (yes you were! ) was singing his praises when he was fit, is just plain daft and I can understand why some would think this is attention seeking behaviour.
No doubt, some will disagree, and that’s fine.

16 Mar 2022 09:39:27
People are only doubting Dom because he used to be full of energy always running, causing problems for defenders, winning free kicks, holding the ball up, giving us an easy out when we are defending. That's not about skill or form it's about effort. He used to put in 100% effort 100% off the time.

Recently he's been about as idle as iwobi. That's what fans are taking issue with.

16 Mar 2022 09:51:26
I go along with the ''100%'' thing Chris, his effort has been less than we were used to.

16 Mar 2022 10:05:59
The feeling is mutual bw2.

16 Mar 2022 10:16:02
Bw, you're spot on there mate. How did skylark even get back on these pages after his homophobic/ transphobic rant on the discussion pages months ago? He must have apologised at some point, shame though because I missed it! He did lie low for a while but he's back, with his posts that deliberately attempt to set one set of fans against the other.
As you say, it's just bleating for the sake of bleating. Win, lose or draw, he never disappoints with the negativity on these pages.

16 Mar 2022 10:49:20
FC, he did used to out the effort in last season especially. This season, however, the lad has had niggling injuries that have affected his form. He's also played, when he first came back, when he probably could have done with resting. Add to that the team has been struggling since September, is there any real surprise that he hasn't recaptured that form?

16 Mar 2022 10:59:13
Didn't apologize to anybody,
I did nothing wrong I just spoke my mind, if you don't like it don't read it
And by the way I have said lots of positive things on here when we have played well maybe you just like to pick and remember the negative post's but to be honest there has been plenty of them.

16 Mar 2022 11:03:56
If he's an Everton fan BP he hides it really well. As I said I've criticised Everton myself in the past. We all do quite rightly but his constant bleating, whining, moaning makes me ashamed to think he says he is a fan. He needs to get over his crush on DCL.

16 Mar 2022 11:27:14
We all have a right to say how we are feeling, even former players and former Everton players are having a go at these Everton players that has got us into this mess, I’ve said it before not even Klopp or Pep could improve this lot
Just let hope that they all have a good day and the opposing team have an awful off day as this is the only way now we will get the necessary results to keep us safe in the Premiership.

16 Mar 2022 12:34:52
FC DCL has only played in 9 matches out of 26 in the EPL this season which indicates he's been struggling with injuries. Prior to this season he has never been criticised for not running or not putting an effort in every game - indeed he got a lot of criticism for running down the channels too much and not staying in the box enough although he did work with Carlos to improve that

His head hasn't been turned but the injuries have probably been worse than we originally thought

We need him back in the side, fully fit and banging in the goals we so desperately need.

16 Mar 2022 12:39:52
Of course you do Uran and we have the right to tell you what we think of your opinions if they go from constructive criticism to constant whining without any support for our team.

16 Mar 2022 17:16:09
Think BW needs to understand the definition of homophobe and as for the ignorant giving the post three likes!

16 Mar 2022 17:59:48
DFS, the homophobe remark is justified, did you not see the post from skylark on the discussion page a while back? His true colours were there for all to see even if he has watered then down on this post. Long and short of it, DCL could score 60 goals in a season but skylark will still rip him because he doesn't agree with how he dresses or driving too fast in the afternoon ?.
BW, that last sentence killed me off ?? skylark has been trolling this site for a long time now, likes to get everyone bitching against each other. This OP proves the point a bit I'd say!

16 Mar 2022 19:05:21
Just before I go off this site for good I would just like to say you are wrong on all accounts potato
1 I have never rated DCL even before I comented on his dress sense
So no you are wrong it's nothing to do with how he dressed
2 I said DCL has got us three points
It was a joke aimed at the points he was given in court so you are wrong again
A few people responded saying that he was wrong to be driving at 1am and speeding, not Me, . so you are wrong again
I made a comment in response to a post made about DCL and I said something along the lines like we should have got shut of him a while back which I still stand by and I'm not the only one who thinks this
So potato get your facts right before you post
But from now on you will have to find someone else to have a go at
I'm out of here.

16 Mar 2022 20:15:16
Promises promises.

17 Mar 2022 07:59:30
Bw24 of course you have the right to let me know if you disagree with my comments, that’s call freedom of speech, that’s everyone right so please don’t forget that, you can reply and say different, all my comments are normally posted out of huge frustration and because of my love for the club
This site has to have a balance of opinions on football issues some can be very optimistic even in our current situation in which I admire others can’t do this so easy and spill their frustration out and cast blame right or wrongly, we need a shot in the arm and it’s only the players can give this
However I do agree with you that comments on this site should be of football issues and anything to do with the players personal life is private and not discussed publicly.

17 Mar 2022 10:17:13

I agree with a lot of what you've said. Why do the vast majority of people come on this site? They come on to express their views and visions for their club, our club Everton FC. Name me one person on this site who hasn't criticised the club or made suggestions on how it could be run or improved. I don't think you could name one unless you know someone who comes on the site to only view the posts and doesn't make any posts themselves

I don't have a problem with over 95% of the posters on the site and welcome their input

I do have a problem with the very few (and they are only a few) who do virtually nothing but moan, moan and moan and offer nothing in the way of suggestions on how to fix things, when they think insults and slurs are their badges of honour

Then I'll become that third type of poster - To coin some of Skylarks comments in the OP "I'll speak my mind and have a go at these so called fans". Skylark can believe he is some sort of urban hero but he's nothing of the sort (and I'm not for sinking to his level)

I'll be glad if he has gone because maybe then we can can get back to the basics of trying to help our team, not constantly slagging them off.

17 Mar 2022 11:24:31
I admire your passion for our club and truthful remarks.

17 Mar 2022 14:21:31
Gutted, only just seen the end of this thread. Didn't even get to say goodbye to him ? oh well, it's only the 3rd or 4th time he has said he will not be back in last 13 months. He will be back ??.

17 Mar 2022 19:09:41
People need to chill out a bit on this site. We are suppose to be for the same cause. We might all disagree on certain things but that's okay. All the best for the match my fellow blues. COYB's.



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