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05 Apr 2022 00:31:30
This is it Wednesday, our whole season and future has come to one of our biggest games for a very long time, lose this and I just do not see us recovering.

Forget the school of science, this is a dogs of war performance needed, win ugly, draw ugly, but do not lose, get the job done, no matter how we do it, Burnley will be coming at us, they will throw the kitchen sink at us, they will fight for every single 50/ 50 ball, we have to cut out mistakes, keep it simple and get fighters on the pitch.

Keane suspended could be our first bit of good fortune, the next two players I mention will no doubt receive groans from some of you, but I feel these two players are what we need on Wednesday, the first one would be Begovic in goal, Burnley will hit us at set pieces, I feel Begovic will control his area more, come for the crosses and settle the defence in front of him.

The second one I would include would be Rondon, he knows what it takes to be in a battle, I would use Calvert-Lewin as an impact sub if needed, but you know Rondon will battle in attack, not the greatest of strikers, but will certainly put himself about and scrap, some might say Dobbin, but with their big centre half's, I just feel like Rondon would compete more.

Anyway that's my thoughts and hope for once we get a result, when it is needed as a very big 6 pointer.

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05 Apr 2022 07:03:26
I'm glad your not the manager bud as no matter what the media like to say Pickford had been probably our best player for 2 years so I have no idea why you want him dropped as for Rondon why just why would you start him if you wanted to change it a bit play Richarlison uo top with Girdon on thr right and Gray on thr left they have two commanding center backs in the air so why put another target man up top you might as well say right keep it on the floor.
It does baffle me why some fans still have it in for Pickford it's almost like they believe everything the likes of talksport sky ect say.

05 Apr 2022 08:43:57
Pickford makes one mistake every game which either results in a goal or a card or an injury. he is terrible with his feet, the shortest pair of hands bar keppa. that goal from Cresswell, any half-decent keeper saves that with ease.

05 Apr 2022 08:50:06
Totally agree with the Begovic shout Bazwil. He is generally a great shot stopper - and I think those Hollywood saves are why lots of fans overlook the other issues. He rarely comes for crosses and when he does he flaps or slaps at the ball. He makes erratic decisions and this is always exacerbated by emotional circumstances like Wednesday will be. Our defenders are very poor but he does not help, and it was noticeable how much calmer everything was when Begovic stepped in for the clean sheet v Newcastle.
I wouldn't play rondon, really for the reasons you've said! They are big centre halves and think their preference would be playing against big centre forward in a battle - we'd be better off playing Richy up there and having him, gray and Gordon making runs in behind and in channels to try and stretch them.

05 Apr 2022 09:15:03
Pickford has been our best player for some considerable time however, I think without a decent defence and the prospect of balls being thrown into the box to a large centre forward then I personally would play Begovic as well. Rondon is a no though as he doesn't bully anyone anymore has lost his pace and his work rate isn't great, having said that DCL at the moment isn't any better so not sure if I would play either. I think Branthwaite needs to start but not sure who I would pair him with. If Seamus is still injured with Keane out and limited centre mids then we may have to play Holgate in the midfield again which may be a blessing in disguise. Either way this is going to be Franks hardest selection to date. As said this is possibly are most important match for a very long while and we need to get something out of it "squeeky bum time" if you ask me.

05 Apr 2022 11:00:56
Pick ford been our best player for couple seasons now, but begovic has also been a career no.1, so would feel safe with either between sticks. Branthwaite has to start alongside Godfrey. He's a unit and will deal with their set pieces while Godfrey has the pace to drive out from defence. Gordon has to start. He's been best player this season and as for rondon, I'd rather just keep DCL up top. He will come good. Not convinced he is quite 100% fit atm.

05 Apr 2022 11:56:52
Guessing the Begovic lovers were not sat in the lower GLadys v Newcastle at 0-0 with 11 men he was telling us to calm down over the amount of time he was taking over his goal kicks and constantly kicked it long straight to Dan Burns and can anyone tell me what mistake Pickford made v West Ham as you said he makes a mistake every game and gives a goal away my guess is if he leaves in the Summer you will moan that he has gone as i said some of our fans are embarrassing.

05 Apr 2022 13:31:00
Didn’t begovic keep a clean sheet against Newcastle and we won the game 1-0?
Not sure what it matters him telling fans to calm down if he kept a clean sheet?

05 Apr 2022 15:58:38
I get where people are not wanting Rondon, believe me would be Calvert-Lewin every time for me, however whether injury or mind elsewhere, Calvert-Lewin is just not doing it at the moment, a kick up the backside and coming off the bench might just do the trick, by then a couple of their players might have picked up yellow cards, start Calvert -Lewin and they will kick lumps out of him early doors.

That is why I would start Rondon, let him get among them, take the knocks, and leave space for Richarlison, same will happen if Richarlison plays as the lone striker, will get targeted early on, that’s why I would use Rondon to start with, if they double up on Richarlison, they are leaving Rondon free, by having Rondon there, the whole defending by Burnley changes, get to ht then throw Calvert-Lewin on for the second half.

05 Apr 2022 16:26:42
Gingerdan the point is it was at 0-0 we needed to win and he was time-wasting and when the fans told him to hurry up he told us to calm down and not sure what a ean sheet has to do with it. It baffles me how our fans can hate Pickford when he's been our best player for 2 years pathetic.

05 Apr 2022 17:01:04
Who said they hate Pickford? I think most posting have said we rate him but would prefer Begovic for this particular match. We are lucky to have two very competent Keepers which cannot be said for anywhere else on the pitch with the exception of Wing players.

05 Apr 2022 17:22:38
Lamprdstheman - “not sure what a clean sheet has to do with it”
Are you serious?
Clean sheet means guaranteed atleast 1pt from game.
Last 13 games we’ve had 2 clean sheets and both of them were when begovic in goal.
I like Pickford good shot stopper and good long ball distribution. Personally wouldn’t drop him but can clearly see why other fans calling for begovic to start.

05 Apr 2022 18:30:34
Pickford is a good shot stopper, at set pieces, Begovic is better at dealing with crosses and organising his defence.

Burnley will be looking at set pieces to target us, that is why I would put Begovic in for this game.

05 Apr 2022 18:43:42
You used the clean sheet against Newcastle like it was some sort of landmark what about the other 4 we have kept this season in the league I'm guessing they were not down to Pickford or as I was taught we win as a team and lose as a team or are you saying Begovic beat Newcastle all by himself.

05 Apr 2022 19:58:07
Lamprdstheman - I’d stop now as you’re embarrassing yourself.
Of course it was a landmark it was only our 5th clean sheet of the season and had taken 27 games to get it!

The other 4 clean sheets were Pickford totally agree, but he’s played 26 games in the league! 4 clean sheets from 26 is terrible.

Begovic has played twice in league for us and 1 clean sheet.

Simple maths shows that’s a better return than Pickford.

06 Apr 2022 08:04:22
Rondon is useless. May as well start preparing for the championship if we start him.

06 Apr 2022 09:11:25
Unfortunately a goalkeeper is only as good as his defence, and because they're rubbish it makes pickford look as bad! I'd keep him in.



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