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07 Apr 2022 06:49:57
There is one man who is responsible for this mess, and what now increasingly looks like our relegation, Moshiri.

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07 Apr 2022 08:12:23
For pumping like £500 mill ?. You are blaming him for not beating the likes of Burnleys and Watfords. A lot of teams have beaten burnley this season, perhaps Lampard did not knew how to.

07 Apr 2022 09:24:49
This mess has been a long time in the making RDD and started well before Lampard, well before Rafa. It started when Moshiri bought us. Yes he pumped 500m into the club (the vast majority showing as a loan by the club on one of his investment companies but what have we got for it? 500m of debt, a poor squad, no leadership from the owner, the board, the DOF's, the numerous managers and Moshiri's fabled advisors - none of them working together and, as a result the club hasn't improved - it's gone backwards even with all the money pumped in.

{Ed025's Note - spot on be mate..

07 Apr 2022 09:35:24
The one thing Moshiri did ensure was the availability of funds to all the managers barring the exception of Rafa. It is utterly stupid to blame him alone for the mess. Yesterday's defeat or in particular this season has nothing to do with him. You are just trying to shift the blame on someone else.

07 Apr 2022 10:05:45
Read my post RDD. I didn't say it was all Moshiri's fault. I said it was "no leadership from the owner, the board, the DOF's, the numerous managers and Moshiri's fabled advisors - none of them working together and, as a result the club hasn't improved"

They've all played a part and you can add some of the players to the list

Moshiri is top dog and he has to take responsibility for allowing it to go on like this and saddling the club with a mountain of debt with nothing to show for it. Maybe he should have changed the board, maybe he should have allowed the DOF to actually do their job, maybe he hasn't picked the right managers or he's got too involved in wanting certain players but we've been mismanaged as a club from top to bottom. The responsibility lies with everyone within the club but rightly it starts at the top however much money he's loaned us.

07 Apr 2022 10:47:50
RDD, who do you even support? At times you refer to Everton as 'we' then other times you say 'you' not to mention your over the top loyalty to Rafa! Funny though as I've looked on the Liverpool pages and you don't seem to post there ?
Rafa was part of the problem despite what you say or think. The love in between Rafa, you and ed0666 is ridiculous considering the results he got helped put us in this mess. Stop trolling.

07 Apr 2022 11:42:21
BW what's with all the negativity in your posts above? You can't be a proper fan if you dare to be critical of aspects of the club, can you?

07 Apr 2022 13:14:25
I'm happy people are starting to point the finger at Moshri. People say you can't blame him because he has pumped money in. He's not pumped money in he's saddled the club with mountains of debt.

Moshri employed a man, in brands, to run the football club then overruled his decisions and bought the players he wanted, whether through his advisors or not, we bought them because moshri wanted them.

People blame the many managers, people blame the players and they are right too but who brought those people to the club? The vast majority were not brands, they were moshri.

The whole downward spiral of the last few years is because of Moshri. Others might have had a slight input here or there but moshri employed them. The buck stops with him.

Moshri out.

07 Apr 2022 13:44:48
You really are amusing TD. Sad but amusing. How about trying to post a constructive, informed post now. You might surprise yourself.

07 Apr 2022 14:13:02



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