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19 Apr 2022 10:32:13
The way forward seems clear.
Sell DCL, Richarlison, Keane and maybe a couple of others. Some others are clearing out the wage bill already.
Take advantage of the free agent market. Some excellent options this summer. Worth looking at Cantwell, Lacazette, Tarkowski, Lingard, Armartey, Mee.

There are plenty more…

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19 Apr 2022 11:04:00
It does JB we have so many players ar the end of their contracts, time to get rid mate,

19 Apr 2022 12:51:23
Agree we need to look at offloading and making use of the free agent and loan market.

However not sure Ben Mee or James Tarkowski are the answer to our defensive problems. They’ve conceded a similar number of goals as our players have and are in a team that’s fighting relegation also - are either an improvement on what we’ve already got?
Wouldn’t say either are better than Godfrey or branthwaite could be.

Also not sure lingard is the answer to our midfield issue, he’s very similar to gray and Gordon and wouldn’t start him ahead of either.

Let’s hope we avoid relegation and can then enjoy the summer transfer speculation.

19 Apr 2022 13:26:07
Either Mee or Tarkowski would be a useful addition if we sold both Mina, Keane and Holgate. If we didn't then we should look at younger options. I don't know any player that would be a like for like replacement for Richarlison in the free or loan markets. Lacazette would be a good shout if his wages were reasonably cheap but I can't see that being the case.

19 Apr 2022 13:48:47
How is selling your best players the way forward?
Then sign free agents on ridiculous wages? Mmm haven’t we been down this route before?
We need a good centre back to play alongside Godfrey. We need a couple of good ball playing midfielders and that is all.
We have 5/ 6 players out of contract on the summer, none who are worth keeping, already a massive saving in wages.
If you are going to sell anyone then selll the likes of Keane, Holgate and Gomes.
But try to hold on to your best players .

19 Apr 2022 16:48:45
Ideally, yes, we’d keep Richy. Don’t think that’s realistic though. If a CL team come knocking, which they likely will, he’ll be off. We should be concerning ourselves with finding the next Richarlison. We got ourselves in this financial mess and now only selling high and buying low will steady the ship.

19 Apr 2022 17:09:21
Not sure selling the crown jewels will help! then buy two players from a struggling Burnley, isn't that what we did with Keane? Cantwell not getting games in another relegation side! Lacazette well past his best free doesn't mean good!
I really cannot see this has any real progression for the club we need good developing youngsters! some class that will help others around them!

19 Apr 2022 20:27:01
Agree Wakka, we are far to quick to want to get rid of our better players. With Lukaku and Rooney we had to sell, we don’t now. So unless we get very good offers then don’t sell.

19 Apr 2022 21:07:00
Sorry Woburn but who says we don’t have to sell?

It’s been rammed down our throats for ages that we’re treading a thin line with ffp and I’ve a feeling we need to sell one of our best players to help with this - sure one of the Ed’s may have even mentioned this.

19 Apr 2022 23:02:14
Dan, ffp is a bigger issue when it comes to wages.
We should be spending 60% of our total income, not the near 90% we are at right now.
With the players out of contract this summer we will be looking at a saving of around 400 to 500k a week. That will significantly reduce the % turnover. And given none of these players are what you would call first team regulars, then we will hardly miss them.
We also have the Moise K money coming in, and as I have said before if we sold the likes of Keane, Holgate and Gomes then we could reinvest in new players.
We only really need two or three in the right position to sort this out.
So the only reason we should sell the likes of Richy or DCL is if we are offered an amount that is too difficult to turn down. Otherwise they both have two or three years left on their contracts, so hold them to it.
Of course if we get relegated then all of the above goes out the window, because our income will drop putting us well and truly in the s**t.

20 Apr 2022 02:25:11
There’s no easy answer, no right or wrong answer to our problems going forward.

The first thing, as Woburn says, is avoiding relegation. With our losses and our massive wage bill we would struggle to come back from relegation so our only focus the next month or so has to be safety.

If we stay up, we will still be severely hampered on the Finance and Sustainability (FFP) rules by our losses and a wage bill that is far too high compared to our revenue. We have to improve our profitability and reduce the wage bill. It’s not something we can avoid any longer in my opinion. We will have to decide what of the following we can do without weakening the side too much but, to be clear, some of it won’t be immediately strengthening the side. We will be entering yet another rebuilding stage with the hope of stabilising the club in the Premiership and preparing it for a long battle back to the top

We have to consider
• Selling our assets. This means selling some of the players that we can make a profit on. DCL – bought for 1.5 million now worth 40-50m, Richarlison, Pickford – neither would make as much profit as DCL but still need to be considered.
• I wouldn’t want to lose them but there are some young successes that other clubs will be looking enviously at. Gordon, Branthwaite, Gray are examples
• We have players like Allan, Doucoure, Gomes who we wouldn’t make much money on but we could reduce the wage bill by selling
We have players coming to the end of their contracts. We have to seriously reduce their current wages or be ruthless and let them go

All of the above means losing players from the squad. We can all argue to what extent but the team will be weakened. How do we replace these players? Again, we have to consider
• Free agents. My own opinion is we avoid going for the likes of a Lingard who would expect high wages and layers coming to the end of their career unless the signing is resolve a short term solution or to provide leadership – something we sadly lack- I’m not sure they were free agents but someone the likes of Dawson, Cahill, Evans
• Our new DOF needs to have clear instructions on what the manager requires and also on the character, age, transfer fee, wage demands of any new players. We should be looking for young players with a fire in their belly to succeed ant be chasing ‘names’ which we can’t afford at this moment in time
• Our new DOF has to be allowed to do his job and not be over-ruled by Moshiri or his advisors

Finally, we need to see radical changes to the management and structure of our club. We have
• Farhad – the boy with a toy but absolutely no knowledge of football
• Ken and Denise – both love Everton but are they really the best two to lead the club forward? Both have demonstrated absolutely no appetite to stand up to Farhad and have allowed the club to be mismanaged as a result
• The DOF – has to show the backbone to insist on things being done only with his approval or resign and tell us why he has resigned
• The Finance director – why are we in such a mess financially – tell us
• Graham Sharp – appointed non-executive director and is doing what?

Not good enough for running our club.

20 Apr 2022 04:39:42
'ant' be should be 'and not be'


20 Apr 2022 07:26:02
Woburn - doubt any one associated with the club wants to sell our best players.

However we may be forced to sell them. Be that because they want to challenge themselves at a higher level or we need to move them on to balance our books.

20 Apr 2022 10:50:28
As I said if you want to build a business you don’t sell your best assets. You sell the things you don’t really need, and reduce the size of your staff.
This the club can do quite easily, without having a major impact on the squad.
Again you would only sell your best assets if offers were to good to refuse, allowing you to reinvest and strengthen in other areas.
The club have to be strong here. It’s not about what’s best for the player. It’s what’s best for the club. If the player wants to break his contract then put a price on him and stand by that price.

20 Apr 2022 11:47:37
Sorry Woburn think you are over simplifying it.
If a player wants out they’ll go.

You can say “put a price on him and stand by that price” however that is unrealistic.

If a player wants out we need to get the best deal we can but if a club is not willing to meet our price there has to be room for negotiation. Why would we want to keep a player that wants out?

Regardless of how good they are if they wanted out and we don’t facilitate that there will be animosity in their part and highly unlikely they’ll put 100% effort in going forward - performances will drop, value will decrease and then they go for less money next window.

20 Apr 2022 12:33:09
Woburn is purely just being a good negotiator.

You don't say 'oh well he wants to go so let's let him go' You tell him and the other club (let's call them sharks sniffing for weakness) he has a long contract still, the price is whatever and you negotiate from strength

I do also believe that in the case of say a Richy or DCL who has given his all, who has signed a long, well paid but fair contract which enables us to have bargaining chips you come up with a deal that makes all 3 parties happy, US, the player and finally the buying club.

20 Apr 2022 14:42:49
Thank you bw. It’s time this club stood strong when negotiating sales. Just because DCL was a cheap buy doesn’t mean he should be sold for less than any other good Prem striker. The club have invested an awful lot into this lad, that should be reflected in the price.
Dan a lot of them are not putting 100% in now mate. Has nothing to do with them wanting to leave or not.



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