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20 Apr 2022 19:40:01
Can't believe DcL not playing again. We are fighting for our lives and he is injured again. It's shocking Erickson recovered quicker from being dead than dcl recovered from a dead leg. It's embarrassing now no guts no fight get rid of him. What's up tonight is woman's weekly looking someone to model their clothes is that where he is. Time to go we don't need players like that. Big Dunc must be wondering what is going on these days. Enough is enough bye DCL times up.

{Ed0666's Note - He’s modeling the new Harry Styles collection in the new Premark in Cathedral square tonight. Priorities and all that. Seriously I don’t know what the problem is with him modeling and wearing a skirt? The guy is fashion forward, looks like a make model and indulging himself in love for fashion! I really don’t see the harm. It’s not as if he’s purposely injuring himself so he can go off to do these shoots. The guy seems like he’s classy, respectful but unlucky with injuries. Give him a break mate it’s gonna take him time to get his rhythm back after all these injuries.

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20 Apr 2022 19:59:55
Rhythm! He's forgotten the notes!

20 Apr 2022 20:13:31
Lol he probably is. I’ve had enough of him too many injuries and it’s killing us. Maybe he should be on pay as you play instead of 100 grand a week for doing nothing. It’s not the clothes I have a problem with it just seems he has more interest in modelling than he does football. Can he not put a strap on or something and take one for the team I mean come on we are in one hell of a fight here. We need to fight not give up.

20 Apr 2022 20:44:17
I don't believe for one minute DCL is injured.

20 Apr 2022 21:43:26
“Can he not put a strap on or something and take one for the team”…. Wasn’t sure where this was going for a second.

20 Apr 2022 21:53:03
Me neither Gibbo ??.

20 Apr 2022 21:53:56
Anyone tried switching him off then back on again?

20 Apr 2022 22:09:25
Dcl I think has got the same injury as sturidge who used to play for Liverpool. It is more mental than physical his brain is telling him he is injured but his body is fine. I don’t think dcl wants to be a footballer anymore. Sick note he is should be put on pay as you play contract just like Darren Anderton aka sick note anderton used to play for spurs. Was always injured then he was put on a pay as you play contract and he never missed a match he wasn’t injured anymore no doctor could cure him but pay as you play sorted him out he was 100 percent ready and not injured anymore.

20 Apr 2022 22:20:09
I don't think people have a problem with the modelling ed. But he is a professional footballer and he is in dreadful form. His mind is clearly elsewhere. He should be focusing 100% on football and not having his mind on his photo shoots or what outfit he is going to wear. People are unhappy that he isn't 100% focused on Everton. And rightly so imo. If he isn't 100% focused and commited he shouldn't be here, end of. He shouldn't be at any prem club either with his current attitude tbh.

{Ed0666's Note - there’s a superb player in there somewhere mate I wouldn’t wish him gone

21 Apr 2022 09:15:27
Funny how some minds work. If a strap on floats your boat then who are we 2 judge yous. I was on about a strap for your leg but each to their own if that’s how yous guys roll then knock yourself out. I just hope you don’t use it on each other yous seem very happy when strap is mentioned your minds work different from mine. Last one in the shower is a rotten egg that’s yous.

21 Apr 2022 10:46:50
He's not injured? So, where do you get your 'info'? Of course he is injured, the lad has had a bad season which happens across all teams in all divisions. I think we brought him back too early in the first place and we are now paying for it. Some of you want him to be in the side, fully fit or not, just so you can slate him for having a bad game! It's in times of struggle that, as fans, we should get behind the team and players and support them. We won't see the best of him again until next season, give him the summer to sort out his fitness and any niggling injuries.

21 Apr 2022 13:04:44
He has had 3 bad seasons have you not been watching the football.

{Ed0666's Note - has he tho? Because for a time under Carlo he was incredible

21 Apr 2022 19:43:32
Yes, con, I have been and if you think he was terrible last season then that just shows you how ridiculous your comments slating him and the team are. Yes, we all have opinions but they have to be based in reality. Sadly, another troll is alive and well. Would be interesting to see if you share the same IP address as a certain other poster on here, spouts the same tripe anyway in an almost identical tone ??.

21 Apr 2022 19:57:37
That’s the season I left out 3 bad seasons and one average season.

21 Apr 2022 20:13:58
You talk tripe, con.

21 Apr 2022 22:21:43
Your funny.



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