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21 Apr 2022 01:09:22
2 points lost? The other way of looking at it is 2 games undefeated and 4 points from them when probably the most optimistic of us would have expected 3 at most

If Richy had had his shooting boots on could even have won it but a draw probably a fair result

Onto Liverpool on Sunday. Not the time for gung ho attacking - we can't afford those balls over our defenders for them to run onto

It's going to be tough and the players need to be up for a scrap. I'd bite your hand off now for a nil nil but stranger things have happened (not to us lately if we're honest) so maybe another breakaway from Richy, Gray or Gordon could win it for us

Let's give it a go at least. COYB.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not being disrespectful but you have less of a chance than Man United did of beating us. If you do I swear on my life I’ll never edit again! Now that’s an incentive for your mob to beat us if there ever was one.

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21 Apr 2022 03:57:03
On team/ squad strength you are probably right

But it's a derby and our attitude is better right now than Uniteds

I'll be sorry to see you go though.

21 Apr 2022 04:50:50
How about you never mention Benitez (how great he is when we all know he was a terrible appointment) again on the Everton pages if we somehow grind out a result at the weekend? I’m sure many on the page will be more than happy with that rather than you stop editing completely.

{Ed0666's Note - I’d rather retire mate…?….I tell you what I’ll take you up on that. I’ll make it more interesting if you win or draw I’ll never mention Rafa again! How’s that sound Joe?

21 Apr 2022 07:30:47
I think it's 2 big points lost. If, and it is a big if, Burnley win the next 2 home games we'll be bottom 3. We needed to win it last night. Against the reds Sunday I'd have more chance of the pope coming for Sunday dinner than Everton have of winning the Derby!

21 Apr 2022 07:43:45
Give us a five goal start and then I would take you up on that.
Seriously though we are in a no win situation here. Attack and we will get ripped apart. Defend, well we can't defend.
Would settle for the team just having a bloody good go, and grinding out the most boring nil nil we've ever seen.

21 Apr 2022 09:06:41
Liverpool going to win easy on Sunday. Wish we could just forfeit the points save us all the embarrassment of having to watch this pile of crap trying to play football. They score goals from everywhere strikers, midfield even their defenders chip in with goals. Our strikers couldn’t score a table with a hatchet and our midfield never score or create goals. Gordon iwobie gray all useless they never score. Can anyone tell me why Gordon is so good? No goals no assist he gave the ball away 6 times last night and his free kicks were horrible. He ran about yes but again he done f all. what am I missing and I don’t want to hear that he try’s hard.

21 Apr 2022 09:15:09
Agree with BW we have steadied the ship a little, not lost for 2 games and not conceded a hat full of goals.

Next game is a shot to nothing for me, don't expect anything from the game. As much as it hurts to say it they are on absolute fire right now and all we can to do is fight for every ball and not go down without a fight so we can at least hold our heads high.

21 Apr 2022 09:26:16
Anything up to shipping 3 goals is a fair enough go. But we could get absolutely embarrassed by a cricket score. Stranger things have happened though and a controversial red card and a messy goal can and does sometimes happen in these type of David and Goliath fixtures. Hate to say it but Liverpool are so good right now, we need something out of left field if we are to get a result.

21 Apr 2022 10:12:43
Ed006, I don't believe a word of it, as if you will stop talking about Rafa! As a side note, I had a convo a while back whereas I said the red's fans that I know have no class. I'm happy to admit that the 7th minute of your last game was more than a class act, although they had to ruin it with that bloody song haha.
Con, go and support the reds then if everything EFC related makes you so miserable, maybe watching and supporting (I use that word loosely for you) isn't your thing. Doesn't matter how we play at this point, it's all about getting points on the board before regrouping in the summer. Try getting behind them instead of griping every damn post man.
BW, I agree mate, stranger things have happened but I'd settle for a draw at this minute! Just can't wait for this season to end, it's been a long one hasn't it!

{Ed0666's Note - I’m a man of my word mate if you guys draw or win I’ll never mention the R word again!

21 Apr 2022 14:11:29
Are you really an Evertonian because I never see anything in your posts that suggest you are

No one is happy with this season, probably even the last 5-6 years but the team needs it's true fans more than ever just now and if you can't get behind the side I'm not sure you're doing anything that helps

Give it a try. 'Yous' never know it might stop you being so miserable.

21 Apr 2022 16:16:11
That sounds very reasonable to me ed0666 haha.



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