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24 Apr 2022 19:54:54
I think that's just about it guys. The black armband is coming out of the drawer in readiness.

We showed a decent spirit today but where has that been for most of the season? Been so poor away this season and whatever excuses we come up with, it's down to the players on the park and the coaches.

DCL has lost interest, Coleman bless him is just too old now, Keane just always has a mistake in him, Allan isn't fulfilling the good start he had and so the list goes on.

Positives have been how Richy has fought and how Gordon has stepped up. Unfortunately the former was always going to be moving on while the latter will hopefully stay and fight.

Take a deep breath lads and prepare for a miserable time in a place none of us thought we would ever land in.

Not angry, not annoyed or confused anymore by where we are and how poor we've become. I'm simply sad and empty.


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24 Apr 2022 20:14:03
Sad and empty just about sums it up mate.

24 Apr 2022 20:16:13
Separately the club doing an expected shambolic tur for on social media today. Must have pulled down 5 or 6 videos (I'm assuming for the vitriolic abuse) on YT since the game. Whoever runs that side of things is also an absolute disaster artist. Surely that department should have been sent home around November? Talk about asking for trouble. Beggars belief at the thought process running through the club
Team joke.

24 Apr 2022 20:31:18
Hey guys! Don’t give up! Keep positive and fighting. Us fans have to if we are to give the players a chance. It’ll go to last match and we need all our supporters to be behind the club!

24 Apr 2022 20:33:21
Ed66 your a joke if u think your fair and balanced. Every commentator agrees it was a stonewall penalty on Gordon in second half. U and Klopp are only two who don’t!

{Ed0666's Note - it’s You’re ?

24 Apr 2022 20:59:17
Although Klopp is a great coach/ manager he does talk a load of Barry White. Reminds me of Alex Ferguson with the no one can tackle my players and no decision can go against my team. Pep has much more class about him. Mind you Klopp has changed and is now a reflection of their deluded fans.

24 Apr 2022 20:58:40
Says it all when your response is against my typo grammar mistake and not admitting it was a pen and your biased!

24 Apr 2022 21:39:58
ED666 shouldn't be a ED on this page he doesn't do banter he is just a typical horrible kopite, weird that if you go on the reds page most days ED25 has a laugh with reds and it's returned back strange how many times I have seen people on this page wanting to complain or having a little moan about ED66 that tells you all you need to know.

{Ed0666's Note - Hey Lampard the lines of communication to complain about me are always open. Calling me a horrible Kopite is one the nicest things I’ve been called this week so thanks for that. If the consensus about me is that you guys don’t want me to edit you only had to ask mate you don’t have to resort to insults that’s what I say to my wife also ?. Your wish is my command mate I won’t edit on your page again.

24 Apr 2022 22:13:01
At last.

24 Apr 2022 22:39:37
I think you're light relief compared to some 666. Keep it up, great balance to counter weight that grumpy one. Can't think of his number (for fear of being deleted)

{Ed0666's Note - Well why thankyou for the support mate much appreciated and I’ve now had a re-think about my resignation and because of your love I’m taking it back ?

24 Apr 2022 22:45:28
That's a bit of good news good riddance ED66.

{Ed0666's Note - Not so fast Lampard! Brownshoes wants me to edit again and I feel I have to give the public what they want. Is your life so sad and pathetic that you champion for people to lose their jobs. I need this job as my wife has a Premark shopping addiction that needs funding. Clearly you’re a wank*er because you rejoice at people losing their jobs without knowing their backstory. I edit for about 16 hours a day for free because Eds 001 is a friend. If indeed I was being paid and needed this job it’s cun*s like you that ruin lives without a second thought. Your gripe against me is you can’t handle some constructive criticism or someone else’s opinion without your feelings being hurt than believe me your life is gonna be full of pathos and woe. Do me a favor penis breath don’t try and pit the Eds against each other again it’s the quickest way to get banned.

24 Apr 2022 23:43:27
Ed666, you need to keep going! I actually wanted Everton to stay up before today. If I never see richarlison play again it’s too soon, what a whining, cheating, petty player he is. Gordon dives a couple times and they all think they were robbed….

{Ed0666's Note - When your battling for your premiership status you cling to any faint hope mate it’s natural



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