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17 May 2022 13:27:06
So I've watched the Branthwaite sending off a few times now, and yes the lad was caught out of position. But I have to ask as the senior defender what was Holgate doing so far up the pitch? He wasn't marking anyone and left Branthwaite on his own to mark their striker.
Had he stayed back and held his position then they would have easily handled the threat.
So yes the young lad was caught out, but he was let down by a senior players lack of discipline.

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17 May 2022 14:55:41
Bit much that mate, why single just one player out for another's mistake? JB was at fault, he didn't judge the flight of the ball properly and it cost him and us. His team mates would have expected him to deal with that but he didn't. I'm not having a go at the lad but I don't think we should be blaming other players for his own mishap. He isn't the first to make a mistake this season and probably won't be the last. If that was Iwobi or Kenny that got caught out then they would be getting battered on here for it! JB has to take it on the chin and learn from this if he wants to be a mainstay in the team.

17 May 2022 16:09:25
I agree BP. He was the central defender of the 3 and should have been further back and realised to y was behind him. It's criminal to have all our players in their half allowing their striker waiting on the half way. It's like we were asking for the ball to be played over the top.

Additionally, it was 17 minutes into the game. He should have known not to make contact and let him have a shot or at least try and get goal side and try and put him off. I'd have rather it gone 1-1 and us be left with 11 men than it be 1-0 with 10 men with another 73 minutes left to play.

17 May 2022 17:08:43
Sorry disagree, you should never have one defender back in isolation against there teams striker.
Yes Branthwaite was caught out but he should never have been left on his own. And the reason I singled Holgate out is because he wandered from his position and so caused the issue. Watch it again and tell me I’m wrong.

17 May 2022 17:18:28
I've watched it again Woburn and I agree with you. The main errors are with branthwaite, but holgate had wandered well into their half - if he hadn't, at the very least he'd have been in a position to get back into a position where it could be argued he was covering so it's a yellow not a red!

17 May 2022 17:57:19
At the end of the day, the lad is a professional footballer and should have dealt with that ball all day long. To blame others is just masking over JB's mistake and, as I said, if it was certain other players then they would take the blame from fans entirely. If you single out Holgate for another players mistake, surely the other defenders should be mentioned too? I'm no fan of Holgate but the blame lies with JB. Caught slightly out of position and he misjudged the flight of the ball. If, for example, Iwobi gave the ball away and the opposition score, do we blame another player for not showing for a pass?
Not sure how the passage of play went without watching it back. Was it out corner or free kick and they broke away?

17 May 2022 18:46:35
Well maybe you should watch it then?

17 May 2022 18:46:40
To answer your question, yes in certain circumstances. If another player (s) could have shown for a pass but hasn't done then although the main error would be with Iwobi there would be no question that others could/ should have done more to avoid the situation unfolding.

17 May 2022 19:27:20
I watched it live but I'd had a few beers before admittedly. Haven't watched it back as I don't want to see that game again, it's bad enough watching our games once. But watching it again wouldn't change my mind, JB was at fault and he alone. Holgate couldn't make him lose the flight of the ball or prevent him from colliding with their player even if he was back in position. The point is certain players would get slated for making that foul. Because it's one of the kids doesn't mean we should point the finger elsewhere. He made the mistake, nobody else.
TD, I don't think players such as Iwobi would get away with it from a large section of fans.

17 May 2022 19:43:43
Nonsense to be blaming another player for Branthwaite mistake.

Surely you could argue that Branthwaite should have been up in their half with Holgate and the Brentford player would then have been offside?

17 May 2022 20:32:30
That would have put him in there half Dan, so no he wouldn’t have been offside.
We were 1-0 up in a game we had to win. Their was no reason for Holgate to go wandering forward and leave a one on one situation at the back.
So before you start writing it off as “nonsense” perhaps you should consider that.

17 May 2022 20:54:32
Watched it and still nonsense to blame Holgate.

When the ball comes over to the Brentford player Branthwaite is closest to him and gets caught on wrong side.

Both Holgate and Coleman are fairly close to Branthwaite. However the ball bounces to the left of Branthwaite heading towards our goal so into the area Coleman should be covering - he doesn’t even try and sprint back to help out.

Therefore nonsense to blame Holgate - if you want to try and absolve Branthwaite of blame and blame some body else then it is clearly Coleman that should have been helping back there in respect to where the ball went in the passage of play.

17 May 2022 21:45:59
Holgate was fairly close? You must have a very small tv?
He was half way between there box and the halfway line. Nowhere near Branthwaite, and if you actually read my first post you would see I was not absolving Branthwaite I was pointing out the error in leaving him one on one with their striker. But hey you know best.

17 May 2022 22:38:44
Just watched it again and your right Holgate was nowhere near where he should have been. Maybe he stopped because he thought we would get a pen? who knows. Yes Branthwaite should still have dealt with it, but he should never have been left alone at the back.
Funny I never noticed that before I was too busy screaming about the penalty.

17 May 2022 23:12:34
Not sure it matters size of tv.

We played 3 at the back Coleman (right side) branthwaite (centre) and Holgate (left side) with 2 wingbacks (iwobi right, Myko left) .

Our 3 at the back were pretty much all on halfway line when Brentford player gets the ball yet it’s Holgate fault as he’s too far up the pitch?

Even though the ball comes wrong side of Branthwaite and is in the area Coleman should be covering on the right side of our back 3 it’s still Holgate fault?

Also to suggest Holgate was the senior defender when we had Coleman in the back 3 is laughable.

Think we must have been watching a different version of events if you can honestly say Holgate to blame as he was too far up pitch but no mention of Coleman’s position in the back 3 or his inability to help cover. Either that or you’ve just got it in for Holgate?

17 May 2022 23:34:03
I wonder sometimes if any of you played football. The lad was the CB and was caught out. Just do your job is the mantra.

18 May 2022 07:17:13
Let's be honest it was a calamity of errors by various people being out of position. But he still shouldn't have made the challenge/ ran into Toney. That's the end of it. He got sent off on 17 minutes of a must win game. That's on him, no one else. If he hadn't made the challenge and they went on and scored yeah we could be arguing that holgate and Coleman were at fault for the goal, that's fair enough. But he got himself sent off which was a brain dead thing to do.

Yes he is young and hopefully will learn from this but a 10 year old should know where their striker is behind him and not to make that challenge, especially if you're the last man back.

Anyone can be forgiven for errors but due the importance of the game and that his red completely turned it upside down it's getting a lot of focus.

18 May 2022 07:37:06
Bored with this now. You you think Holgate was near the half way line then fine. But he wasn’t, and no I don’t have it in for Holgate. If you actually bothered to read the original post you would maybe understand that.
I repeat when your 1-0 up in a game you have to win then you do not have your centre halves wandering from there position. Have two back so one can play as the covering defender.
We had one on the half way line and the other went for a walk.

18 May 2022 10:07:29
Whatever Woburn, the team was set up with 3 centrebacks and 2 wingbacks. If 1 centreback went for a walk, one got caught wrong side, what about the other 1?

18 May 2022 15:36:12
It is easy to blame Branthwaite, he was running at speed right behind the player, a coming together of legs, it was not a blatant foul, where you take one for the team, he got too close behind the player, maybe had he come side on, he may have done enough to head the player off, only mistake Branthwaite made was being right behind the attacking player.

As soon as the attacker puts the brakes on, or slows just a little, Branthwaite is then caught out and his running foot then comes into contact, a bit like Mary Decker and Zola Budd, Decker was right behind Budd and ended up tripping up.

Yet no one is mentioning the experienced Liverpool player being caught out in the Derby, he ends up standing on Gordon’s foot and pushing him, yet no Red card or penalty.



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