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20 May 2022 10:34:34
Finally, we can begin to forget about this torrid season and look forward to a summer when results can't ruin our weekend! In one way, I suppose it doesn't matter how you get over the line but we have been a bit lucky this year. Lucky in the sense that we can be as poor as we have and still stay up.
In other aspects, we have been treated harshly. Some strange decisions from the refs and from the var room. A few were just laughable to be fair. Between them, they cost us a good few points over the course of the season.

But we can't just blame them, as a club we have stuttered and spluttered to get absolutely nowhere. The board need to all be on the same page as we move forward, we should never go through so many managers in short space of time and expect our fortunes to improve. Sacking manager after manager only destabilises the club and will, eventually, only lead us to relegation. We were almost there!
The players need to have a good think over the summer. Do they have what it takes to play for this club? Are some actually stealing a living? They have played their part in getting us in this mess and shouldn't be celebrating like they have just won the league! A big summer is needed drastically, hopefully the recruitment is better than the last few summers.
The fans, especially in the last few home games, have played their part in galvanising the team and we needed them to make Goodison a bear pit. And didn't they deliver! Only gripe I can have at the fans is for invading the pitch after DCL had scored the third, the resulting 7 mins of added time wasn't good for my heart ?
It might not have been a good season but we will be in the prem again next year and that, ultimately, became our main aim. Let's get behind Frank and see what sort of team he can build. It's hard being a blue but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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20 May 2022 11:07:05
Agree we need to get behind Frank mate but you will have trouble getting all to agree with that.

20 May 2022 11:11:18
We have quite a few players out of contact so I expect a fair bit of movement. I think a lot of the issues have been tactical rather than the players ability. Some players just don't suit the way some of the managers wanted us to play. Frank admitted we are not capable of playing certain styles of football which would suggest we need to define how we want to play then recruit/ develop players that suit that sort of style rather than bring in players that have shown real quality but don't suit the style of play we want. Hopefully Frank will get 2/ 3 seasons to sort out both style and personnel so we can be more consistent. If we lower our expectations and not press for instant success we will have a much better chance of ending up where we want to be when we move to BMD. For me its top half next season top ten after that and then consistently challenge for Europe. Currently we don't have the players to do much more and we certainly don't have the finances to buy success so it will have to be a slower progression than we would like. UTFT.

20 May 2022 12:15:25
Tip 6/ 7 get into Europe - Man City Liverpool Chelsea spurs Arsenal Man Utd Newcastle - it’s going to be a tough ask but I agree too half - need to be above the likes of villa, wolves, Brighton, West Ham, palace which I think are teams at a similar level to us if we start operating properly

Really hampered this season with sigs and DCL out of team - most our goals came from those 2 last season
Richarlison didn’t have the summer off either - he will be tired next season but I don’t think he’ll be at Everton (hope so though)

20 May 2022 13:13:28
Get behind Frank? NEVER, Pickford and Fans kept us up not Frank.

20 May 2022 13:58:35
Lee, so you would rather swap and change again even though that was a big part of the mess we find ourselves in? It seems that you want everyone out of the club, boardroom and manager especially but why? If we go that way then we become the new Watford, sack a manager every couple of months and become a yo-yo club. Is that really what you want?
Sobs, I think of we went down then Richy was off but think he might stay another season at least now, time will tell mate.
S90, hopefully some will move on and be replaced properly this time. Possibly put in relegation clauses for any new players. We could have been taken to the brink even more so if we had dropped out the league.
GB, I'm with you there mate. Some fans will never be happy and only want to concentrate on the negatives. I try not to comment on their posts these days but it can be very testing!

20 May 2022 14:26:05
Lee1616 - sorry fella but think you’re all that’s wrong with some of the fan base at the moment.

Rafa was taking us down no doubt about it, we were in freefall and complete disarray.

Frank has come in and kept us up. The fans have played a big part in that.

However it’s the same squad that Rafa had so to single out one player is ridiculous as he has been with us all season and was part of the problem.

Fans also been there all season, so to say they kept us up is crazy also. They’ve been great last 6 or so games. However they were toxic when Rafa there so part of the problem also.

Frank has come in, got the same bunch of players playing better and has quickly figured out the club and the fans and has united them and got them back on side. He’s spoken with passion about the club, the supporters, has challenged decisions and really shown he’s up for the project and challenge.

If you genuinely don’t believe Frank deserves some credit and doesn’t deserve getting behind him going forward then I really am at a loss and don’t understand your thinking .

20 May 2022 14:32:58
With Frank we seem to have steadied the ship and Frank is getting some good performances out of very mediocre players, ie Iwobi, Delph and now Holgate, have to give him some credit is he the man to lead us I will get behind him as at some stage we have to stop changing managers every5 mins not good for anyone, let alone us fans.

20 May 2022 14:44:51
Frank has taken a club free falling with underperforming players and a overworked treatment table and somehow kept us up. He’s new to this game and accepts full responsibility for every decision he makes. He’s not stubborn but he’s willing to learn.

I’d hang on to him for now. He might well turn out to be a good manager.

20 May 2022 15:21:55
I'm behind Frank, I think he'll do a decent job, next season, clean slate, starting on a level playing field, I just cannot see us being as bad as we have been this season. I just hope Richie stays but I have a feeling we'll be looking for a complete new forward line. Let's give him a chance at least!

20 May 2022 17:35:51
I’m behind Frank.



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