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23 May 2022 20:37:11
Players out of contract this summer:
Siggy 120k
Delph. 92k
Tosun. 69k. Saving of 301k per week/ 15m+
Kenny. 15k. a year on Players who have
Lonergan 5k. had very little or no impact on
on the team.
Suggested player sales:
Mina 120k. Again players who are either
Allan. 120k. not good enough or are too
Gomes.120k. injury prone.
Gbamin. 92k. Saving 495k per week/ 25m+
Rondon. 43k. a year.
That's nine players who hardly play for the first eleven and yet are costing the club 40m+ in wages.
Moise Kean is being sold for around 25m
Mina would bring around 15m
Allan about 10m
Gomes maybe 15m
Gbamin maybe 10m
Rondon maybe 2m
That around 70m on players sales for players who rarely if ever play.
So getting rid of these and keeping the likes of Richy and DCL (who by no means are near the top earners at the club) could still be possible.
Would also enable us to add to positions where we are weakest, through purchases or loans.

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23 May 2022 21:24:11
Gomes £15m are you having a laugh? Be amazed if we got anywhere near £5m for him - he’s atrocious. Wasn’t great before injury and now worse since injury.

Mina £15m? Think we’d struggle to get £10m due to his injury record.

The rest I think are probably reasonable figures.

As you say though clearing some of those wages of the players out of contract will be a great help, however would not be surprised if Kenny gets a new one.

23 May 2022 22:53:33
Thought there were more with contracts ending Woburn. Sure Ed posted a detailed list a few days back on potential outgoings and contracts.

Also unlikely to get that much for the players you listed to sell. Like the mugs we are, people will know we need to sell so will likely under value those players. Plus, like you said, they are not near the first team some of them so I’d expect less.

Sadly, I think one of DCL, Richy or Pickford will go to raise funds.

And it was all looking so promising 5-6 years back.

23 May 2022 23:05:49
They are figures from the transfer market make of it what you will. And no I’m not having a laughter. I’m opening a debate?

23 May 2022 23:46:00
Personally I’d ignore figures in transfermarkt as they are all over the shop.

Take the 5 below now surely Pickford, Branthwaite and Gordon would be worth more than those fees and Keane and Coleman less?

Pickford - £22.5m
Keane - £19.8m
Branthwaite - £2.7m
Coleman - £3.15m
Gordon - £14.4m

Letting those you mention at end of their contracts go will make some difference to the wage bill.

I totally agree that we should move on those players that are adding little if any value to the squad.

However I very much doubt we’d get anywhere near the £70m you say for those that rarely play.

We overpaid on the majority of them in the first place, now through injuries, poor form etc. not sure any team would be interested in any of them and definitely not at prices mentioned.

We’ll probably have to accept far less but if that then generates some income and frees up wages for us to bring in a few players that will improve squad without breaching whatever profit and sustainability restrictions we have as it would be beneficial.

Think this summer will be a very tricky one for us.

Highly unlikely to be able to sign anyone for a transfer fee until we have sales. However unless it’s a top player we sell I can’t see many sales from us until end of transfer window as teams will know we are desperate to sell.

Think we’ll see some incomings on free transfers on hopefully less wages than those with contracts ending.

Would also expect us to bring in atleast 2 loans.

Hopefully will also see frank promote some youth also.

Hopefully the days of Moshiri acting like a kid in a sweet shop are behind us and we start to recruit sensibly and sustainably.

24 May 2022 02:56:11
If you include DVB and El Ghazi there are 8 players whose contracts expire although we have just extended one of them (Begovic)

Woburn suggests on top of that another 6 players are sold.

So 14 (13 if you exclude Siggy) players sold, out of a squad of 25- says a lot about how poor our squad is

What no seems to want to address is

Who replaces these in the squad and what are their wages

Of the ones to be sold how much is still to be amortised off their registration fees which would reduce the value of any profit on sale (if any)

How bad is our situation with the EPL ( no one knows or they, the club, won't tell us) so are there any restrictions on what we can spend like last summer transfer window

I know we can use free transfers or loans but don't forget DVB is costing over 100k per week, how much do you think Lindgard or Dybala would cost

Do we really think Allan will leave when he is on 120k per week? If he does leave it will be on a free so that the buying club can offer him good wages. Same with Gomes and maybe even Mina and Gbamin as with their injury records since joining us no one will be willing to pay the wages we are paying them

I'm not arguing with you Woburn on the players you are suggesting but don't think we will make the savings you are suggesting

I think DCL will go because we need to make the profit on him. I think Richy will go because, although he has demonstrated time after time his love for us, he needs a club he can win things with and sadly it doesn't look like it is us as next season looks like a battle to avoid relegation rather than a challenge for trophies

Tough times ahead.

24 May 2022 16:48:16
I’m not looking for an argument bw, just a bit of healthy debate after a stressful season.
The main point I am trying to make is that we can significantly reduce the wage bill without it having a huge impact on the squad.

24 May 2022 18:49:10
Agree Woburn we can reduce wage bill and not see a massive issue with current squad.

There’s actually 29 players in the squad.

We could easily lose:
Lonegran - replace with Tryer from under 23s
Tosun and Rondon - replace with Dobbin/ simms/ cannon
Allan and Delph - replace with onyango/ Whitaker/ price
Coleman - replace with Patterson

Elghazi - never used so doesn’t need replacing
Gbamin - hardly used so doesn’t need replacing
Sigurdsson - hardly used so doesn’t need replacing

So 9 senior players there that wouldn’t be missed and could be replaced by under 23s which would free up a massive amount of wages.

25 May 2022 01:47:28
I don't want to have an argument either Woburn or Dan and I agree that a lot of what you are proposing makes sense

Please remember though that we finished the season just off the relegation places. IT won't take a massive issue with the squad to push us into another relegation battle next season

There has to be changes but the biggest change has to be in how the club is run.

Moshiri shouldn't be anywhere near running the club in a footballing sense

Ken and Denise have proven totally incapable of standing up to him

Brands was the same - does anyone have confidence so far that Threlwell is the answer

The Finance Director is another one who has allowed the club to get itself into this financial mess it is in

What is Graham Sharp doing for us as an non Executive Director? Has anyone heard from him except as a yes man for Moshiri?

What is happening with the Academy/ U23 appointments

It starts at the top, the mismanagement, and changes also need to start at the top because we're still making mistakes.

25 May 2022 09:15:50
A lot if good points made by everyone here. Generally agree with everything that has been said. I do really think we will struggle to sell some players. I think we will struggle to give gomes away for free, mainly because of his wage and club status he would want, Ie not playing in the championship.

If we could get the majority of the books and get even half the fees you suggest in the OP I would be happy.

Just got to be happy the walsch era players are nearly all gone.

And to add to your point BW that a small reduction in squad quality will put us in a relegation position I really do not agree with. I can see your logic but I do not agree.

For everyone that says Frank isn't good enough, he turned this squad around. We were 1 win in 13 games before he came in and we were getting worse with each game. 1 in 13, Let that sink in. Under Frank 6 wins in 18. Not saying that is great but he had a lot of work to do and I think we will carry on getting better. And will not be in a relegation battle.

Overall I don't expect any signings of any real value. Free transfer loans and promoting the kids. Really want to see more of branwaitte and Dobbin.

25 May 2022 10:26:47
As usual everyone has fair points to make and we all recognise where the problems with our club originate from, but he's the man with the money at the moment. Maybe we could interest the potential investors of Chelsea to invest. With our new stadium growing by the day, and the media interest in what the fans had generated during rthe run-in, only saying IF.

We know that we have to remain within the Sky 6 Tax (sorry FFP, that's for different thread) . Yet still improve the squad performance over the coming season, I concur that we should replace the out of contract players from the U23/ 18's, and then replace those that don't want to stay, in my opinion Mina, Alan, Richarlison (needs to play at a higher quality team) , possible £80m depending on whose interested in them. Then replace substandard players with those that will improve the 1st team only, again I agree we won't make much if any on transfer fees, but cutting wages is a higher priority at the moment. Replacing Gomes for Gallagher seems realistic, and is the example we should follow for the fut.

25 May 2022 10:52:20
Good debate boys, just hope Frank and our DOF are having the same thoughts too.

25 May 2022 11:35:06
It's all very speculative until we finish the transfer window Chris.

Can we keep our better players Pickford, Richy and DCL or will they have to be sacrificed to make a profit on the transfer
How much can we spend on transfer fees and wages and make significant savings in the proportion of wages versus turnover in replacing end of contract players and those we are fortunate to get rid off

We had 3 phases to our season, We started off strong in results terms, then we had that horrendous run of 1 win in 13 and then Frank just got us over the line - JUST

Franks had some successes, there have been improvements in Iwobi and Holgate and good wins over the likes of Chelsea but there has also been disappointing performances in there with the likes of Watford, Burnley and Brentford

He will need a strong squad of 25 players (the number of players we have to give to the EPL twice during the season) or we could struggle as everyone else is not going to be standing still

At this moment in time I am not convinced we have the team or the finances at the club to give him this but I hope I am proven wrong and you right.



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