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26 May 2022 16:42:32
Carragher rattling on about Richie again,! Saying he's the biggest cheat in the league. This from a guy who had Suarez in his beloved Liverpool team, wish he'd wind his neck in and get back in his box,!

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26 May 2022 17:08:43
seen a 12 minute clip from overlap and Carra admitted he was wrong during the Derby game about Richy but then could not help himself with the cheat comment and as you said this guy played alongside Saurez the racist biting diver and he also seems to forget his current beloved Liverpool have Mane and Salah up top who go down like they have been shot if a defender breathes on them.

26 May 2022 17:43:09
If your honest though can you think of a bigger cheat than Richarlison in our league?
I can’t

I think he’s a good player. Could be great if he stopped the diving

I find him embarrassing almost every game I watch him play

I think we would have gone down without him mind.

26 May 2022 18:47:39
Cheat? Are you having a laugh?
The guy gets lumps kicked out of him every game.

26 May 2022 19:01:07
These kind of players just play the game on all levels. It's pure winner mentality and something that is controversial but it's part of the game. He wins us so many free kicks and he knows exactly how to do it. Sure he has been guilty of diving for penalties and being booked correctly but the margins are so fine. I say its about time we had a player that played on the edge of the rules. Kidding and convincing a ref is part of the game and he's one of the best at it. If I was in the opposition, I'd hate him but that's his genius. His time wasting and Pickfords was key to us getting some of the results over the line. I dream we keep him but that's not happening. He owes us nothing and deserves CL football.

26 May 2022 19:42:54
Agree Dan, the lad is always targeted by the opposition and regularly has lumps kicked out of him. Will seriously miss him if he goes.

26 May 2022 20:34:03
He does go down easy and Gordon has started doing it but people in glass houses I thought Liverpool employed snipers in the stands the way a number of their players dive.

26 May 2022 20:50:07
Hes been fouled the 2nd highest in the league. Zaha being first.

26 May 2022 21:11:41
Does he go down easily yes sometimes but he gets kicked all over the park without any protection from the officials SobNewcastle so I find that more embarrassing that Richy going down.

26 May 2022 21:22:29
Two words - Harry Kane - now he is the biggest cheat in the league!

26 May 2022 23:17:50
Richarlison is that player that fans of the club he plays for adore and every other fan in the country despises…bit like any Red Sh#ep player.
I love him but if he moved to another Premier league club then I’d hate him.

27 May 2022 07:05:54
He learnt most of it watching Pienaar and I don't blame either of them

Defenders used to and still do clobber them and think they will get away with it

If diving and simulating injury stops them a little bit then good on them.

27 May 2022 08:01:06
Said it before, have any of you lot even played football. Richy plays on his balance and speed, a touch sends you down.

27 May 2022 07:52:37
Yup he does go down too easily, and yes Gordon is starting to do it, it's frustrating, but the bigger picture is, he wins free kicks, is there much difference than claiming a corner or throw in when you know damn well u touched the ball last? That's cheating but nobody picks up on it! So I think he plays the game, takes a chance and sometimes he gets away with it. One thing I hate tho, not the going down easily as much as pretending he's injured, holding his head etc . That I do find frustrating! But he's not the only one doing it in the league!

27 May 2022 08:21:49
"He owes us nothing and deserves cl footy" Wow. I remember him getting a stupid red card in the Derby that cost us points in the 3 games he was banned. We were on a roll at that point as well. I'm sorry, I like him on his day but those days are getting few and far between. If we can get good money for him then move him on. WE have made him the player he is. He was failing at Watford. WE paid good money for him and gave him a chance. WE improved his standing which got him his international call ups. WE have paid him massive wages and idolised him in the crowds but now HE thinks he's outgrown us we shouldn't stand in his way and wish him all the best? Wow. That is the problem with this club!

27 May 2022 11:46:34
Have to agree to some extent pauly. I wouldn't bat an eyelid if any of the current squad were sold. Recall windows long ago that I would dread for fear of losing likes of arteta but I couldn't give a jot about any of the current side!
To me richarlison is a display of mediocrity. He's level pegging for the season with pukki, that says it all for me. I've no issue with most of the umpteen managers we have had, the players however absolutely reek.

28 May 2022 08:30:39
Imagine having a midfielder of that quality now whitty? I haven't seen that since arteta tbh.

28 May 2022 22:43:54
Ah mate indeed. He was just so classy for us. Felt at arsenal he was given more of a job to do in terms of breaking up play. Feel we got the absolute best of arteta. Very good team that moyes team, just a shame we never won anything but they always did me proud.



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