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29 May 2022 12:12:29
I am keeping an eye on this deil situation. If we offer that joker a contract then we are doomed. That will tell me that we haven't learned and will never learn from our mistakes. No way we should keep him far too risky. Anyone who thinks we should then you are part of the problem at Everton. Go and watch the spurs documentary and watch Ali train it's embarrassing. we need to bin him asap.

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29 May 2022 13:20:55
So that's Pickford, DCL and now Ali that you want gone? And if the rest of us disagree with your ridiculous comments then we are part of the problem? ???
You still haven't responded to the comments over the Pickford and Pope scenario have you? Bit embarrassing that one wasn't it Con?

29 May 2022 13:23:52
If you mean Deli it is a problem, for you though. He is an Everton player and already has a contract ?.

29 May 2022 14:37:35
Con, you do sound silly at times.
As already mentioned he already has a contract with us.
If frank thinks he can turn him around then happy to see him given a go. Knows the league and has previously performed well, albeit not for a while.
Isn’t this how Frank proves himself as a manager by improving players?

29 May 2022 14:46:28
Deli Ali is useless omg are you guys for real. He is a joke has been for years and you want to keep him. Everton are in trouble because we have gave players big money contracts when they don’t deserve it and you want to do it all over again. That’s the problem with Everton some people just haven’t got a clue. Potato you need to get a life all you do is read everyone’s post then complain about it because you are offended. Your one of them wok people. You need to do something else with your time instead of trying to preach to everyone about everything. Your embarrassing and a bit boring to be honest with you. You want to keep Rondon and the rest well sorry potato but they are all crap and people like you are what is wrong with Everton. We nearly went down with this lot but according to you they are the best players ever wise up.

29 May 2022 14:48:54
I would take pope over Pickford I will stand by that potato np. Pope makes less mistakes and for me that’s what matters as a keeper. If you make 15 mistakes a season then in the last 6 matches you make a few good saves doesn’t mean your a super star. What about the 15 mistakes just forget that. You want to keep Keane potato which is ridiculous? 15 own goals 4 red cards and couldn’t tackle a fish super and you want to keep him? grow up for god sake.

29 May 2022 14:54:34
As for DCL he has scored 44 goals in 170 games hardly call that prolific lol. Has worn more skirts than he has scored goals.

29 May 2022 14:58:04
I am silly you actually want to keep deli now that is silly I thought he was on a short contract you want to give him more. this is why we are a laughing stock now because of people like you. Would any of the top 6 take him No so why the heck would we. That’s silly now isn’t it.

29 May 2022 15:29:06
5 mangers couldn’t improve him at spurs what you think frank is Houdini for gods sake he hasn’t been good for years now he is too risky let’s get rid of him and look elsewhere for a cheaper more mobile player.

29 May 2022 18:49:05
Hahahaha you really need to get a grip of yourself, you make far too many assumptions. You lost me when you said I wanted to keep rondon? Wtf? Never had that convo with you before so not sure how you got to that conclusion. I comment on posts that i see fit to, like everyone else on here. But I do like to play with trolls like yourself and point out where you are talking through your crack.
The Pickford and Pope situation, go back to the original post that you got embarrassed on and never replied. Wasn't just by me either, couple of others were on your case.
I want to keep Keane? You live in your own world pal. Again, I've never said that so not sure why you think I'd want that? I think I want what you've been on, providing it isn't crack like ??.

29 May 2022 18:59:06
Con maybe you should look into things before saying stuff that is clearly wrong. It’s not is that haven’t got a clue.

We signed Delli on a 2 1/ 2 year deal. He therefore has 2 years left on his contract with us.

If you don’t want to offer him a new contract fair enough but he’s still got 2yrs with us if that’s how you want to go.

You say get rid of him, now how do you expect us to do that? If he’s as bad as you say then he’s not going anywhere for 2 years.

Surely we need to try and see if Frank can improve him and either make him part of the match day squad which benefits us.

Or improved him enough that another team comes in for him?

This is what’s wrong with some fans that they think we can just get rid of players - it’s not fantasy football - they have contracts and only way we move someone on is sell them or contract ends.

29 May 2022 19:09:56
Con the problem Deli is not so much his attitude as the style of play, if you noticed his best times were when Ponchettino was head coach at spurs he played hum as a no. 10 behind Kane with Son and Moura as wingers. Where Conte and Santo played him deeper as a centre-midfuelder, he hasn't the skills so much for this position. This is where Lampard has usually played him, apart from the Palace game when he came on with orders to change the game, which he did fantastically, this is going to be my opinion where he will play for us in opinion from now on as either no. 10 or attacking option of midfield three.

As for Pickford I seriously think he is the best option for us at the moment he is obviously a confidence player and the more his coach thinks well of him the better he plays, why Lpard touts him as the best in England. Again DCL is a poacher and should only play as Ancelotti says within the 2 goalposts, and not waste his energy elsewhere.

We have wasted our time, money, and efforts elsewhere such Gomes when Davies done the same job for half the wages and with more effort too. Then we wasted money on Alan who is the same style player as Gomes and Davies for even more wages. Tosun, Roydon, Sandro, list is sometimes ridiculous, I'm sure you guys can add others too, it's the mixture of management and playing styles as to players. My Grandad had a saying for it "Hammering a square peg in to a round hole, eventually it will fit. "

Keane and Mina are both decent players, especially Mina, if we could keep hum fit for a season I'd make him team captain, as he is an obvious leader on and off the pitch. With Keane I think he's a player who only plays well with others who are playing well too, when he struggled most this season was when the whole team were struggling most, and his performances improved with the rest of the team's performances improved too.

Our players aren't all too bad and with a coach who believes in them coaches them well and organises them better they should improve. Yes there are some we need to offload and promote youth into the first team too as I agree you need young hungry players to win but you also need the odd oldie in there too, to read and run the game.

29 May 2022 19:28:07
You tell them mate ??.

29 May 2022 19:42:45
Ha ha yous are deluded Keane is decent. Keane is horrendous more like it. Deli cost nothing so get rid of him for nothing then. We don’t need players like him he is a waste of space. Just glad you guys aren’t running the club because if you where the club would be run into the ground. We need someone to come into the club and say right guys you’ve messed this club up for years now and I am going to fix it. You out you out and you out not good enough bye. The players aren’t fit to wear the shirt we need a complete clear out. Are you guys really trying to say we have a god side well we don’t the club is broken and needs fixed and I will tell you something keeping that chancer deli around is a recipe for disaster. Nothing to do with style of play it’s attitude and lack of training that is the problem. As I said pope makes less mistakes so for me I will have him instead of Pickford. Nothing wrong with that potato and I couldn’t care what other people say. That’s a fair comment could argue either way. Keane is decent I’ve heard it all now.

29 May 2022 19:45:00
I will tell you what keane is decent at putting the ball in his own top corner or falling over his feet he is very good at both of these. He is a tube going down if he is still there next season. Him and Ali in starting 11 we in big big big trouble.

29 May 2022 19:58:49
Our players aren’t too bad are you for real. We got lucky last season we won’t get lucky again them players are terrible and frank knows it. We need a complete clear out if you see differently then good luck to you.

29 May 2022 20:09:27
I've got to agree with you on most of what you say mate.

29 May 2022 20:31:44
I love Everton mate just as much as anyone else but I am not going to say we have decent players because we don’t and if we don’t sort it out now we might be in the same trouble again. I want and expect better from my club and will never ever be happy being at the bottom of the league. We will never get better if we settle for 2nd rate players. They can’t even pass the ball 5 or 10 yards it’s embarrassing. Frank was a brilliant player and he knows these players are Ian wright. I hope he clears the club out and brings in some youthful players who can run and pass the ball about. Honestly guys don’t settle for that crap we can do better.

29 May 2022 20:54:54
Please don't make assumptions based on a documentary. They are skewed to show their own point. If you watch Ma city doc you'd sign Delph in a heartbeat. Enough said.

29 May 2022 21:05:21
You seen it differently than me because I wouldn’t have signed delph if Everton got him for free and Man City through me a car to sweeten the deal he is crap always was pass it back delph who would sign that plonker. I int judging Ali on the documentary I am judging him on 3 years of being useless too slow too fat and couldn’t run the length of himself and tbh couldn’t be bothered to run. He was once a great player hungry fit and wanted to train and work hard. Now he just walks about at training and looks like the only thing he is hungry for is cheeseburgers. We have over spent taking risks on players this is why we are in this position and we need to stop it. The club has to change deli to risky no thanks.

29 May 2022 22:57:50
You know what con81 I agree to a certain extent and your frustration definitely comes through in the above posts. With regards deli Ali personally I think it was a silly move BUT at least we structured the deal quite well this time. You never know if he has a good summer and plays as a number 10 Then I think that potentially he might come good.
Agree with you on most of the rest though especially Keane who doesn't even resemble a footballer to me!

29 May 2022 23:00:58
Just to add to con81 I don't know what was said or what wasnt said by other posters but I agree with most of your thoughts re the current squad! Dele aside (but still get your point! )

29 May 2022 23:34:17
So Con how do you get rid of players?

All the players have contracts.

If they’re all as bad as you say and need to be got rid of how do you do that?

No one will buy them.

None of our players would happily tear their contract up and say bye bye if we wanted them out.

If we just say off you go to then we’ll be in breach of contract and be in line to pay them compensation.

You’re clearly deluded if you honestly think you can get rid of a player for free.

Look at Tosun, we were happy for him to go but no one wanted him as he was on big wages.

If you were in charge of the club we’d be broke as all these players you want rid of you’d let go for free but still have to pay their remaining contract up!

Whilst I agree we should move several on, you can’t just tear a contract up.

29 May 2022 23:57:34
Well how do we fix it then as any player who we release we have to pay their contract in full, as well as any bonuses and any compensation clauses.

Then we have to sign a full squad of players and have them registered in place by 1st of September, remembering that players are going to be playing in the World Cup in December too.

Where will we get the finances from and who would sign for a club that had just sacked their squad, would you as I surely wouldn't.

30 May 2022 10:01:59
Obviously you can't sell everyone in one summer but we have a few at the end of their contracts that will save us money on wages. Sell iowbie, Gomez, Keane, holegate, Davis, Delph, Rondon and touson and Kenny already away this will free up money for wages which is what we need. There is other players we could loan out to teams as well Welch, price dobbin. Heck we could off load deli and algahzi as well. You telling me Frank couldn’t bring players in with a good clear out like this. The wages this would free up would be unreal. Bring 4 or 5 good players in then next season clear the rest of the crap out and do the same again. It’s not rocket science.

30 May 2022 10:16:34
Begavic, Holgate, Keane, Coleman, Brainthwaite, welch, Delph, Gomez, Davis, Deli, AlGhazi, onygano, iwobie, Rondon how about we sell all these onions it will raise some money but more importantly it will free up money for wages that we can spend on 4 or 5 players that can actually play football then next season get rid of the other bums and sign another few that can actually play football. This is what the clubs needs a proper clear out. That is 14 players we can sell plus a few have left already why won’t it work Ginger? oh and I never once said tear up contracts but we can sell these clowns we need them out the door.

30 May 2022 10:42:00
Another thing if Everton don’t do something major like what I suggest then we are in trouble our club is rotten at the min and it needs fixed asap. New ground coming best fans in the world things can be different we
can reach the top np good times are ahead if we get this right but we need to change our approach and do things differently. We keep Making the same stupid mistakes and we need to stop right now. A good clear out then let Frank do his thing and bring in younger fitter hungry better players. The attitude some people have on here isn’t going to work if Everton stick with these players we are never going to be near the top of the league. We will be fighting Forest for the final relegation place next season or worse. Time is running out this needs sorted it’s now or never.

30 May 2022 11:25:19
Sorry con but you’re over simplifying things.

Majority of us agree we need to ship players out.
However it’s not as easy as you suggest with just selling them.
If we don’t want them what makes you think any other team does?

I imagine majority of those at end of contracts will be let go.

I get you want to see the club do well, we all do but your rants don’t come across well thought out.

Particularly when you say not to give delli a new contract even though he’s still got 2 years left.

You argue that the more expensive a player the better they are so we should sell Pickford and buy a cheaper keeper.

You also say sell elghazi, he’s on loan so will go back to villa.

You also want young hungry players then suggest we loan out several of our under 23s that could actually be the young hungry players we need.

I think we will see a total change in direction regarding recruitment this summer, however it won’t all be achievable in one transfer window.

It’s going to take time to move players on and improve the squad so think we all need to sit back and see what happens.

There have already been glimmers of improvement in recruitment with our 2 arrivals in January - Patterson and mykolenko. If that sort of recruitment continues I think we will all be happy.

Let’s hope the season just gone is the wake up call the owner and board needed!

30 May 2022 11:35:36
Selling players we don't own, quality! I'd sell Mane, Sala and Van Dyke. On a serious not I don't disagree that the majority of the squad are not good enough. Why we signed Ali I haven't got a clue but then I've said that about quite a few of our recent signings as well. Selling 13 squad players and only bringing in 4 or 5 is probably going to put us in a bit of an mess especially when at least 3 of them would have to be CBs just to provide cover. Just a question why wouldn't you sell Mina he is our highest earner in his position and has been very injury prone this season and possibly will bring in the a reasonable amount. Totally dumbfounded why you'd want to sell Coleman, Branthwaite, Welch and Onyango three of whom are probably on less than £20k per week in total and have the potential to be very good players.

30 May 2022 11:51:05
Sure Patterson hasn’t played how do you know he is any good see what I mean it’s just hope for the best stuff. Throw darts at a dart board and hopefully something sticks. We need a proper plan. I mentioned 14 players that we could ship out I don’t see why we can’t. Remember I said this everyone deli Ali is a waste of space he is a joker. We keep him around for another 2 years on his wages then what a boob we are making the guy is a joke I can not believe you crazy people are actually trying to tell me i am wrong on deli he has been terrible for us and he has been there 6 months already no improvement. Other clubs laughing at us for taking him. Another big massive mistake we have made you remember I said this. On what basis do you guys think he is a good signing he can’t run for heaven sake. He has no interest in getting better in his head he believes it’s the coaches fault or the system but he is deluded and you can’t fix that. He needs to wake up get the finger out and work his socks off but unfortunately that’s never going to happen. At least he can still buy his £800 coats and £600 trainers and arrive at training in his limo looking like an idiot that’s what he will be thinking.

30 May 2022 11:59:44
I mentioned 14 players and you guys pick one out ok that’s one idiot off the books. is that all yous have after everything I said that’s your only argument. You can’t argue so you pick silly stuff out. Still waiting on why you’d keep deli ally? Here any Liverpool supporters on here would you be happy to sign deli? They would laugh at us the way I am laughing at you idiots.

30 May 2022 12:15:46
I made a rant about 20 players if I forgot one was on loan then my bad before anymore of you comedians start thinking your so funny. It’s not that important or funny I was talking in general. Shows you am not far wrong when that’s all yous can come back with after all I said. Just remember what I said deli Ali. So many comedians on here yous are so funny.

30 May 2022 12:19:49
Good point about mina the only thing with him is like DCL when he is fit they look good players but can we keep them fit that’s the million dollar question. Mina is a good player not like Keane he is a donkey fit or unfit.

30 May 2022 13:43:35
Con - you still haven’t said how we move all these players on? If you can come up with a sensible suggestion then more than willing to take you seriously however you haven’t.

No one is disagreeing about moving players on, no one is disagreeing recruitment has been poor however it’s not a quick fix.

Delli alli was recruited at the request of Frank, let’s see how he performs next season once he’s had a full pre season and hopefully team set up to suit. If rubbish next season then happy to hold hands up and say was wrong - however needs to be given a chance - coming into a relegation threatened team having played very little football previously he was never going to be great. Time will tell on him.

Patterson - young hungry Scottish international rightback in a position we need replacing, proven in Scottish premiership and on international stage - injury scuppered his chance this season - let’s see what he does when fully fit.

We all want the club to improve however it’s unrealistic to think we can ship out 14 players in one window.

30 May 2022 13:43:55
You want to debate which players that you want gone but go on and tell fans that, if they don't agree, they are part of the problem. Maybe have a look at yourself and the way you talk in here?
People don't agree as what you say doesn't make sense! Get rid of all the players and bring others in, if it was that easy then it would have been done before.
People buzz off your posts and rip you because of your tone, the bigotry that you spout from time to time, you making conversations up with other posters etc etc. You start an argument then, usually, disappear for days then start a different one. Basically, you troll everyone that tries posts their own thoughts on the matter. Only person that gives you any back up is skylark, another of the same ilk as yourself. Wouldn't be surprised if you share the same IP address!
You've now flip-flopped on DCL in your last comment. You've been ripping him to pieces for ages yet now you say he is a good player when fit?
Not only do you like to assume what other posters think of certain players, without them ever telling you, you now know what Deli is thinking in his head! Have you ever listened to yourself? ?? You can reply with the usual tripe, I'll only read it if I'm bored or need a laugh. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you're lucky that the eds didn't ban you from this site after your bigoted rant about DCL a while back scary thing is that you have mentioned that you train kids in one post a while back, let's hope they have other role models in their lives ?.

30 May 2022 14:25:12
Was wondering how long it would take the woke police to rare it’s ugly head. Sorry pc plod I won’t offend you again don’t want you chaining yourself to the goal post again. I always agreed DCL was a good player when he plays the problem I had was he was always injured. People can rip me all they want these are the same people who think Keane is decent and we have good players so I’ve no need to rip them they do it themselves. Again trying to find my IP address what’s that all about that’s creepy.

30 May 2022 14:36:23
Patterson never got on for Rangers what you on about established player in Scotland we took a punt on him hopefully it works out but your talking rubbish again.

30 May 2022 15:16:50
No talking to stupid people and boy you're right up there with the most stupid people I've ever conversed with.
Ip address - you turned up around the same time that a certain other poster said, for the umpteenth time, that they were leaving this site for good. You both talk pretty much the same, whether that be the way you write or the way you dismiss people if they don't have the same crazy views as you. I'm assuming, like you do with every comment I make, that there's a good possibility that you have the same IP address.
Pc Plod - turn that on me all you like, I'm merely pointing out that comments you have made on this site were extremely bigoted.
You are a toxic supporter who moves the goalposts when caught out with your bs, always sniping at others for no real reason. You're a troll lad, plain and simple. Says a lot when you are talking to yourself in half of the posts here ya clown ? anyway, enough of you and your ridiculous comments/ opinions, say what you like I'll just reply with laughing emojis, maybe the odd clown one just for you pal ?.

30 May 2022 15:17:01
Yes I do train kids they have won their league 3 times in the last 4 seasons they are a good side well coached. Hopefully by the time they are 16-18they will play at a high level if they listen to me and keep moving the ball on the deck they they might just pull it off lol. No hoofing down the pitch in my team that’s for sure. You should try coaching yourself potato you might learn something. It will be better for you to coach kids than trying to coach adults how to run their lives the way you want and getting offended all the time. Trying to get me banned what you like I hope they ban you lol that be funny now.

01 Jun 2022 21:22:42
Maybe con81 we can promote you to the dugout at goodison?



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