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13 Jun 2022 09:04:38
Looking at the squad.

Gk and full backs have 2 decent players for each position

Pickford and begovic - tyrer as back up
Patterson and seamus
Mickey and nkounkou

We could be ok at cb but maybe 1 more cb in, bassey from rangers for me. Plus couple that can cover full back if needed.

Holgate, Godfrey, branthwaite, tarks, (Bassey? ) .

Midfield needs a lot of work this summer.
I can see iwobi being moved midfield rather than wing back. We need a cdm or 2 and possibly 1 more in centre, maybe some of the kids push through. Alli needs to show the talent he has and consistently.   Can see Davies staying. Maybe a loftus-cheek or Gallagher with Frank's Chelsea links.

Iwobi, alli, doucoure, davies, onyango, Warrington, price
(zinchenko? )   (RLC? )

The forwards will need work too, we need goals. I can see richy off (with our blessing and for a decent chunk of money) . Gordon and gray can play there but we need another striker (2 if dcl goes) and a natural right winger. Dobbin amd simms maybe given game time. Again, with Chelsea links, maybe a cheeky loan for pulisic or hudson-odoi?

Dcl, gordon, gray, simms, dobbin, (mavididi? ) , (hudson-odoi? )

To be sold/ let go: lonergan, Virginia, Keane, mina, allan, gomes,   richy, rondon.

Already gone: siggy, kenny, Delph, tosun

No doubt I've forgotten players but overall the squad should survive quite easily. We have some decent enough players when they play well. It's up to Frank and the team to get a full pre-season into them, pick a tactic or 2 and stick to them. Develop this and bring players in for the system.

Will be another tough season ahead but if we can make a profit with player sales to appease ffp, we will be on the right track.

I think we'll be in and around 12th to 16th group with Brighton,   Palace, etc. Can't see us challenging the top but also can't see us struggling down the bottom, especially if the fans drag the te through every game like end of last season.

{Ed025's Note - you are a lot more positive than me Geoff. I think the first 6 games are crucial mate but I personally don’t see it being much different to last season. But hope I’m wrong..

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13 Jun 2022 10:12:40
The OP is a nice scenario with what we have seen this season, however I find it hard to imagine it at the moment, I am hoping for a steady and purposeful start from FL's point of view with a gradual grasping of our strengths and weaknesses building up to a recognizable hard to beat identity by Nov. perhaps a decent cup run if not more, and an emphatic unchallenged safety in the league.
Frank will, by achieving at least that, will then be easily able to take us to the next level.

13 Jun 2022 10:13:41
All paper talk at the moment. Other than Tarkowski nobody other than Frank and our DOF know who we are looking at. So let’s just wait and see how it pans out.
The most important thing at the moment is that we are clearing out players who were on high wages and contributed very little to the team.

13 Jun 2022 10:30:53
At least Kenny, Tosun, Delph and Siggy have gone so a very positive start.

13 Jun 2022 11:31:11
If we continue with the same points per game Frank achieved for us last season then that puts us around 12-14th which not great but an improvement on last season.

Took a while to get going after the damage Rafa and the players had inflicted before he started but definite signs of improvement from my point of view - not all will agree.

Hopefully with a full pre season and some of his own recruits we may see an improvement so mid table could be a possibility.

I’m more positive going into this season than I was during last season.

13 Jun 2022 16:18:00
You lot sound a lot more positive now. going to be another tough season or two while we get ffp under control but if Frank is given time to build, learn from mistakes and develop youth, we will gradually push up the league.

13 Jun 2022 16:36:41
Not quite true Dan - we'd have been one place higher in 15th.
Rafa - 1 point per game (from 19)
Dunc - 0 points per game (from 1)
Lamps - 1.11 points per game (from 18) .

So at that rate, a full season at lamps points per game is 42 points.

I agree we should be positive about the season ahead, I'm happy with lampard and personally think we'll get more than 42 points but I'm just pointing out that there wasn't a huge improvement second half of the season (19 points, then 20 points) . Given that the consensus is that the fans really lifted the team to some of the results towards the end that even further emphasises that we didn't get much of an improvement when changed manager!

13 Jun 2022 16:53:07
next season were' in trouble unless we sign Pogba, par for the course. only joking of course.

13 Jun 2022 17:23:03
Sorry TD I’d included the cup games in there - I know they don’t score points but if you include the results it would have worked out at 1.24pts per game.

Think considering the mess he inherited wasn’t a bad points per game total.

As I said previously hopefully a full pre season, move on some of the players he doesn’t want and add a few he does and I’d be hoping for a slightly better points per game total.

Would be happy with anywhere between 8th and 14th and would see that as a big improvement on last season.

As previous posters have said - he needs time to develop squad and get them playing the way he wants to.

Geoff - will be a tough season agree, however saw enough from Lampard since he’s been with us to believe he’ll get us moving in the right direction.

13 Jun 2022 17:50:02
So how few games before Lampard is sacked ed25?

{Ed025's Note - that will depend on results brownshoes. If we fail to win in the first 6 games he will be under pressure imo. It will also depend on how we play but I think the guy is on a hiding to nothing. He’s enthusiastic and wants to do well but he lacks experience. I can’t see us bringing in the quality we need in the next window and it could be a very difficult time for the club.
I hate to sound so pessimistic mate but frank has a massive task to turn this club around. I really do hope I’m wrong but we have to be realistic…this is not a quick fix..

13 Jun 2022 19:16:27
Agree - we need to finally give a manager a decent period of time to build. As a club and as fans we've been far too quick to pull the trigger. Not saying they're all great managers that we've sacked but you've got to give someone time and especially Lampard now given the mess of a squad he inherited combined with the ffp position!

13 Jun 2022 20:04:08
I reckon he’ll do well for us.
We’ve moved on a few players
Potentially brought in a decent centreback in Tarkowski.
He’ll give some of the youngsters a go.
Imagine he’ll get the dressing room on side.
A few key additions and we’ve not got a bad starting 11.
Clearly going to sell at least 1 of our top players but if that allows frank to make his own purchase then that’s fine.

If we get a few injuries could be a bit tricky, however I’m more confident starting this season than I have for a while.

13 Jun 2022 20:46:53
I share your pessimism 25 unfortunately. Seriously want to be wrong and welcome a top 10 finish but I think we are in for a rude awakening too.

14 Jun 2022 01:18:00
I reckon lampard will do well in my opinion so. the question i ask what manager would you have who you think would do better than what he have and don't forget the circumstances with are team not being good enough does anyone remember aprils fixtures myself included i did not expect us to pick up any points and yet we did and yet some on here doubt him.

{Ed077's Note - what has Lampard done to make you and others, believe he will do a good job. He hasn't done a stellar job at Derby or Chelsea previously and his stint at Everton hasn't been that great till now either, IMO.

14 Jun 2022 07:13:24
He came into a team in freefall at Everton who were heading for the championship with players who had given up and fans who had had enough and managed to turn it around and keep us up.
That’s enough for me to start with.
Give him a pre season and some of his own recruits and let’s see what he can do.
I reckon he’ll do well.

14 Jun 2022 10:10:16
Edd077 all managers need to start somewhere and I actually think he did good at Chelsea under difficult circumstances. Since his arrival he has kept us in the PL which I am not sure many others would have and shown to me at least that he has the potential to be a good manager. He is learning on the job and he will have more experience after last seasons mess of what will be required and what will be expected. Given a chance I think he will surprise a few of his doubters.

{Ed077's Note - I am glad Everton survived last season and Lampard did seem to get the fans on his side at Goodison but I do wonder if Everton would be in that tricky situation if the fans weren't that toxic under previous regimes. Also I think if his tenure at Chelsea in the opposite way to you sa90; he did well when he had no pressure to perform and the general expectation was relatively low but he crumbled the moment he had any pressure on him. Having to use the best of the huge and very talented Chelsea loan army isn't much of an issue, IMO.

In short, I am just not sure of his ability to succeed at Everton. I don't think he is quite ready, at least not yet, to perform at such a job.

14 Jun 2022 12:13:09
Fair enough ed077 having a different opinion isn't a crime. I do think FL should not be under the same amount of pressure at EFC as he was at Chelsea as fans expectations are completely different well they should be. Hopefully he will have learned from both his tenure at Chelsea and his fight to keep us in the PL last season. I do think you may have a point about previous regimes and the fans toxicity having an impact. Unfortunately fans toxicity increases when clubs are in a downward spiral heading towards relegation it tend to be the management that gets the blame even though the may not be totally to blame.

{Ed077's Note - I thought the support shown by the Everton supporters, especially the match going ones, was a very important factor in turning the mood around the club but it also begs me to ask why did it take so long for Goodison park to come alive?

I hope FL proves me wrong and Everton aren't battling relegation again next season but I'm not positive on that..



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