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20 Jun 2022 17:25:35
So what do we think of the new appointments?

Paul Tait moved from under 18s to under 23s coach

Leighton Baines new under 18s coach.

Gareth Prosser appointed new academy director.

Thought we had done a strategic review and we’re going to be moving away from the jobs for the boys mentality and looking far and wide to recruit?

Baines and Tait already at club and Prosser previously worked under Thelwell at wolves.

Really hope been appointed on merit and not just because of their connections.

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20 Jun 2022 19:33:15
Definitely good to see we need new blood at Everton hope they do well, on another note I see Zinchenko is being linked quite heavily with us again he would do well I reckon mate.

20 Jun 2022 19:3 7:22
If they are good enough for the job then that is all that really matters mate.
From what I've read today, Prosser has experience in the role at Wolves with impressive results. They may have worked together before but isn't that why these people develop contacts within the industry? At least they know how the other operates professionally.
It will be interesting to see how Baines gets on in his role, he's well thought of in a coaching capacity.

21 Jun 2022 08:50:12
'jobs for the boys' is a terminology meant when employing someone when they probably aren't suited to the job role that they've picked up and got the role through previous affiliation with Everton Football Club.

the argument is there for Baines, agreed.
Prosser has success in this role at Wolves, just because you've worked with someone before doesn't class it as 'jobs for the boys'
Gareth Prosser;
Currently a general manager at Professional Game Academy AuditCo which conducts the independent auditing process for academies on behalf of the Premier League, EFL and FA, Prosser is highly regarded in the game.

He was involved in the Elite Player Performance Plan development at Wolves, resulting in their academy achieving Category One status in 2012 and retaining it four years later. At the time, Wolves were one of only six Category One academies to achieve an unconditional three-year licence.

Under Prosser and Thelwell's watch, Wolves were also at one stage ranked as the third-best academy in the country.

21 Jun 2022 09:49:55
If someone is qualified, highly rated, and has a link to the club, that’s a winning combo, surely?

21 Jun 2022 10:37:18
Interesting to see above comments when so many (not saying those who have replied were) had been moaning about jobs for the boys mentality we had and how Ferguson and Unsworth needed to move on as part of the problem at the club.

Yet we’ve now appointed 2 jobs with people already at club and another one to somebody well known by Thelwell, just doesn’t appear net was cast far and wide in recruitment process.

Just hope we’re not repeating same mistakes from previous appointments.

21 Jun 2022 12:07:14
Apparently both Tait and Baines were both part of the recruitment process and believed they were the best applicants. Both had been part of the U18 setup as head coach and assistant. The U18 have consistently had players move into the U23 on ability rather than age so they must have been doing a reasonable job at U18 level I don't personally see either appointment as an issue. To me its a career progression path within the club. If they don't perform then I would expect then to be replaced.

21 Jun 2022 12:21:08
This jobs for the boys stuff is cr*p. Paul Tait has done very well at U18 level so surely deserves a go at U23s. Baines must be a good fit/ coach as the top brass have said its getting overhaul, so he looks to be best man for job. Time will tell. Prosser. Nothing to do with Everton before being hired so don't understand the 'jobs for boys' being bandied about for him. Changes made yet still can't please people.

21 Jun 2022 12:53:01
Funny progression let's take baines as an example, 1 of if not the best left backs in our team retires, "let's hope he becomes a coach passes on his experience" mainly to young players who grew up watching him, a few years later "oh god this teams awful its all this Jobs for the boys malarkey"
If a player we idolised isn't good enough who is?

21 Jun 2022 13:01:48
Just asking opinions, not much movement on transfer front so thought discuss these appointments.

Nothing to say I’m not happy just it’s quite interesting as so many called for Ferguson to go and unsworth to go who were appointed from within yet no one seems bothered about these appointments of people from within the club.

They may be great appointments, time will tell.

However it just seems that we’re continuing previous trends of appointing from within and look where that got us. Unsworth under 23s winning title but with virtually no players able to step up to first team.

Prosser could be just what we need, just hope it doesn’t turn out like all our previous efforts at trying to bring successful people to the club and it going horribly wrong - Steve Walsh in particular.

Let’s hope it was a strategic review and that these appointments made on merit as that would show we’re finally moving forward as a club. Rather than the strategic review being an exercise in lip service.

21 Jun 2022 18:50:39
There's still an argument to say Steve Walsh made more good additions than bad. 2 of his buys are still in our first team. One has tripled in value and the other is worth 50 times more. It's the owners buys that didn't do so well.
Not banging the drum for him but he did make some shrewd buys.

21 Jun 2022 20:44:24
Walsh was an expensive mistake. He wasted around 200m and you're championing him because 2 of those players are still here? Madness mate.

21 Jun 2022 21:37:09
What’s been said about being suited from the role hits the nail on the head for me. If they are good enough and they are employed in the right roles then that’s all we can ask. If they aren’t successful, give them the right support. If that doesn’t work, they need to be replaced - just don’t stick them on stupid contracts in case it doesn’t work out. Same with the players. If they are successful, extend the contracts.

The thing with Dunc is he’s been the major consistency around the first team for the last few seasons. If he is doing a good job, it’s not translating onto the pitch. I’d like to see him go out and get more experience and see if he can cut it elsewhere. As for Rhino, it’s strange the success hasn’t followed with the U21s though there are a few youngsters around the first squad. The managers may be responsible for not giving them a chance more than Unsworth not doing his job.

From my experience of coaching and teaching, those who are exceptional at something aren’t always the best at passing it on to others.

22 Jun 2022 15:25:37
Not championing him as such Blupotato if you read my post properly and no he didn't blow 200mill.
It's obvious who he wanted, who Koeman wanted, who Moshiri wanted and the one Bill wanted.
My point is we have around 100million in two players who were Walshs purchases as was Gana and Lookman who we both made a profit on.
Walsh wasn't the biggest problem at that time and the fact we have continued to make the same mistakes since he left shows us who was the main problem.
So no I'm not championing him just pointing out that he wasn't as big a disaster as people would have you believe.

23 Jun 2022 03:32:08
I'd say he just got lucky, Smit. How many good players did he bring in out of the 23 signed by him? He spent around 250m didn't he? If he only bought 5 good players in out of 23, and for that amount, then surely that is the majority of that cash wasted?

23 Jun 2022 18:19:32
It's common knowledge he wasn't responsible for all the purchases, the same as Brands. Moshiri wants a player, goes and gets him.
Walsh wanted to walk away from the Siggy deal when Swansea wanted to up the price. Bill signed Rooney. Martina and Schneiserlin was Koemans at Southampton.
Vlasic and Klassen weren't given a fair shot buy we made money on Vlasic. Onyekuru we sold for more than we signed him for.
Michael Keane has been in this squad for 5 years so for 26mill I'd say he's done ok.
Pickford 26mill you'd have to spend 50-60 to sign him now.
Tosun wad Moshiris after seeing him play in Monaco. Walcotts was fat Sams.

23 Jun 2022 18:38:22
Not really common knowledge mate, nobody has had a clue what's been going on at boardroom level and is the reason why FM has been given stick by fans.
The Walsh era, no matter how it's spun, wasted near to 250m. He was the man in charge of buying so the buck stops with him. Same for Brands. If they weren't being allowed to do their jobs then they could have resigned.
Are you classing every player you mentioned in your last post as good players? Some of them were absolutely shocking mate!

24 Jun 2022 20:18:24
I am close enough to the club to know a little bit about how and by whom the money has been spent Bluepotato. You read what is in the papers and spin it however you want. I've said my bit and you can listen or read the papers it's up to you.



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