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23 Jun 2022 11:38:43
Are we not just making the same mistakes we always do throwing millions at average players. Winks is average at best and tbh we already have a player just like him Davies. I think Tom Davies isn't good enough for us and I don't think winks is either. It's just another 20 million pound gamble and we have already been burnt in the past by gambling on average players. We are never going to learn. Winks is another bad Gamble spurs must be loving life first we buy that pudding deli and now winks what next.

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23 Jun 2022 11:58:41
Every signing is a gamble - there are no guarantees any player we sign will be any good, be it not suited to the league, not suited to the style of play the manager wants, doesn’t like new team mates, doesn’t like the area, etc etc.

There is no knowing how good any player will be until given a chance. Players are suited to certain teams and may do well at one club and terrible at another.

Look at lukaku as a prime example - outstanding for us, poor at Utd, decent at Inter, shocking at Chelsea.

Now what’s to say a player that we buy who is not great at selling club will not improve coming to us? Absolutely nothing!

We need to stop moaning about players we may or may not sign and just get behind Frank and the team.

If the players don’t perform then have a moan - but to moan before seen them play is ridiculous.

23 Jun 2022 13:06:59
Mate winks is rubbish what you on about. He hasn’t been getting on for spurs they don’t rate him so it’s a massive gamble we are taking 20 million gamble it is. It’s one thing to gamble on a player who is doing well at their club but it’s a massive gamble to pay 20 million for someone who hasn’t done well in the past and doesn’t get on for his current team. He is average at best let’s face it Davies is probably just as good. It’s another massive gamble we don’t need to take.

23 Jun 2022 13:25:32
Not sure what you don’t understand Con - all transfers are a gamble, there are no guarantees a player will do as well as they did at a previous club at a new club.

If Frank wants Winks then that's fine by me - he’s the manager and we need to get behind him.

23 Jun 2022 13:52:36
I understand every signing is a bit of a gamble usually you look to buy a player that will make your team better a player you think can play at that level but you just never know if it will work out. what I am saying is we have seen winks at this level he is no good so it’s a massive gamble taking him is not just a gamble but a huge one. Davies is just as good as I keep saying. What do you see about winks that I can’t see. What is your reason on why we are looking to buy him for 20 million. Convince me? we are like your man Michael Carroll him who won the lotto. He blew all his money on all sorts of crap and now he is near homeless. That’s what we done got rich and blew all the money on Garbage and we are still doing it.

23 Jun 2022 13:56:21
My brother is a red he rang me today laughing at me saying winks is woeful and he was saying yous toffees will never learn. Even other supporters can see we keep making the same stupid mistakes. My brother said winks wouldn’t get on Liverpool Reserve’s and I couldn’t argue because he is spot on winks is terrible. Deli and winks in midfield can’t wait for that?.

23 Jun 2022 14:13:31
Does your brother recruit for Liverpool? Doubtful.

How do you know he’s terrible? Have you followed his every game? What about the game against Real Madrid when he totally bossed the midfield?

If Frank wants Winks as part of his team he clearly sees something in him that he feels will improve us - that for me is good enough.

Don’t care what other fans say, or what other posters think as ultimately it’s none of their decisions. It’s up to Frank.

Let’s just hope the knucklehead minority of our fans who were so embarrassing previously don’t start daubing graffiti on goodison saying we don’t want A certain transfer, or start putting banners outside a house near to a proposed transfer target saying not to join.

We should all just get behind Frank and his selections and start supporting the team.

23 Jun 2022 14:49:06
Aye we are just the idiots who buy the tickets and the jerseys aren’t we. We should have no say sure we shouldn’t we are just the mugs who should be happy with whatever the club decides. Well I am a not happy forking out my hard earned cash to go and watch players who aren’t fit to play for our club and I am afraid winks is another one who falls into that category Sorry Gingerdan but winks isn’t anything else but average. Why do you think we should buy him because Frank says so well that’s not a good enough reason for me. It’s too big of a gamble for me I would look else where.

23 Jun 2022 15:58:28
Con you do make me laugh.

I can’t think of a single team in the league that recruits a player because the fans want it.

I also can’t think of a single team in the league that canvasses it’s fans prior to making a purchase.

Also no idea how without seeing a player in our shirt, playing in our team with new managers instructions you know they are not good enough.

If you’re not behind Frank and who he wants to recruit then why are you a fan?

Surely if you don’t agree with the managers recruitment decisions and not happy with the team it would be better for you to save some money, don’t buy match day tickets or merchandise and don’t support the team?

Just out of interest sake who would you realistically want to recruit for £20m instead of winks?

23 Jun 2022 16:00:04
Who would you buy instead Con81?
Winks would not be my first choice, but I assume Frank knows more than I do, can rate a central midfielder and has no interest in signing players that will not improve our squad.
Any player he signs he must think is better than what we have at our disposal? Winks was good enough to play for England - so he cannot be as awful as you seem to think he is can he?

23 Jun 2022 16:20:57
Neil Ruddock, David nuggent, Joey Barton have played for England means nothing England are rubbish Southgate worst manager ever. parks the bus every match no matter who England play. Worst style of football ever he should have been sacked after the euros. They got to the final yes but they played no1 and the style of football was horrific. Think they had 3 shots on target the last 3 matches in the competition it was hard to watch. He is a very bad manager one of us could do a better job.

23 Jun 2022 16:26:08
Probably get slated on here for putting Southgate down but he hasn’t a clue his tactics are 1990s crap England will never win anything with him you just have to look at the guy to know he hasn’t a baldly what he is doing. He is as good at coaching as he is at taking penalties.

23 Jun 2022 16:35:50
Southgate would park the bus if England where playing Afghanistan or Iraq.11 men behind the ball he should put a paper bag over his head and cut the eyes out when he in the dugout because he is a plonker.

23 Jun 2022 16:39:09
I can never properly judge a player until i have seen him play a fair few games in front of my eyes ( and i don't mean on Sky) . But if anyone thinks Davies is as good as Winks you are having a laugh.

23 Jun 2022 16:46:02
Don’t think I’ll engage any further with this one, seems pointless.

23 Jun 2022 16 :56:12
Have we signed him or is it just paper talk? Let's try something constructive other than slating players that you don't want, who do you propose we bring in this window?

23 Jun 2022 17:04:32
Con we are not making any mistakes as we haven't signed anyone yet! Reacting to click bait is a bit pointless really. Why not wait until we have signed someone and then if your not happy with the signing you can then make your opinion known. I'm really looking forward to us signing at least 15 of the 20 players we have been linked with so far this window mind you we will need them as 10 will be shipped out, if you believe the media that is.

23 Jun 2022 18:28:57
What about setting our sights higher and trying for players like Marcos Senesi defender from Feyenoord or jesus ferreira from fc Dallas watched them a few times young players with talent. Not winks we need a different plan than the one we have been using. I am not a scout but surely our scouts have players on their sights like the two I’ve mentioned above. Young players that won’t cost a fortune. It’s not rocket science we can do better.

23 Jun 2022 20:18:26
So instead of winks a defensive midfielder you’re suggesting a defender and a striker?

23 Jun 2022 20:45:40
Yes that’s two players I am recommending and I would like to think we have scouts who are recommending another 10 players just like them to frank to pick from. We need to look further afield and stop buying other premier league teams dead wood for crazy prices and crazy wages. Like iwobie, delph, walcot and deli. We need to do things differently. There is talent out there just need to go and find it. we seem to only look for cast aways from other teams in our own league. Some cracking young midfielders playing in Italy at the min surely our scouts can find a better option than winks. Loads of talent out there let’s go and find it please Frank.

23 Jun 2022 20:50:58
I think we need more wingers ;)

I'd point out Tim cahill or arteta, carsley, Barry, baines, jagelka, Howard, naismith, gueye and biggest bargin of the lot Coleman.

How many of those guys who went on to play pretty well for us where world beaters at point of joining us?

Sometimes it's about a type of player not a fancy player, Frank sees our team is a bunch of individuals who loose each other on a pitch, he will have a way he sees the team and will buy players to fit that. We don't have to agree with a purchase but as we don't actually own the club not a lot we can do about it, venting all over the Internet is useless.

24 Jun 2022 01:13:33
Con, Southgate has already had a paper bag over his head for the Pizza advert, but pretty sure he still has the bag somewhere.



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