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28 Jun 2022 11:42:52
Ricky agreed personal terms today with Spurs, wonder whatEverton will get for him.

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28 Jun 2022 13:05:01
It’s only a matter of time before he does go, I think he’s going to be a big loss.

28 Jun 2022 13:12:19
It’s also reported that PSG, AC Milan and Chelsea are all interested in signing him.

However if we need to sell before Thursday none of this matters until a team actually makes an offer for him and as far as aware not one team has made a firm offer for him yet.

28 Jun 2022 14:37:26
Now being reported Spurs offered £20m and Berjwin!

Thankfully been turned down.

However looking like it will be spurs signing him which is a tad disappointing as would have preferred him to go abroad.

Lots of talk around fee being £60m, with no players involved.

Personally would have hoped it to have been more, particularly as he’s only 25, a full Brazilian international and proven in the league.

Will be interesting to see if that figure is the case if that’s enough to balance books for last season and how much of it we can use to recruit in the new financial year.

28 Jun 2022 14:51:39
Gingerdan I have said this a few times if he was English he would go for 130 million two footed fantastic in the air workrate unreal but he's brazilian and plays for us.

28 Jun 2022 14:20:46
Is there actually any truth in the rumour we have to sell before Thursday Ed’s? . Also which teams is their genuine interest from in Richarlison and not just paper talk? .

{Ed002's Note - (a) If Everton want to balance the books - it has not bothered them in the past, hence the significant issue. Spurs are looking to buy Richarlison.}

28 Jun 2022 15:17:17
Il be gutted to loose him but he deserves a move worked his ears off since joining us question i have got who do we replace him with ismali sarr woudnt be bad option keane Lewis potter from hull aswell what does everyone reckon on there own replacements for ricky just interested on different opinions apart from me own like.

28 Jun 2022 15:44:03
Arsenal signing Jesus! Their DOF must truly be a miracle worker. I'm going to drive down there, bung him a few quid and show him these barrels of water.

28 Jun 2022 15:53:21
I'm at a loss how last year's accounts can be so bad saved about 15-20 million in wages and spent 1.7 million pounds on transfers add in The new wages then prob saved about 10 mill.

28 Jun 2022 16:02:44
Indeed Lampardsman genuinely thought we’d reigned it in last season but obviously something not right somewhere.

Unless it’s to help with the 3yr rolling period?

28 Jun 2022 16:20:52
Gents, i fail to see how Richy is a £130 million player myself. I am under no illusions as to what he offers and means to this team as a result of how poor we are but some people calling for fees north of £60m is a bit excessive.

For £130 million you should be wanting a player who guarantees double figures in goals and assists year on year as a minimum requirement.

Richy has never surpassed 6 assists for us. When you take into account last seasons numbers for the players below, it gives some perspective and i have purposefully left out the elite players like your Salah, Son and KDB etc:

Bowen - 12 goals 17 assists
Barnes - 6 goals 13 assists
Saka - 11 goals 9 assists
Kulusevski - 5 goals 9 assists (half a season)

Richy hit 13 goals in back to back seasons and then more recently 10 and 7 - that is not £100m + numbers is it.

Granted, he works his bollocks off and cares which is very endearing to the fans but talent and output wise he is more in the £50-£60m mark if we are being realistic and take into account his age, international player etc etc.

Whilst being a good age is favorable and gives great scope for further development it doesn't necessarily always guarantee it, as his own numbers reflect, dropping for the last 2 seasons.

I am all for trying to squeeze out as much money for our players as possible, especially given our current financial constraints but there needs to be a level of realism around the subject.

The plan for us moving forward should be to continue to shift all the deadwood on ridiculous wages and replace them with well-aged, hungry and talented players that are yet to be picked up by the top sides.

If we can sell one of our bigger assets and get 2 or 3 in their place to give us a more robust side, we should be all for it.

A realistic window for us would be to shift Richy, Kean and possibly Mina or Keane and then reinvest wisely.

I agree with Andy. KLP would be a brilliant buy and have the potential to be up there with the Cahill, Arteta or Baines purchases.

Tarkowski - yes he is 30 but one of the most robust CB's in the division, with experience and seems to possess leader traits. He easily out-performs all of our current CB's and the numbers support that view.

Kim Min-Jae - Good age at mid 20's, strong, fast, loves a tackle and most importantly wouldn't be too expensive. He would pair up well with Tarks and would create a solid base.

KLP - 21, beats men for fun, both footed, can finish as well.

We would certainly need a backup striker to Dom but i haven't even began to think about who would be available as i think we have far more pressing matters to address in the side.

If we can utilise a couple of smart loans and get through this season, then we can start to have a little more optimism. We should be under no illusions that this season is going to be a tough old slog due to a multitude of factors but it is what it is and we have to meet it head on.

If the fans and the players/ staff can show the togetherness we did towards the end of last season we should be able to stay in the division and comfortably be better than at least 3 other sides.

The collective sales of Richy, Kean and Keane/ Mina should realistically fetch around 75/ 85m. If we can reinvest that in a few signings like the above for around the 40/ 50m mark, then it gives us more depth and a stronger spine to build upon, whilst having money left over to help with the financial issues.

Although we all know how poor this side is and has been, with a couple of buys it will make a huge difference. After all, the likes of Brighton and Wolves finished 10+ pts ahead of us and in the top half of the table. There isn't much ground, if any to be made up on them. We won't have the toxic Rafa situation to deal with, the players will have only learnt harsh lessons from last season to make them more experienced and the club in general.

The relationship between the playing staff and fans seems to have been revitalised and recovered somewhat. The home form has been very important to us for many years and since Frank took over it has been a lot closer to where it needs to be.


28 Jun 2022 16:25:57
So JMW how was Grealish £100m?

Would you say Grealish better than Richarlison?

28 Jun 2022 17:31:04
I imagine the fee was inflated because Man City were the ones showing interest and Villa were more than aware their pockets are endless. Additionally Villa were nowhere near the situation we find ourselves in, with the FFP issues where clubs know we need to money.

Add to that the fact he is English and although it baffles me, those seem to come with an added premium.

In terms of player for player, do i think he is better, that is a difficult one to answer mate.

For me it depends on what you value/ what the team needs and how you are comparing them. They are 2 very different players, even though they operate in similar positions.

Where Richy surpasses him with application and tenacity in terms of his pressing and not giving defenders a moments rest, i feel Grealish offers more in terms of his intelligence and overall contribution to attacking play. From a technical perspective i think Grealish is the superior player and if he were given the same minutes as Richy in our team last year i would argue he would put up similar numbers if not more impressive.

In terms of what WE need with the circumstances WE find ourselves in though, then i would rather have Richy out of the two. There may be a bias there as i tend to warm to players who pull their bollocks out for the side.

As i mentioned with the players above mate, they all had superior numbers to Richy. There isn't a chance anyone would be paying 100m for them. You could go even further down the league and pick a player like Cornet. 9 goals and 2 assists in 1700 minutes compared to Richys 10 goals and 6 assists in 2500 minutes. You could pick him up for 10/ 15 million and he can literally play lwb, lm/ lw and striker. I think he would be a shrewd buy for us given the fact we need cover in many areas and he wouldn't demand a huge fee.

Obviously a lot of these views are purely circumstantial due to how poorly we have been ran in recent years.

What are your thoughts on the whole thing mate?

28 Jun 2022 17:52:33
Also when you take into account Sterling might be on the move for 50m, it makes the 130m for Richy appear even more outrageous.

A year or 2 older than Richy but has played at a much higher level and delivered.

I don't particularly like him as a player but his numbers speak for themselves.

28 Jun 2022 17:57:44
I think you hit the nail on the head when you highlight how poorly we have been run in recent years.

Personally think he’s a £75m+ player.

He’s done well with us and to get into double figures for goals in numerous seasons in our team is a feat in itself.

He’s only 25 so potentially coming into his prime.

He’s a first choice Brazilian international.

Has 2yrs left on his contract.

If he was playing for a top 6 team or a European team no one would bat an eye lid if £75m was mentioned.

However as he’s playing for us a team that are constantly struggling and only just avoided relegation people are amazed we want more than £50m for him.

This is the issue we will find ourself in as other teams know our financial issues.

We also don’t seem to negotiate well when you see some fees we have paid for players.

Had we been run well and not facing issues with ffp I think we would have easily gotten £75m for him.

28 Jun 2022 19:26:51
Some excellent posts JMW the other thing I think you have to take into account is the C.V. and teams are probably going to be paying less for players. As Long as we get 50 million from spurs or more and ensure non of their cast offs are part of the deal (winks) then it's good business.
Re invest in KPL and Dennis. If we could get the midfielder in from sporting (I'm dreaming now,! ) 1 more centre back then we may go onto have a good season.
The only thing I disagree with jmw is Keane/ mina. I would look to get rid of both and ideally holgate.

28 Jun 2022 19:48:11
I was going to ask Ed002 a question that seems to have been already covered above by Ed, but With not knowing the ins and outs of ffp, and the yearly three year turn over, it seems to me we are over our ffp and need to sell Richarlison before Thursday, to show up on the current balance sheet.

If we are fine which I doubt, then selling Richarlison to show up for our balance sheet for the next year surely gives us a stronger hand in the next set of finances.

If we were fine, it makes no sense to me to try and push a sale through, when we could just add it to the next lot of figures.

So on my basis of thinking Ed am I right in thinking we simply have to sell before Thursday evening, no other logic to be in such a rush, especially when other clubs are interested.

{Ed002's Note - Everton need to get back on track. Thursday is the end of the FFP season so that is what makes it relevant. Right now, the accounts will yet again not look great. The club will again embarrass themselves with pitiful excuses. It needs fixing, but new owners will help.}

28 Jun 2022 20:39:25
So is the takeover a serious proposition?

28 Jun 2022 20:39:25
So is the takeover a serious proposition?

{Ed002's Note - Yes, Peter K is keen to push it though if the finances can be agreed.}

28 Jun 2022 21:10:14
Cheers Ed.
I imagine on the running of the club side of things he’s quite knowledgeable unlike moshiri and may get us back on an even keel.

28 Jun 2022 21:30:12
Whitty i agree mate, 50m is a slight profit over what we paid, probably more due to the fact we have been so s***, certain clauses surely can't have been met. As you say we need the money to help us with FFP and invest in the squad.

I would love Nunes Whitty, he is exactly what we need, proper ball carrier, comfortable on the ball and doesn't rush/ panic. He would be a breath of fresh air but i really doubt we will get him mate. Chance looks to have gone thanks to the Spanish waiter.

Oh mate, i totally agree, i would love for us to shift Mina and Keane but i am just trying to be realistic and not ask for too much in one window. For me neither are good enough, the same with Holgate but the likelihood of us shifting them and getting decent replacements in, given our constraints is a stretch.

Lets see what happens after Thursday and hopefully with the Richy sale. If there is one thing Lampard will have due to his playing career is standards. He will know there are giant holes in this side and hopefully him and Thelwell will already have plenty of ideas to remedy them.



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