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29 Jun 2022 02:13:57
We are skint and will do all we can to try to keep Dom if Richy goes. A few of the Eds have mentioned we need/ are after a striker.

Alternative shout and could get hammered for posting this ? but i think Teemu Pukki would be a great backup to Dom.

The move would give him a chance to play in the Prem again so would make sense for him.

He is a decent goal scorer. Has just shy of 1 in 2 for Norwich. 36 in 106 for Finland.

He is old so i imagine it would be a small fee and would make a good stop-gap whilst we need to tend to other areas of the squad first.

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29 Jun 2022 06:35:37
I thought the same JMW this time last year. Only thing with this, for me, is he wouldn’t want to be playing second fiddle. Surely there is another Naismith type out there.

29 Jun 2022 07:35:07
Wouldn’t be the worst signing. Certainly knows where the goal is.

29 Jun 2022 09:21:44
So you want to sign a 32yr old striker? A player that will have no resale value
And one that’s only managed 11 goals per season?

Surely there’s better options out there? Dennis for one would be a better option.

29 Jun 2022 10:46:17
There could well be better options. They may be either too expensive or unwilling to come to us. We have to be looking at value for money in our current situation.

29 Jun 2022 11:47:28
And you think pukki would be value for money?

I know we’re in a mess but this is a ludicrous suggestion to sign pukki as a replacement for Richarlison as a back up to DCL.

29 Jun 2022 12:53:55
I don’t know how much this fictional signing has cost us so it’s hard to answer that question. For a small fee and reasonable wages, he could well be value for money.

29 Jun 2022 13:02:53
That is the thing BR2022-23, its whether he would want to come and do that but he is 32 and not sure who would be after him.

Not every player can have a resale value Dan. What do you expect us to do go and get a quality striker in and say "here you are fella, take a seat on the bench, you aren't getting in ahead of Dom" - not going to happen.

You say he only managed 11 goals a season. That is 6 more than any of our midfielders managed and 1 more than Richarlison who you say is a £100m + player ?. He also scored 1 more than Dennis. Struggling to see what your point is.

He will be manageable as he is older at 32 so will have some level of understanding that he won't be the starter so shouldn't cause disruptions across the dressing room. His movement is actually very good as a striker and has scored against the big teams in the Premier league for a very poor Norwich side. He can finish with either foot and seems to be fairly robust and rarely injured. We are skint and need reinforcements.

I never said he had resale value and i never said he would be a replacement for Richy. I clearly said backup for Dom and that he would be a stop-gap.

As JB said of course there are better options out there but it has to make sense across all avenues for them to come.

But by all means, let's go and buy Dennis who scored 1 goal less and will probably cost 10/ 15 million more.

29 Jun 2022 13:18:28
So if just as a back up to DCL then why not save the money and use any of the players already at the club? Rondon, Simms or Dobbin?

Why spend more money?

I’d suggest Dennis as a replacement for Richarlison and a rumoured £20m would be a good bit of business for someone proven in leave and will potentially have a resale value.

29 Jun 2022 14:07:23
Because we want a replacement that can score goals.

29 Jun 2022 14:20:27
I’ve lost track here JB.
Replacement for who?
JMW stated as a backup to DCL so not sure who pukki is being suggested as a replacement for?
He says not as a replacement for Richarlison so not sure when money is so tight, why we need to spend money for a backup to DCL as have Rondon, simms and Ellis.

29 Jun 2022 14:39:08
Great idea if we want to definitely secure relegation this coming season! We need to start buying younger players that have resale value in the future not hand out contracts to players heading for retirement. That's part of our problem with ffp at this minute in time and we need to get away from that if we want to progress as a club, without falling foul of the financial rules.

29 Jun 2022 14:41:43
I can see the sense in signing both! Dennis for 20 million would be a good fee. If we got pukki for say 2 million and low wages then that would make sense to me. We lack goals. Richarlison far from prolific so I'm not fussed if we cash in as long as no garbage is included and yes all things considered 50 to 60 million is fair. We are really bad centrally. Central defense is a priority as we surely can't keep holgate mina or Keane. After that I think the midfield is poor. Need someone who can break up play and get up and down but also missing so much creativity from an attacking midfielder.

29 Jun 2022 16:02:36
Because Gingerdan

Rondon - scored 1 goal in 20 mate.

Simms - I posted a few weeks ago that we should give him ago and didn't see the benefit in selling him before Frank can have a proper look pre-season. I feel he has scored anywhere he has played. He is a big lad and is a hungry goal scorer but by all accounts it will be another loan, possibly to a Championship side.

Dobbin - can't say he has had enough minutes at a decent level to see what he can do.

Why spend more money? There are many reasons but a few .

- Because we have huge holes in our team/ squad and if you want to fill them holes it tends to cost money.

- We nearly went down last season and by all accounts we stand to lose the player that kept us up and our top scorer.

- Every other team is spending money and strengthening.

- We have no goal scorers and goals help to win games.

As I said Pukki wouldn't be a replacement for Richy. We need to be very careful and clever who we get in to do that. Move Rondon on who offers nothing. I hear there is interest in Spain.

In Pukki there would be a potential goals off of a backup in case Dom gets injured again or coming off the bench if we need a goal.

I would rather him for a fair price than bank on Rondon to suddenly start finding goal scoring form. They are both the same age, yet one offers much more to the squad.

Personally I feel Dennis as a replacement for Richarlison is a huge gamble and I don't see him as proven in the slightest. I would rather have Saar from them if forced to choose.

Dennis has hit double figures once in his career and considering he has played a lot of those games in leagues players like Trossard and Brightons new signing Undav have hit 27 goals and 13 assists and he Dennis played there he hit the below.

Apps/ Goals:

Club Brugge - 4 years in Belgian Pro League.

30/ 7
26/ 7
20/ 5
9/ 0

Koln - 1 year in Bundesliga

9/ 0

The likes of Son, Haller had got consistent double figures year in year out before coming over here. 1 has been successful and imo is one of the most underrated players on the planet. The other cost West Ham 45 million and was carted off after a year.

So you ask me why spend more money but then at the same time you are willing to potentially throw away 20m so frivolously on Dennis haha. Pukki would cost a quarter of the fee and due to his age could get him on a short term contract.

Bluepotato I agree we do mate, but there are places that need attention before others in the squad for that.

However to be able to make a few smart additions to improve the squad shouldn't instantly at good fees shouldn't be missed. If they make sense and offer another dimension to the side get them in. Tarkowski is 30, yet he would comfortably be the best CB at the club, is by far the fittest and offers great defensive numbers. He has more leader qualities than probably any player in our side other than Yerry who is never fit. I feel its the same with Pukki. We don't have the money to spend on backup strikers because the rest of the side needs so much attention but he would offer double figures in terms of goals a season and wouldn't cost more than 5m. Makes perfect sense to me. He is a goal scorer and we lack them severely.

29 Jun 2022 16:33:19
Batshuayi would bee a decent acquisition as Ed 002 has said.

29 Jun 2022 16:54:39
Agree Blue-tit. Wanted him back in the day from Standard Liege but he went to Marseille.

Mad that he is still with Chelsea after 4 different loans. He had a decent first loan spell with Palace but then bagged 2 in 18 on his second stint.

How much would he cost?

28 so still has plenty in the tank. Physical attributes and played at a decent level.

29 Jun 2022 17:17:37
Personally JMW with money as tight as it is a back up to DCL would be the least of my priorities at the moment - however if we did move Rondon on then would use any money from that to try and get a backup in.

The defence and midfield are where we need to prioritise.

Tarkowski I think will be a brilliant addition, and would not be surprised if he’s made captain as he’s a real leader, something we’ve lacked for a long time.

Any money we do have should go on a defensive midfielder and a creative midfielder.

Hopefully if Gbamin stays fit and impresses in pre-season we may already have one of those areas sorted.

Happy to agree to disagree on the pukki v Dennis discussion, however not sure why you’d think pukki would be happy to leave Norwich where he’s the main man and revered to be a bench warmer for us?

{Ed025's Note - we would get approximately nothing for rondon dan. We would have to pay someone to take him. Gbamin is another waste of space mate and the sooner he goes the better..

29 Jun 2022 17:52:58
Nice to see you’re full of optimism Ed ?

Agree regards Rondon, be amazed if get a fee for him but you never know stranger things have happened - Rafa may get a new job and want him ?

Gbamin is a strange one, looked decent until we bought him, however seemed to have done well on loan and maybe just maybe he can do well for us.

{Ed025's Note - I’m fitter than. Rondon dan and would command the same fee. Gbamin is a waste of space mate who is always injured yet fit enough to get a drink driving ban. Get rid asap for me.
I would love to be optimistic but after 64 years of being an evertonian I know better.. ?

29 Jun 2022 18:20:49
32 to old move on.

29 Jun 2022 20:32:17
Agree Gingerdan other areas are more pressing for sure, I am just concerned that if Dom gets a knock again we are goosed.

Agree on Tarks, hopefully he can give that backline a kick up the jacksie.

Why i think Pukki would be happy to leave Norwich is because he has gone down to the championship for one and not for the first time.

Any professional worth their salt would trade a lower league for a higher one.

Another reason would be his agent has literally come out and said as much “Teemu has a desire to play as high as possible. ”

If he wanted to stay put i hardly reckon his agent would be stirring up for a move.

29 Jun 2022 22:36:52
I would Rather have a pukker pie up tops if we are considering 32 year olds then mise well shut down reserves an under 18s agree with dan there's simms and also dobbs there they just need game time hopefully this season they will.

29 Jun 2022 22:55:47
I hope we sort out the CB positions first then look at CM, RW and backup ST JMW. You’re right that without DCL we were found wanting most of the season. Rondon hasn’t worked out so any chance to sell and bring in someone who can nab a few goals is a must, especially if Richy goes. However, if we can sort out that defence, I’m convinced we will stay up.

30 Jun 2022 08:33:58
Personally I think pukki on a back up with reasonable fee and wages would be good business. Rondon is a waste of space and should never get anywhere near the bench nevermind the starting 11. Dom was injured a lot last season and we need a back up striker, no questions. I'd love Simms or Dobbin to get more games but with how much they played last year I just can't see it.

I'd rather them both go on loan to teams they will start for and get good experience. Simms been knocking on the door of the first team for a while now and has never been called on, Rondon used repeatedly over him so we have to question if he is even any good?

30 Jun 2022 14:00:55
Sorry Chris, but quite hard to play Simms ahead of Rondon with simms being on loan at hearts at the time.

01 Jul 2022 22:36:57
Simms went in loan to hearts in January to get game time because he wasn't getting picked over Rondon. Thanks for making my point Dan.



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