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01 Jul 2022 09:43:53
I think Richarlison leaving is a blow, really like him but it is not the end of the world.
Very good player but at 25 still blew a little hit and cold for me, I will always be grateful to the guy for how he had a major role in the last few weeks in keeping us up.
Spurs have got a good deal, Richarlison is playing European football and it helps us out with the FFP and hopefully now we have a little bit of wriggle room in the transfer market.
I think this has already been touched on but the emergence of Gordon over the last season makes me believe we have the ready made replacement, and think he has took a lot on board through Richarlison's work ethic and is beginning to look the real deal, hopefully he will keep progressing.
Maybe use him as a number 10 and look at Dwight Mcneill from Burnley, that would make me happy.
Definitely need some reinforcements in midfield though and another CF let's see what the next month or two have in store and enjoy the ride.

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01 Jul 2022 10:13:24
We need to avoid McNeil at all costs, most shots lost season without a goal, no assists most crosses. He is not the man unfortunately. We need to go after a right sided player and let Gordon play in his natural position. For me alli and iwobi will be sufficient in the advanced midfielder role. Iwobi was probably more influential in the last 10 games than Richarlison, everyone is saying he scored 6 in 9 to keep us up but 3 of them were penalties and not one of them he won himself. Don’t get me wrong I love the kid think he’s amazing but he’s not on the levels lukaku was for us, arteta or even pienaar for that matter. Players come and go the club will still be there. We sold Rooney and ended up in Europe the following year so who knows what’s around the corner. A fully fit Dom will replace Richarlisons goals from last season and actually over us a presence up front where Richarlison never seemed fully comfortable for us.

01 Jul 2022 10:31:56
Agree with Bluetoff. We need a guarantee of output, in terms of goals/ assists and general creativity. We need to look in the European markets at players in teams who don't have the sway of europe to replace Richy imo.

Probably no chance of getting this guy but in a player in the form of a Berardi would be a great replacement.

01 Jul 2022 10:33:14
Really good post Kingpin - right up until you mentioned Dwight McNeil ?‍♂️.

01 Jul 2022 10:40:45
I believe there is a player there in McNeill, Lampard is good with young talent, I get where you are coming from Bluetoff but if anyone can get a good end product from him it is Lampard.
So to all our fellow blues, and Ed25 please, who do you want to bring in for this to be a successful window?

01 Jul 2022 10:50:10
Iwobie was more influential that Richie I don’t want to sound cheeky but iowbie is a terrible player he couldn’t lace Richarslon boots. You can’t even start to compare iowbie and Richie and if we have iwobie and Alli in our starting 11 next season then god help us. As for Gordon replacing Richie think again he isn’t that type of player and he needs to improve massively. I think Gordon is a good young player with a lot to learn but we can’t pin all our hopes on the wee lad as if he is messi that’s not fair we need to let him develop not put pressure on him to carry the whole team. I want iwobie out the door he is one of the worst players I’ve seen in years apart from John joe Kenny. iwobie no assists no goals he is useless needs to go.

01 Jul 2022 11:01:44
There might be, but they’ll want 25 million and I don’t think we should be spending that on him. Better going after Lewis potter but doubt we get him now. I’ll be honest I don’t know who I want, I’d take dennis from Watford very similar to Richarlison and matched his goals with no pens and stopped playing after Watford were stupid with him about the afcon, I like zinchenko believe he’d offer us something we don’t have. I do NOT want winks but let’s see. I’d take lingard (if the rumours are true) he will get us goals but stupid wages AGAIN. I think Patterson and Mykolenko will be impressive for us this year. For me it’s about getting the centre of midfield right. If we can sell mina and Gomes get 250 a week in wages gone and 10/ 15 mill in transfer fees in we’ve done well. Mina barely plays, Tarkowski in his place a captain will help. Gomes never plays ever and davies coming back who’s only 24 hopefully lampard gets him playing he has a very similar skill set to Gilmour who lampard likes so let’s see. I’m hoping Thelwell looks in Portugal. Marcus edwards looks a player. And then madueke and gakpo both in Holland look good but I’d be wary of that market never worked out for us before!

01 Jul 2022 11:35:56
Avoid McNeil at all costs for me one footed player who would demand a high transfer fee how about Gordon on the right Gray on the left and play Ali off Lewin after all Ali looked at his best playing off a target man.

01 Jul 2022 11:36:28
Iwobi no assists or goals? Okay so that 1-0 win against Newcastle when it mattered most who scored? The win against Leicester who crosses the ball? Iwobi was massive for us in the run in, I never rated him but he gave his all for the club in the last few months, and right now he’s our player so let’s back what we’ve got eh?

01 Jul 2022 11:54:13
Go all out to get Lingaard. Him, Gray and Gordon behind Dom, Alli and Townsend in the mix, not that awful. Really need another striker though.

01 Jul 2022 12:01:02
He is woeful. One match he scored one goal what about the other 37 matches and the other 3 seasons he is pure crap. Honestly if you think he is a good player well then fair play but your seeing something I can’t see. I see an absolute onion who doesn’t score and doesn’t create anything. How many assists has he had since he joined us. Go and look it up think it’s 2 goals he scored and a couple of assists in how many seasons. Aye great player he is why don’t we build the team around him and fat alli. Told you alli has lost his hunger for football only thing he hungry for now is cheeseburgers. Two goats they are.

01 Jul 2022 12:34:15
I never said he’s what we want. But he gave his all for us when it mattered the most and didn’t shy away. If you think Richarlison is world class you’re mistaken, if he was world class he wouldn’t be going to Tottenham. I’ll say it again Lukaku was harder to replace. I don’t get why you’re spinning the alli vibe no one has mentioned him. And again, without alli we don’t bear palace, instead of being so negative why don’t you try and look positively at what’s happening. We need to build and it’s the right way to do it, if we kept Richarlison another season he had a year to go and we’d have got next to nothing for him. I hope when alli and iwobi perform well next season in games, and they score and everyone celebrates around you that you stay seated considering you clearly don’t support them. The club matters more but back every player make them feel loved and they’ll give you 10% more.

01 Jul 2022 13:56:04
Jb not that awful. What you said sounds bloody awful. Lingard Ali gray and Gordon Townsend in behind sick note. If this happens lamps won’t last 6 weeks. That team sounds horrendous.

01 Jul 2022 14:42:03
Na mate alli and iwobie are pure crap. If you think otherwise then I would say where have you been living the last 4 years on the moon. Have you not been watching football. They are two of the worst players consistently for 4 years now. We are a joke now these players use us for a wage and we let them. Now lingarrd holy moly what’s next. We will never learn reject after reject.

{Ed077's Note - Lingard may not be the best player in the world but he is much better than Alli and Iwobi.

01 Jul 2022 14:49:54
All of those players, bar one, already play for us.
You’re in for a rough old season pal!

01 Jul 2022 14:22:15
Con have a day off with all the negativity mate fs the season hasn't started and your already in need of a prozac sandwich.

01 Jul 2022 15:14:11
Aye he is a bit better Edd I will give you that but not much and let’s be honest it wouldn’t take much to be better than them 2 muppet’s. Someone said let’s love them and they will give an extra 10% well they try about 10% so if they give 10% more if we love them then that’s only 20% what about the other 80%. Lingarrd is below average and alli and iwobie are below useless. Think the words we need to describe iwobie and alli is absolute Ian Wright. Sorry lads I’ve had enough of this rubbish.

01 Jul 2022 16:19:17
Need more than Prozac in my sandwiches listening to all the crap on here about rubbish players being good why can’t we just be honest for god sake they are ruining our great club and you think what cheering them on is going to help. I won’t be happy until we sort our club out. we need someone in the club to open their bloody eyes and sort this out. Truth hurts sometimes am sorry but closing your eyes and hoping it all goes away will never fix anything. Sorry for being negative but I can’t see anything positive. same crap different day.

01 Jul 2022 17:06:52
Mate no disrespect but your posts are like a kick in the balls, who do u think is going to change things on these pages I'm all for calling a spade a spade but it's every post surely to God there's something or someone your positive about at the club.

01 Jul 2022 18:15:32
When the season starts I will get behind the team as I always do. Everton are Just ripping my heart out at the min I long for the day things are different. suppose we are all in the same boat aren’t we could be worse we could support Man Utd. I keep telling the kids couple more years and things will be different just don’t know how long I can keep telling them that before they start thinking I am spoofing.

01 Jul 2022 18:22:53
I feel ya mate and its understandable, we all want the same thing a decent team competing, and it's hard sometimes after we've been so terrible and badly run for years.

01 Jul 2022 22:40:10
Con81, if you are making arguments about certain players please make sure you spell their name right as it just makes you look like a ****!

01 Jul 2022 23:07:40
There’s not a decision that’s been made or a suggestion you agree with con. Your expectation that we can go out and buy world class players with no money and no European football is nonsensical. We’re in the position of needing to recruit affordable players that are an upgrade on what we have. Lingard is that.
Whilst positivity alone will not win us games, slagging every player and staff member every minute of every day is just depressing and boring, if it’s so awful, don’t bother.



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