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01 Jul 2022 13:15:56
Lingard? May God make speed to save us.

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01 Jul 2022 13:49:46
It just goes from bad to worse. Everton rejects we should be called. That’s all we seem to be linked with other clubs rejects. I’ve had enough of this crap now.

01 Jul 2022 14:28:09
Has he signed?

01 Jul 2022 14:57:16
Let’s hope not but nothing surprises me anymore. Rejects linked with us every day and l
Am sick of it. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve reached my limit with this crap. I’ve had enough of our club getting ruined every season it gets worse and worse.

01 Jul 2022 15:13:36
He done well at West Ham, we’re not going to get much better.

01 Jul 2022 15:41:10
Thing is, we’re a team fighting relegation now, not a team fighting for Europe. Don’t exactly have the same pull currently as we “maybe” once had.

01 Jul 2022 16:00:47
Unfortunately, the years of throwing cash around are gone, we all understand that. So why is it hard to comprehend that a player who is out of contract would be an attractive acquisition for those in charge? This is the table that we're eating from for the next couple of windows. There will be players that fans don't like, even more so than usual, but they will go a long way to helping us save money in the long run.
JL had premier League experience so he should settle in quickly enough. He was superb on loan at West Ham the other year but never got a chance to build on that at Utd. He could plug the gap left by Richarlison's departure and without an actual fee. It's either that or spend 20 or 30m that we haven't got. We need players in and quickly. For those who don't want this to happen, who do you want to come in that won't stretch out already limited resources?

01 Jul 2022 16:02:56
Aye I know it’s bad very very very bad. feel for frank a bet he wishes he didn’t take the job prob be an alcoholic by halloween. Did he know how bad things where when he became manager. This is bad another season of doom and gloom. Going to be a tough watch.

01 Jul 2022 16:43:16
Would not be on my list of players I’d want to sign.

But we all as fans have to realise how bad a situation we are in and that money is tight and free transfers and bargain basement buys is probably the way we will have to do business for the time being.

When you put into context, would you rather Lingard on a free or Dwight McNeil for £20m?

If getting lingard on a free means we can spend elsewhere then so be it.

01 Jul 2022 17:11:28
Wish you lot would all stop moaning. None of you have any idea what players we are looking to bring in. But hey let’s just keep moaning and moaning and moaning.

01 Jul 2022 17:48:05
Great post Woburn. It really is boring. So many negative people on here.

01 Jul 2022 18:02:58
Not allowed to say 'you lot' Woburnblue.

01 Jul 2022 18:12:28
Don't mind the moaning to an extent, Woburn. It's the lack of alternatives that those who moan never name that boils my peas mate. Easy to criticise without offering a sensible solution isn't it? Some of our fans must be on some quality prescriptions I reckon ?.

01 Jul 2022 18:23:46
Sorry dfs what about miserable buggers?

01 Jul 2022 19:48:25
Just call them Cons.

01 Jul 2022 21:05:10

02 Jul 2022 00:21:41
Lingards effort at West Ham was the exception not the rule.
Did it to win a new contract at Utd hence why he didn't sign for West ham.
His form at utd is what we would get.
No resale value, high wages and signing on fee. What part of that sounds like a good deal?

02 Jul 2022 10:44:41
I'm past caring this player that player the other player not many linked names satisfy the gloom merchants on here.

The real sad truth as I see it is where going to have to prop this team up with free players, there's not a glut of youth and some of our youngsters that have played showed naivety and where not exactly a patient crowd.

Frank has his work cut out for him and hopefully he has final say on who he wants, we are going to struggle for a while yet.



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