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06 Jul 2022 13:12:57
Now Newcastle looking to sign Gordon ??‍♂️

Hope this one is knocked back.

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06 Jul 2022 13:39:40
Never going to happen southern toffee bud.

06 Jul 2022 13:44:17
I'm split
Sure he's been a brilliant tonic to the dour football of the last 12 months but he's far from being a top top player. He has a brilliant fighting spirit, probably his best asset. He has a long way to go but considering our position, a 30 million fee would be impossible to refuse. Would be able to buy 2 or 3 players with the same abilities and improve the FFP as well as the squad. I actually thought the entire point of a DOF/ Head coach and our apparent model was to set up a conveyer belt of hot young talent to be sold on for massive profits? So that we become the opposite of what we are now. I'll be happy either way. Great young player but ultimately he's still ineffective and doesn't score or setup enough goals.

06 Jul 2022 14:37:17
£35 million turned down apparently.

06 Jul 2022 14:49:30
I woudnt sell him 50 mil for ricky kean 25 mil of juventus still on incoming delph sig tosun of wage bill to were starting to get the wages down i wouldn't entertain any offers for gordon think he's got potential and its also good see the kids getting a run through 1st team for a platform to step on so i woudnt sell him in my opinion.

06 Jul 2022 15:13:47
There’s a good player in there we need to keep him and build a new Team around him.

06 Jul 2022 16:21:25
If we sell Gordon then it clearly shows the state we're in.

Can't be allowed to sell our future.

06 Jul 2022 17:22:43
Why do you think we are not in the position to turn down a £30m fee for Gordon. We have just started a new financial year so at this present time we may be in a situation that allows us to turn down offers for our best players. The whole point of selling Richy was to help with last years finances. As long as we are sensible and stay with PL P&L guidelines we probably won't need to sell unless we want to.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t think you understand the finances.}

06 Jul 2022 17:37:21
Personally I don't see what all the fuss is regarding Gordon . I will await all the abuse I'm bound to get.

06 Jul 2022 17:47:56
If we let gordon go we maswel pack it in. He is one of us he is fast an direct understands the club an fans plus he is a working progress. He has the lot if we let him go the club needs condemning.

06 Jul 2022 16:49:13
There's a rumour that he's interested in making the switch. Don't know if it's true but do the eds know.

{Ed025's Note - I can’t see him leaving pauly. He’s the future and wry well thought of mate..

06 Jul 2022 18:29:12
Just rumours, if we believe everything we hear we'd be spending 80 million we haven't got on 3 players heavily rumour linked. , in the future he might go if we don't get our ? together but I think we have him for at least 2 more seasons.

06 Jul 2022 18:29:53
As Ed said the other day, we won't know where we are (FFP) until this years figures are released. Ricky and others leaving may have reduced the pressure but let's see what the rule adjudicators say. Fingers crossed.

06 Jul 2022 19:19:11
We’ve still got a long way to go before FFP is behind us.
I hope we don’t lose Gordon, although currently there’s no end result from him.
Grey is a better option if he shows some commitment throughout the season.
He started well and fell away as we had no support for him.
£30m for Gordon I would take to fill the coffers a little more.
It will be interesting to see the accounts for this year, must be better but still along ways from being out of the woods.

06 Jul 2022 19:39:20
He’s being offered a new deal.

06 Jul 2022 23:30:22
Good post smit666.

07 Jul 2022 16:38:15
smit666 70 mill loss apporx this year after the Richarlison sale according to the Esk.

07 Jul 2022 19:08:02
I've not seen the Esks prediction but he'll be somewhere near although he does tend to lean to the higher end on his calculations.
I think the -70k is probably over what it will be.
The slight good news is we've got rid of that -111,000 which although lower than the next 2 years wasn't affected by C.V. so was a huge loss.
New Hummel deal coming. New Stake deal higher than the Cazoo one.
Around 15million of the wage bill with Siggy, Delph, Tosun and others leaving.

I would only guess but I think their is a special circumstances case for the loss of revenue from USM. The prem should give us some leeway for that factor, it's not out fault a war was started.

{Ed002's Note - You clearly don't get it.}

07 Jul 2022 20:58:53
I don't get what Ed? Please elaborate.

{Ed002's Note - The finances - just like Smit666 with his misinformation.}

07 Jul 2022 21:19:26
There is no misinformation there Ed its all available on the publicised accounts. Maybe you are privy to something I am not. But I doubt that.
I look forward to you rectifying my misinformation .

{Ed002's Note - You do not understand the FFP issues the club has and the club has been claiming huge FFP issues - and historic issues do not go away.}

08 Jul 2022 08:28:36
Here we go then. Does FFP threaten a Clubs existence? Does our Club not have a competent accountant? In our case, no to the first and yes we do to the second. Debt is not a problem, deficit is. Our debt can be serviced by various means the thing preventing that is FFP. FFP is not the leveling up system it was supposed to be.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with the accountant. It is to do with the club spending money beyond what it brings in and beyond what is allowed to be topped up by the owners.}

08 Jul 2022 20:36:14
FFP isn’t about levelling up. It’s about not getting another Bury.



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