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09 Jul 2022 09:47:35
Con81, reference your posts below, if you were running Everton or a business you would be in a bigger mess than we are now with your thinking.
When you go out shopping do you load it all on your credit card and pay minimum monthly amount each month or live within your means. Everton have now to live within their means, look for loans, bargains.
If they want to spend big, then they've got to sell player or players first. Think it out before you go in a rant. But keep it up I'm sure some get a good laugh at your thinking. You are right but it can't be done under current circumstances.

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09 Jul 2022 10:12:14
When I go shopping I buy food that is in my budget and will taste nice. I don’t buy all the stuff past it’s use by date that no1 else wants to eat. If I was running Everton I couldn’t do any worse for a start we wouldn’t have signed Iwobie, alli, walcot, delph or any of the other tubes that are definitely past their use by date.4 or 5 years ago we could have signed Saha think we offered 65mil they wanted 75 we said no and went and paid 35mil for Iwobie. I said then that was a bad move going for the cheap option because iowbie is crap anyone could see it. We need someone who knows what they are doing signing our players because it’s been a disaster so far.

09 Jul 2022 14:27:07
You mean zaha? I think all the nonsense about our offer to palace was just paper talk. We apparently offered about 70mil plus 3 players would have totaled about 100mil.
But I'm sure both clubs came out and said it was BS.

09 Jul 2022 14:41:36
Agree Con 81, I wouldn’t have signed those players you mention also. We don’t want players who have been “stars”, we want players who could become stars. That’s why the clubs got rid of those players.

Be patient for a few weeks. Franks got to wait until he can get someone out he doesn’t want before he can bring someone in he wants and needs. Enjoy next season, it will be better than last. I hope.

09 Jul 2022 15:55:52
Yes Saha zaha how ever you spell it Chris. I am a coach driver not an English teacher lol. you know who I mean. I think we bought 60 players in 6 years 60 crap players when we should have bought a dozen good players in 6 years. You bring in 2 or 3 every year and build a team we did the opposite we just bought whoever was available other teams flops for god sake we payed 50 million for that muppet sigardson 50 bloody million and 30 million for own goal machine Keane and sad thing is we didn’t learn anything from it we did it again and again and again. Not sure I spelt guilty sigarson properly Chris will let me know if it’s wrong am sure.

09 Jul 2022 19:19:48
Had we bought Zaha I’m sure you would be slagging him off by now as lazy and useless.
It’s very easy to be wise after the event, and I don’t recall anyone complaining when we signed Siggurdson?

09 Jul 2022 20:44:55
Con, you don't half grind my gears. I'm all for varying opinions but you seem to moan about everything amd anything to do with the club. Next you'll be moaning about EITC.

We don't know what players we're available when we bought those names you mentioned. Some may not have wanted to come to us or we wouldn't pay the asking price.

Zaha is not a top player. Has moments but not consistent so glad we never got him.

The problem we had is 3 different people (owner, manager, dof) all bought players based on name or what club they from.

The manager in discussion with dof should scout, choose amd buy the players. The owner should be nowhere near the situation, which does se to be the case atm.

Now we have no money to spend, we have to be clever and buy wisely and for the future not has beens or high earners. We could do with following the Palace model of bringing younger players from lower leagues and coaching them into a decent team.

I'm a glass half full person so I hope we donwell and get top half but if you gave 17th for 2 seasons while we deal with ffp and build the stadium, I would take it.

09 Jul 2022 22:01:29
Ack come on zaha is a brilliant player he was 26 when we could have signed him. We could have had him DCL and Richie as our front 3 all three where very young and built the team around them the last 4 years buying 2 or 3 good players each year to strengthen the defence and midfield behind them. Sigardson was no good at spurs average at Swansea he is and always was too slow no way he was worth 50 million I wasn’t happy when we bought him thought it was a waste of money tbh. we messed up things could have been so different.

09 Jul 2022 22:47:32
Agree with you on sigurdsson con. I couldn't understand why we chased sigurdsson, he was crap at spurs. That Summer was atrocious, Rooney sigurdsson klassen and vasic. Meanwhile lukaku left and we badly needed a striker. Leicester signed maddison and iniachio (spelling) look how they kicked on and we sank like an anchor. Actually think the estate of that bad bunch may have been klassen but he wasn't given much of a chance. I can understand why you are exasperated as I am as well mate. The club is a total laughing stock.

10 Jul 2022 12:24:38
It’s a shambles mate hopefully they can surprise us this season and give us something to cheer about for a change. I read there that we can sign players and we don’t need permission from ffp to do so and we don’t need to sell before we can sign. I just hope they get it right this time no more dead wood we want young hungry players who can put a shift in. Come on Everton for once get it right⚽️. If we mess it up again then we have no1 to blame but ourselves hopefully they have finally learnt from all the mistakes.

10 Jul 2022 23:18:46
We have been saying this for last 5 years ??its everton nothing is ever easy with us the club is a circus act.

11 Jul 2022 12:26:58
Touchy you con. Zaha and Saha are 2 different players. I was not picking at your spelling, I don't care enough to have time for that. Just simply making a point about paper talk not being gospel.



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