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17 Jul 2022 01:54:51
I know it's only a pre season game but nothing has changed from last year we look worse. I don't know where we are going to score goals from. We offer nothing going forward and if we don't sign a few players we could be in the championship next year. Deli Ali is a waste of space done nothing again he is finished as a footballer. Holgate is woeful our passing out from the back isn't going to work because they aren't good enough. Rondon up front by himself I know it's only a friendly but come on what's he even doing on the pitch. If this is what we have to look forward to then god help us. We need 3 or 4 players in asap. Alarm-bells should be ringing.

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17 Jul 2022 05:29:34
They're on holiday.

17 Jul 2022 11:13:45
Have a day off, Con.

17 Jul 2022 11:18:04
Friendlies are for fitness and match sharpness. But don't let that get in the way of your agenda to carry on slagging off everything efc related!
Honestly, first proper friendly game and we have fans moaning already hahaha.

17 Jul 2022 11:33:48
We need a whole new team for heavens sake can you not see it. Yes it’s only a friendly but we are toothless. Our defenders aren’t good enough on the ball our midfield is too slow deli Ali is crap and we aren’t going to create enough chances to score goals to keep us in the league. It’s right there in front of you anyone can see them players aren’t good enough. It’s not about complaining it’s about venting my anger towards the decisions we keep making. Why did we bring deli to the club after all the mistakes we have made we still brought him in. We will never learn you can cheer them players on to the cows come home but it will make no difference they are rubbish sorry to have to say it but it’s the truth. We needed a clear out and it didn’t happen. Everton please sign some players soon.

17 Jul 2022 11:40:38
Totally agree BP.
Our first competitive game of pre-season against a team who were having their third.
This is also the team that battered us 5-1 on last day of the season.
So a 2-0 defeat whilst still a defeat wasn’t that bad a result and is nowhere near all the doom and gloom some fans are making it out to be.

Has given Frank a chance to see his players in a competitive game and will allow him to make decisions on who will be in the first team come start of the season and which positions he needs strengthening.

We’ll learn far more from a 2-0 loss to arsenal than that 22-0 victory over ATV Irdning in 2018 pre season.

17 Jul 2022 11:49:39
Alarm bells honestly its are first pre season match players need get up 2 speed with match fitness we still need to recruit the right players aswell get them settled but i woudnt take much notice to pre season friendlies.

17 Jul 2022 11:56:51
Con you're just a broken record lad. Always want something to moan about, it's draining. It's a friendly, our first one, so say what you like but if you want to criticise the team/ board/ FM/ BK/ anything EFC related then that's your prerogative. Makes you look daft like but each to their own.
We need a clear out without a doubt but it's not the team that I'd start on. We need to clear the club of toxic fans who bring the club down. You are one of them con, maybe you should cut up your mum's bedsheets and leave FM et al and leave the board a message?

17 Jul 2022 12:15:33
Seems to be more supporters who agree with me than agree with all the crap yous post. No harm to you but it’s as plain as day to see. The players aren’t good enough what will it take for you guys to see that we need a clear out we are in trouble yes it’s a warm up game but that doesn’t matter it needs sorted or it’s bye bye premier league. Frank isn’t going to improve them players because they aren’t good enough anyone can see it. We need to wake up and stop all the bull. Alarm bells should definitely be going off. Thing is can Everton get the players we need that’s the question.

17 Jul 2022 12:19:41
Only result I care about is Chelsea on 6th August.
Frank needs to look at some of our youngsters to see if they can step up, prioritise positions we need to strengthen in first, try out new formations… and so on. Any fan who is attaching any meaning to these results knows very little about football.
Of course, some of the issues from last season will remain, but give the lads a chance to put things right in competitive games before getting on their backs again. 10 points from the first 6 games would be a solid start to the season.

17 Jul 2022 12:51:40
Con - please can you explain to me how we do this massive clearout and rebuild with our hands tied with finances and in the space of 3 weeks?

Thought not.

We all know we’re in a mess, we all know we need some new recruits, we all know we need to move some players on, we all should know the problems with finances we have.

Majority of us fans are realistic and know very little we can do at the moment with all the above issues but will support the team anyway.

You on the other hand want to whinge, whine and moan all the time as you clearly think there’s a solution that can be achieved before season starts - now either you’re a genius or your deluded.

I know which one I think it is.

17 Jul 2022 13:03:32
That’s all you ever say Gingerdan frank needs to see the players play. Has he not been watching any of the games so far since January. What you on about how much more does he need to see is he bloody blind or something. My misses can see the players aren’t good enough what is wrong Frank needs more time. We are running out of time and you want to wait longer. We are on the edge of a cliff here about to fall off I don’t want to wait to we fall off before something is done.

17 Jul 2022 13:13:33
We have had 2 years to get rid of some of the garbage and rebuild. We kept the garbage and bought more garbage it’s not good enough. Should have been sorted before now can’t fix anything in 3 weeks we have left it too late.

17 Jul 2022 13:41:36
Con you’re a broken record mate.

We all know there are problems.

So please explain to us how it changes?

Not that it should change - but how you realistically think we can make all these changes you suggest?

All you ever do is highlight problems which majority of us are aware of, but you never give constructive solutions.

If the players aren’t good enough what makes you think any other team will purchase them? Do you suggest we pay off contracts and get in a worse mess?

We would all love a clean slate and a rebuild however that is never going to happen as financially we cannot do it.

17 Jul 2022 14:27:36
Not that things should change what planet do you live on. You honestly think we don’t need to change things. I’ve said for years we need a complete clear out sell all the crap players and sign young fit hungry players.

Stop buying other premier league teams flops . Go and find players from around the world there is 1000s of players to pick from it’s the scouts job to find them. We got rid of a few players in the summer and surely we could sell the likes of Holgate, Davis, Deli, Gomez, iwobie, gray and Coleman someone will take them.

If we sell a few of these players give Coleman away for free it will allow us to spend and pay wages. We could bring in 3/ 4 decent players make sure we stay up. Then next season get rid of another few players and bring another 3/ 4 players in.

That’s how you build a team what we are doing is clueless. Have we not got a long term plan. Buying the likes of Deli Ali is why we are in the position we are we need a new plan. Is it that hard really I don’t think so we just need a plan. We can’t just give in and accept this crap we need to do Something.

17 Jul 2022 14:56:35
It's like talking to a toddler with you lad. So, you live your life hoping for likes on a social media post? ? Absolute wham yet again.
'crap yous post' hahaha again, take a look at your posts. Actually it should read post as it's the same sh*the every post.
Gripe and complain all you like, the fact is it was our first friendly, against the team that put 4 or 5 past us in the last competitive game, and your slagging off the team, players, manager, other fans, the grass was the wrong colour, etc etc. Ridiculous and not wasting any more time or energy.

17 Jul 2022 15:00:13
GD, he can't mate, he can't see past his hatred for anything EFC related. Obviously, he will deny this and resort to calling names and counting his likes to make him feel good. Whatever floats his boat eh.
If he was prepared to debate properly then it would serve a purpose but he just wants to try out his Dad joke book thinking he's hilarious ?? waste of time and energy talking to this child mate, same crap' every day with him but obviously it's the ones that disagree that are the problem with our fan base ?.

17 Jul 2022 15:19:36
Agree BP.

It’s a shame he can’t actually understand plain English as if he’d read what I had written correctly:

“So please explain to us how it changes?

Not that it should change - but how you realistically think we can make all these changes you suggest? ”

He would have been able to understand that I was not saying it shouldn’t change, but for him to actually back up his moaning with explaining how we make these changes.

We all know that it should change and I think we’re all in agreement, however Con never says how to achieve this apart from his unrealistic dribble of moving crap players on - if we think they’re crap who’s going to take them?

We’ve made poor decisions over the years, numerous different managers who have all bought their own players has left us in a mess - it isn’t an easy fix like he thinks.

He also is unable to see that we at least so far this window seem to be moving in the right direction with recruitment - several contracts of underperforming overpaid players not renewed and they’ve left, we’re not going crazy trying to sign everyone and the only signing we’ve made so far is in a position we needed - however none of this matters to him as doesn’t fit his agenda.

17 Jul 2022 16:11:18
I’ve said how it should change but yous don’t listen you say it’s impossible we can’t do well I say we can do it. It’s not rocket science is it everything is possible.

17 Jul 2022 17:24:31
You’ve suggested changing the whole squad, Con. Not realistic. You spend your time looking backwards at mistakes and seem to take no enjoyment at all from the prospect of better times. You also think that the majority are with you - plainly untrue. Offer an opinion, sure, but give the constant whinging a break lad, it’s getting so tired.

17 Jul 2022 18:03:28
Np jb fair enough I do be critical good point but let’s face it we haven’t made any progress in the transfer maket like Gingerdan said. we have went backwards not forwards that’s a fact. We’ve lost our best player and bought no one. It’s good we all don’t agree I am glad I am not the only one who feels the way I do. We have no plan it’s crazy and to be happy about it is even more crazy. Say support the team all you want but that won’t save us. We need players this week. we aren’t improving we are getting worse.

17 Jul 2022 18:27:27
I’m hopeful we’ll sign players. We’ve shipped out quite a few and cleared a chunk off the wage bill. Richy going does weaken our front line, Tarkowski should strengthen our back line. Our squad, on paper, is better than we showed last year. Let’s hope the coaching team can cut out the mistakes and get some of the youngsters firing. I can understand some despair after last season, but let’s give the lads a chance to put it right. If we’re in the bottom 5 after 10 games, feel free to have a pop, until then, relax, let’s see what happens.

17 Jul 2022 19:05:14
Thing is jb if we bottom after 10 games it’s too late then to do anything about it that’s the worry needs changed now so that we aren’t bottom after 10 games. Ah well maybe when Rooney takes over in January we might change is that the thinking because that’s where this is heading.

17 Jul 2022 19:53:00
Pure speculation….



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