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17 Jul 2022 12:21:50
I think we are in a bigger financial mess than even I thought. If the terms of the offer for Cornet are true, bare in mind he is only 18 million, we have got no chance of 4 or 5 much needed signings coming in. Even I'm worried now.

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17 Jul 2022 12:54:38
You should be worried mate very very worried. I’ve been worried for years now but nothing gets done all you get is the same garbage. Give the players your support don’t say anything bad about them they play for Everton we should just except it and get behind them. Well it doesn’t work the players are crap shouldn’t be there and need to go. If we hadn’t of taken Ali in January we could have signed someone decent and gave them his 150 grand a week instead. Someone who deserves it I wouldn’t pay Ali 150 quid a week no harm to him.

17 Jul 2022 17:55:46
Be afraid, be very afraid….

17 Jul 2022 18:28:35
Got englands number 1
A new left back a new right back then mina - decent defence

Iwobi and gordon playing well towards end of season - need to add a creative midfielder - take sigs place

Then DCL + one more striker in

Then involve the youth

Keep the faith.

17 Jul 2022 21:56:15
Con, give it a rest lad.

We have to get behind the players to push them on. We may not have a lot, if any, money to spend so the kids will have to come in and learn quickly, otherwise, it is another struggle season.

I think dcl will fly after full pre season amd no richy, so will be the main man.

Gordon off the left, gray from right.

Pickford, Patterson, mickey, tarks, probably Holgate.

Iobi, doucoure and Warrington maybe

Gray, dcl, gordon

We have the makings of a squad that should not be struggling, so let's see where we finish.

18 Jul 2022 09:05:41
Con81 you've been banging on about having crap players and signing crap players and the state of the board. So if you got your wish and the players, staff and the board contracts were terminated the owner put up the club for sale. Why do you think anyone I their right mind would want to buy the club if it was in such a state. I think the PL would put sanctions on the club due to the fact that our P&L would be through the floor and we would have just let 20 plus players go and need to provide a squad for the PL. Is your plan to use the U23 to try to keep us in the PL and don't say they couldn't do any worse because they could, we could get relegated. Just on another point this squad although shocking last season with the exception of a few ins and outs has been mid table or higher since Moshri took over. This being the case do you not think it was certain manager and coaching appointments that have been more at fault than the players themselves, I do. Most of us recognise that a new board and possibly new ownership would be beneficial to the club. We also recognise that a squad refresh would be great however, the reason so many of us say we need to support the club is not that we think it is being run fantastically well its just we don't see a quick fix to the problems we are currently in. The club has brought a new DoF in and FL managed to keep us in the PL which was looking pretty iffy when he took over. I personally can see shoots of better things to come and we have the new stadium being built all positives. If the club hierarchy can stop their meddling on with the football side of the business like they have intimated they will then I think we will be in a much better place next season. Finally your posts are continually negative and usually bang on about the same things this to me suggest one of two things the first you are trying to use continual repetition to subconsciously try to persuade us that your point of view is true or you are a troll trying to wind us up.

18 Jul 2022 13:48:14
Top post sa90.

18 Jul 2022 15:22:35
Spot on sa90, well said mate ??.

18 Jul 2022 15:28:41
Its all very well saying players 'need to go' but who's going to take our worst players and, for how much? Then we have to find better replacements with what little money we get for them.
Like it, or not, we are in no position to clear-out and rebuild in one window. Or even two. We have the FFP problem and a terrible last season hasn't made us very enticing for talented players to want to come. So its not going to be easy.
But we are Everton. That counts for a lot. Having FL counts for a lot. And the fans are something else. We just need players, current and potentially new, to believe they can do good things here.

18 Jul 2022 15:55:16
Sa90 I never once said we should sell the club. I am happy with the owner he has put his own money in and he is building us a stadium we couldn’t ask for anything more from him. It’s the players we buy that is the problem they aren’t good enough to play in the premier league. I don’t know where you got I want to sell the club from but that’s incorrect. I didn’t say sell all the players because obviously that’s impossible. What I did say Is we need to stop buying other premier league teams flops and start searching the world for good young players like palace have done. I also said we have sold and let a few players go and what we should do is sell another few players and bring 3/ 4 players in. make sure we stay in the league and then next summer sign another few players and slowly build a good team over the next 4/ 5 years. What is wrong with what I am saying I think that’s a good plan. I don’t think saying that makes me any less of a supporter does it. Let’s face it them players we have at the min aren’t good enough no where near good enough. It’s not the managers fault it’s the players we need a clear out and if that takes 4/ 5 years then so be it but let’s get a move on. Why do you guys have such a problem with what I say is it that bad. Old way isn’t working let’s do something different.

18 Jul 2022 18:01:04
Con81 great response mate, its clear that you are a blue and if you took the time to consider what you actually mean to say and re read what you write before posting then I don't think many will take objection to what you are actually saying. Take the direct quote from your above post for example

"Give the players your support don’t say anything bad about them they play for Everton we should just except it and get behind them. Well it doesn’t work the players are crap shouldn’t be there and need to go. "

This doesn't give me the impression that you want to only get rid of a few players rather the whole squad unfortunately you've been consistent making similar statements in other older posts. That is why I think you want to sell the whole squad. I'll stand corrected on the selling the club front and manager and apologise for the error.

There are a lot of us with very similar views we just try to put a positive spin on the negatives and try to be realistic about what we expect to will happen, after all we all support the same team.

18 Jul 2022 20:57:58
Unfortunately we can't just sell our players. We have to find a buyer, have them agree to a fee, have the player actually be interested in moving there, have their family want to move there (obviously harder if the team is abroad) , sell their house, have their kids move schools and have the buying club pay them what they want (again, we pay a lot of players over the odds and they aren't interested in taking a pay cut) and I'm sure there are many other variables that all need to be ticked before a sale happens.

So selling 4 or 5 players isn't like FM or FIFA, it takes a lot of time, and I'm sure, in a lot of cases will see contracts running down as we have already seen.

It is an extremely slow process and our ffp issues won't help. I don't expect any more than one purchase this window. Already got a free, maybe another, a loan or 2 and maybe 1 purchased player.

If we do manage to shift a couple of players maybe 1 additional purchase, but tbh I can't see anyone interested in our players for the money we pay them. Not seen any news or rumours about sales.

I think (and hope) Frank will continue to improve our players, I think it's hard to argue that we weren't a lot better towards the end of the season. Frank came into a team that had won 1 in 14 or something stupid like that. I'm actually excited to see what he can do and how well he will get us playing. Won't always be perfect and he and our players will make mistakes but I am confident it will be a lot better than last season.

18 Jul 2022 21:13:16
No mate, enjoy the good weather each to their own. I’ve my speedos on lol just out of the pool going to crack a cold bottle of magners original open here and guzzle it. what a beautiful day come on Everton ??.

18 Jul 2022 21:15:46
Con, SA, quick question to you both. All hypothetical of course …. If I’d offered you an owner that at the beginning of his tenure didn’t / couldn’t not give us a new Stadium but year on year since his takeover had cemented us in day 6th, 5th position in the table and a cup final (loss) would you take that over what FM has given us at present?
Con you said you are happy with the owner above … is that purely down to us building a new stadium?

18 Jul 2022 23:35:24
I am happy he is building us a new stadium of course I am it’s going to be amazing. My 2 boys will be loving life when it’s open which makes me very happy. Fm has backed the club with a lot of his own money. He has trusted people to spend his money wisely and unfortunately that hasn’t happened. I honestly don’t think the guy could do anymore it’s not his fault the managers or whoever messed the transfers up. I think if we can get through the next couple of seasons without any drama then we will have exciting times ahead in our brand new stadium and then hopefully we will start winning trophies.

19 Jul 2022 00:47:48
Fair do’s mate, I hope the stadium makes us feel like a club looking to the future as sad as it is to see the old lady go.
Food for thought…… he has picked all the managers and by all accounts picked Alex Iwobi (who I actually think is now one of our better players) cannot believe I would have said that beginning of last season. ?.
I agree with us just settling the boat for a season or 2, then hopefully we can start motoring again and this time learn from our mistakes ?.

19 Jul 2022 07:15:14
Blu1 would be the current owner and stadium for me, the old girl has serious limitations that would hold us back in the foreseeable future so we would have to look at a new stadium sooner or later so it may as well be now. I don't actually mind finishing 17th if it means we can get stability of management. If the owner can stay away from the footballing side and stop meddling in the transfer market then I think we will be in a much better place than last season anyway.

19 Jul 2022 18:01:25
I’d take that for a realistic plan of action SA ??.



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