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21 Jul 2022 07:48:07
Didn't watch it nor seen highlights (if any) yet so can't really judge, but that scoreline is just simply embarrassing! Strong 11 put out too. worrying times, echoed by our iinability to manoeuvre in transfer market. Usually confident and have faith, but that is dwindling by the day. going to be a long long season.

{Ed025's Note - it’s not looking great mocker. But things can change with the addition of a couple of good recruits. But I must admit the money situation at the club means that the quality we get will not be of the highest standard…but I live in hope mate..

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21 Jul 2022 08:32:54
I missed most of the first half due to taking my little boy to A&E but from what I seen we should be worried, some of the mistakes we made where Sunday school level and yes we should of scored 2 or 3 but if your going to defend like 5 year olds it won't matter how many we score as we will always concede more.

{Ed001's Note - more importantly, I hope your little boy is ok mate. Best wishes to him.}

21 Jul 2022 08:35:45
more worrying is we are yet to score a goal!

21 Jul 2022 08:05:12
As they say it's the hope that kills ya. hard to muster any positives ed025 but will try remain hoeful if not confident. Franks massively got is work cut out, can only hope somehow this is used as a blessing in disguise and a reaction by the players is had and our recruitment team somehow deliver a few shrewd proper players, as I sayhopefil not confident!

{Ed025's Note - I’m in the same place mocker mate..

21 Jul 2022 10:44:20
Is there any hope to be gained from the second half result?
We conceded 3 with Keane and Davies in line up in first half
We only conceded 1 in second half when both not on pitch.

Grasping at straws here I know as there were 9 other players on the pitch the first half also.

21 Jul 2022 10:51:23
I have been trying to tell everyone how bad these players are I knew this was going to happen. Most of you said con wise up lad but I bet you int saying wise up now we are in serious trouble. Them players are crap every single one of them. Going to make another prediction Frank won’t be there by October the 31st. I did try and warn yous hope yous are still positive because I am not. This is terrible fs.

21 Jul 2022 11:12:10
Con it was a disappointing result.
We know a lot of the players are poor.
We know there’s little money to spend.
We also know it was a pre-season game and means nothing.

I’d hope Frank has now started to see who he definitely can’t rely on start of the season.

Too early to panic, wait and see how we start the season and who he plays. If we play as poorly and our results are as bad then should be concerned.

However disappointing the result/ performances are pointless making rash decisions about how well we’ll do until we actually see the team playing in the league.

As you continually moan about the club/ team/ manager rightly or wrongly how would you have felt if we’d have won 4-0?

Isn’t it better to lose these pre season games than win them all and then when season starts there’s no big shock that we are poor?

21 Jul 2022 11:23:34
No, you’re wrong, Con. No one said you didn’t make some valid points, they said they were bored of your constant whinging. We all know the challenges that lay ahead. The difference is we’re prepared to give Frank a chance to put it right. You didn’t know anything was going to happen, you predict doom snd gloom and revel in it when it happens.

21 Jul 2022 11:45:44
Am just so annoyed with what’s going on sorry for being doom and gloom but what other feelings am I supposed to have. This is awful and it’s been awful for years now. I want something done about it I am sick of saying it but I don’t care our club needs drastic action because we won’t stay up with that team no way. It might be boring repeating myself but it’s the truth. No1 seems to listen especially on here. Frank will turn us around we have good players we will finish top ten what a load of rubbish. Let’s just say it how it is we are in big trouble and the players we have aren’t good they are crap. Yous can crack on cheering these tubes I can’t they are annoying me too much now. I am just going to give up and say nothing. Good luck everyone god help us have a nice summer.

21 Jul 2022 12:07:10
It is concerning, and we do need additions. Whether we can afford the players that will improve us remains to be seen.

21 Jul 2022 12:26:44
Hope your lad is okay Lamps! Far more important than Everton (football) and us old windbags.

21 Jul 2022 12:42:05
Surely it has to be not only bad players but the coaching and strategy. Psych has an awful big part to play in modern sports approach. It is what it is. Decent players won't touch us, Manager choices came down to Lamps and Rooney . We are supposed to have had a thorough strategic/ working practices review. On the surface it appears to have got no further than 'what's for lunch'. Communication is still very weak between Club and us the 'people' in 'Peoples Club'.

21 Jul 2022 11:00:58
No way we can stay up with that team no bloody way. That midfield is horrendous. Dacoure, Davis, gray, Gordon Iowbie all crap they don’t score or create goals we aren’t going to score any goals this season well not enough to stay up. I don’t know what we are going to do it should have been sorted by now. Edd025 I know you said con support for Fs but it’s getting harder every match not to call these players out.

{Ed025's Note - what is the alternative con? Do we go and support Liverpool?, look mate this is our club and yes it’s a mess, but we have to hope we can bring in a couple of fresh faces and change the dynamic of the team..

21 Jul 2022 16:00:59
Cheers ED01 he's fine he fell and had a deep cutvon the side of his head they didn't want to stitch or glue as we go on holiday on Sat so put a Steri-strip on and give us plenty of spares. ??.

{Ed001's Note - glad to hear he is ok mate.}

21 Jul 2022 15:11:32
It’s all bull s h I T edd mate. We have been fed bull s h I T for years I for one am sick listening about it. We have had a few years to sort it but nothing ever gets sorted only thing we ever get is come on get behind the team don’t say anything bad. Well I’ve tried that and it’s not working. I don’t know what the alternative is sky dive out of a plane with no parachute sounds more appealing at the min. I feel sorry for the young kids who have to go through this it’s not fair.

{Ed025's Note - look it’s frustrating con I get that, but let’s see how the season progresses before we throw the towel in mate, things can change in football…at least that’s what I’m hoping..

21 Jul 2022 16:00:59
Cheers ED01 he's fine he fell and had a deep cutvon the side of his head they didn't want to stitch or glue as we go on holiday on Sat so put a Steri-strip on and give us plenty of spares. ??.



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