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23 Jul 2022 21:25:35
I’ll probably get slaughtered for this, but those people on the protests today embarrass me. The protest thing embarrasses me.

Yes we all are frustrated with the board and lack of progress on the pitch, but come on, protesting about it?!

I understand I’m at odds with modern football and I also realise that this is symptomatic of the idiotic mentality that surrounds the game of football nowadays, but this is 100% kopite behaviour.

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23 Jul 2022 22:22:55
Do you just accept it then? The issues within the club? Do you think they will just correct themselves.
The board have shown over the years they can't improve and won't because after two internal reviews they are happy to carry on.
The last time the kopites did this kind of thing it sent them spiralling on an upward trajectory.

23 Jul 2022 23:04:57
Kopite behaviour! WTF?
Legitimate non-violent People protest should be encouraged in all aspects of life.
I don’t get it’s a divide between all scousers? Or us v Geordies, Brummies, Cockneys etc.
R country is going down the pan like r club and I hope nurses, transport workers, teachers, Bobbies etc work alongside all decent supporters from all clubs to change what’s wrong throughout our society never mind our club!

23 Jul 2022 23:05:44
I understand the reasons for it. The club has been run incredibly poorly since FM took over, squandering money and having no plan or direction and now the money has run out. People are fed up, angry and are worried that the club could end up in a disastrous situation, but FM has not been running the club for 27 years, so these protests cannot be aimed at the current board (entirely) .

24 Jul 2022 05:36:22
There are plenty of Politics forums this is football.

24 Jul 2022 09:24:51
I don’t disagree with protest at all, in fact I believe it’s a cornerstone of a free society, but to protest a privately owned football club because of a lack of success is embarrassing to me personally. I’ve been on many a protest, stood on many pickets lines in an effort to change our society etc, but that’s a terrible comparison/ conflation to make between societal issues and a football club!

Like it or not, we don’t own the club - we are supporters, that’s it. Like I said in my OP, I’m at odds with modern football and this kind of situation is part and parcel of some modern clubs who have taken the kings shilling (sky money, premier league money, Rick foreign owner money) and not had success.

The kopites did this and went in an upward spiral? They have a global fan base, a huge income and A completely different set of circumstances to us. And anyway, their behaviour was and still is embarrassing to me personally, regardless of what change it brought about for them.

I’m just stuck in the past I suppose and loathe many aspects of football these days, fan protest/ entitlement being just one part of it. Do I just accept it? I suppose I do. Moshiri bought the club, spent a hideous amount of money (wrongly) and it hasn’t worked. He’s made terrible decisions and mismanaged the club from top to bottom, but……… it’s HIS club and he’s within his right to do that whether we like it or not. Maybe have a whip round at the next protest and give him his £500m back and start again?

As well, I don’t get the whole Bill bashing on here either. I was told by someone, who I won’t name as I’d probably get edited, a club legend and someone who is very close to the day to day goings on at EFC, that Bill makes no decisions at all. None. Farhad Moshiri is merely an agent for another person who technically owns the club, who makes every decision. Blame them, not Bill.

We all want the same thing for our club - success. How that’s achieved is a conundrum for us all and we won’t all agree on how, if at all, that happens.

24 Jul 2022 13:00:53
A couple of points. I don't agree that the money has run out, that is why Moshri is looking for other investors/ sponsors instead of selling the club.

A agree with justified protests, however what are they trying to achieve? A fairy godmother to buy the club (we would still need to comply with FFP) , and then give the supporters a chance to run the club. That's the last thing we need with the diverse opinions on here we would never a a consensus on any topic.

We cannot expect any big signings this window and most will be done at the end of the window. That's just the place we are in now. No point in expecting to sign a £60 million striker its not going to happen, we have to cut our cloth to fit or situation.

I am not saying Kenwright and Moshri are not largely to blame for the situation we are in, but at least Bill has heart in the right place, if not his head.

Hopefully they have learned from the mistakes and we can move forward, even if it's a lot slower than we all want.

24 Jul 2022 14:28:19
There's a world of difference in protesting about social issues, pay cuts, energy prices etc to protesting about a football club not winning a trophy in 27 years. There is no God given right to winning anything in football so I'm not sure why they are bothering?
Add to that the fact that there has been a lot of change in the background, fans liaison etc and a restructuring of the board. Shouldn't we give that time to bed in before calling for everyone at the club to be sacked? Problems are being addressed but we have to be patient, these things can't be sorted in a few months.
I bet most of these idiots were happy when FM came in and spent cash, I bet there was no moaning from them then? These fans are coming across as spoilt, ungrateful brats protesting because they aren't getting what they want. Not one of these goons speaks for me as an Evertonian, they are embarrassing themselves and the larger fan base.
We've seen these things before and they only attract a few knuckle draggers and it turns out to be farcical. Hope they enjoy the rain if that doesn't put them off!

24 Jul 2022 14:44:23
Couldn't agree more Pierre and Blue spud. It's embarrassing, and a really bizarre thing to do just before the start of the season.

24 Jul 2022 16:38:18
Well Pierre if Bill isn't involved in any decisions despite being chairman and being on the board then if he's honourable why doesn't he not take his 1 million a year and quit the club. If he adds no value but takes a huge wage then he isn't as blue as he makes out.
And that behaviour is worth protesting about.



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