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28 Jul 2022 15:20:48
Dwight McNeil. Really? What is with this club buying relegated teams players. And another winger. This LB from sporting can supposedly play on the wing and he must be playing there because we already have 2 LBs. So why another winger? Supposedly 20m for someone with 0 assists and 1 goal in 38 games.

Already got Townsend, gray, Gordon, iwobi, who can all play on the wing and all have better goals assists returns. Then add to that the new lad from sporting and Dobbin.

Can anyone seriously explain to me why we are spending our stupidly limited funds on the one position we already have too many players for?

I'm proper f'in fuming about this.

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28 Jul 2022 15:27:08
Maybe because of our shortage of left footers in the squad.

28 Jul 2022 15:40:11
Chris, this got posted on the discussion page .

"Some perspective .

Whilst i am aware that McNeil isn't the type of signing to get everyone excited, imo he is a good addition to the team. He is young so has potential to improve. He has sell on value and he has a good bit of size about him and will only improve from a physical aspect.

First and foremost we need to realise that he is an honest player who will graft whilst he is on the pitch, something we lack across the pitch and are in serious need of.

I think it is a little unfair for people to be looking at him as a direct Richy replacement. Given our financial predicament, we were never going to be able to get 1 signing in that would replace or better Richys output for a fee that we could afford. However, getting multiple players in that would strengthen the team as a whole would be more realistic.

Its clear that McNeil's goals and assists numbers were poor last season but i think you have to take into account he was playing in a Burnley side that scored even less than us last season. They lost there main striker who didn't have a bad record for them. His underlying numbers however weren't too bad.

Taking Townsend out of the equation, who we are without anyway, he is by far our best crosser at the club which will be music to Dom's ears. Add that to the set-pieces for the likes of Tark and Yerry as well and it can only be seen as a positive. He completed more passes into the final third than any of our players last year and completed more dribbles than anybody in the premier league other than the fella who tore us a new one at St James park.

When you look at years previous to last, McNeil posted better numbers, numbers that would usually put him around the same as our second and third creators for last season

Where McNeil may not necessarily impress with his attacking numbers he makes up for it defensively. He was fifth last year in both pressures and blocks, which for a winger is impressive. He completed more tackles and interceptions than any of our wingers last season which can only be deemed a positive. If we can win the ball higher up the pitch, that can only translate to more opportunities for us to score.

I think a switch from left to right midfield will also see an improvement for him cutting in on his preferred left foot. We all saw the goal he scored at Goodison so there is clear ability there.

Give the lad a break and get behind him. If you ask me, he is a much better winger than what we already have at the club so how can we moan. "

28 Jul 2022 15:53:57
You need to calm down perhaps. It's not a difficult concept, Nkunku not good enough is my suspicion and will be moved out, so Vinagre and Mykolenko competing for lb.
Townsend suffered a horrific injury so can't be reliant on him can we.
Gray or Gordon can play central behind DCL, so expect one to do that And the other on the wing with McNeil. Plus it's hardly a burgeoning squad, just look at how hard we were hit by injuries last year.
I'm happy with the McNeil signing and really couldn't care that he's from a relegation team (just like Doucoure, Richarlison, Gueye, Godfrey, Jagielka, Harry Maguire, Joe Cole, James Milner Andrew Robertson, Buendia, Di Canio, (i want to say Roy Keane too!? ) , and countless many others. I guess teams should just ignore a relegated player eh.

28 Jul 2022 16:03:10
Well FatChris89 have you heard we’re skint, will be fighting for survival again so why would you think that we can do much better.
This guy is a left footer who can switch to the right side. He is full of energy and tracks back and tackles well.
At 22 he has good sell on potential, so he’s exactly what we should be looking for.
If DCL can get his act together, we may just be in with a shout of an event free season, yes boring but until we get out of this financial mess, this is us for a few years.
We’ll get at least 1 more, if not 2 in before the window closes, probably in the middle of the park.

28 Jul 2022 16:23:37
Buying from relegated clubs isn't a problem. Good players exist in poor teams. Vinagre is a good signing. I do share a significant skepticism about signing McNeil as expressed previously and now is the time to vent at any frustrations but that must be short lived as we need to support the player even if we don't trust the board.

28 Jul 2022 18:57:02
Don't buy players people moan buy players people moan.

28 Jul 2022 21:45:37
Agree blue-tit and share your thoughts chris. Bonkers.
We are spending in all the incorrect areas yet again. I know vinagre was free but we still have to pay him. Yes we want young players where appropriate, it's no issue buying from relegated teams. My frustration is that we have f/ all money to spend and the worst central midfield and central defense in the league so chucking 20 million at a player that doesn't play in either of those positions is utter madness and proves the recruitment is as bad as ever (I'm fine with the lack of signings) don't buy for the sake of it which is what the club is doing yet again. If we cannot get the player that we need then move on. Personally fed up. We will be relegation bait if Keane and/ or holgate feature as well as the likes of gomes allan and Davies.
The priority had to be, central midfield at least 1, another centre back and a striker/ number 10.

28 Jul 2022 22:52:04
Christ, give it a rest. Mcneil will probably play Central or right side cutting in on his left foot with Gordon or gray from left.

Wee need to support who puts on the shirt, regardless. We have to live within our means and shop at aldi for a while. We cannot shop at harrods any more.

28 Jul 2022 22:53:31
I'll wait till window closes then decide, the teams mostly terrible yes but now we are buying grafters and this type of player is where we are, maybe Frank doesn't rate 90% of the players or like us he sees how bad they are, let's see how this window looks when the dust settles could be a few more twists and turns yet.

28 Jul 2022 23:01:50
Ill never get why people just don't give players a chance before they've even played a game.
We aren't in the position to pick n choose.

29 Jul 2022 00:04:13
Didn't hear anyone moaning bout signing Gueye from a relegated team?

29 Jul 2022 12:40:50
Buying the odd player from relegated teams is fine. But when they make up the majority of your recent signings is anyone really surprised we were in a relegation battle? and more than likely will again. It's easy to name the odd few players from relegated teams that are good but for every good player there's 20 that were terrible.

And I'm not not getting behind a player. Simply stating his stats and making the point we already have players that play on the wing that have better returns, all whilst we are crying out for a CDM and a CM. People trying to use the argument "we are skint" as reason to get him, well that's the exact argument I'm using as to why we shouldn't have got him. We should strengthen areas that we need, not increase depth in areas we are already covered.

It's just more of the same from our clubs recruitment. I'm tired of it.



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