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29 Jul 2022 15:07:28
Barkley was not good enough for Everton while he was with us. never the diamond that Martini said he was. slow off the mark. doesn't play a killer pass. goal record ordinary. and surely Frank saw enough of him at Chelsea where he kept him on the sidelines to go anywhere near him. To me it is not about him being a traitor. it is about him not being what we need. we have had enough of mediocre to bring him back. if we do, we have learnt nothing from past tranfer mistakes. A quicker younger player with potential rather than someone who has not made it at Everton, Chelsea or even Villa.

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29 Jul 2022 15:49:42
Both for me bud your right he's not good enough and for me the way he cost the club money to line his own pockets is unforgivable and your correct FL didn't use while manager of Chelsea which goes to show his thoughts on the player to me it stinks of BK and DBB.

29 Jul 2022 16:46:31
Sorry Guys but that’s simply not true. He was one of our best players.

29 Jul 2022 17:34:00
Kenyan I think you’re mistaken.

In Barkleys best season with us 2015/ 16 in the same squad we had, Howard, Baines, Jagielka, Coleman, Stones, Besic, Barry, Osman, mirallas and Lukaku

Those 10 I mention in my opinion were far better players so not sure how you think Barkley was one of our best players - all a matter of opinions.

29 Jul 2022 18:03:46
Barkley had talent but had no idea how to utilise it, impose his will against teams and lacked an intelligent creative footballing mind. He gave us some great moments but that was all really.

29 Jul 2022 18:33:02
Barkley was a big reason why Lukaku scored plenty at Everton. Granted it went wrong last year at Everton which he should take a large part of the blame for, and I think he never got his mojo back but definitely talent there, as shown in helping Villa get 7 against Liverpool. Might work out for us but we do need mobility in midfield which is not Barkley.

29 Jul 2022 19:22:32
Thick as mince. A knuckle dragger. That's Barkley. On loans would rather Idrisa than Gilmour.

29 Jul 2022 20:14:44
I take it your not his biggest fan Ducks! Fair enough my friend. Can I ask though when you say thick as mince do you mean his decision making on the pitch?
And what are your thoughts on him in comparison to Tom Davies or Gilfi or Klassen or Gomes. ?

29 Jul 2022 21:16:51
Ross Barkley, the thinking man's footballer reminds me of a chunkier, more emotionally detached Jack Rodwell, another former star in the making with such unrealized potential. If it was going to happen for Barkley, it would have by now, so no sense getting all misty eyed as if we were about to witness the fairy tale return of the prodigal blue son. He's a lazy numbskull dimwit, who barely resembles the footballer he once was these days, hence why neither Chelsea or Villa want him around. If he does end up coming back, it will be a sensation more like seeing someone trying to make a snowman out of corned beef and then leaving it in the sun too long. But yes, i agree with some of you, this would still do a better job on the pitch than the likes of Gomes.

29 Jul 2022 22:09:25
Yep Barkley was so good for Villa they bought him. Oh no wait a minute….



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