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02 Aug 2022 09:35:03
I think it would be great to have a minutes applause in the 56th minute at all games this weekend in recognition of the lionesses achievement, well done to them ???.

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02 Aug 2022 10:33:00
Done to death mate, fantastic achievement but done now. No doubt the Politicians will get in on the act! Dame and Lady decorations/ awards on the way.

02 Aug 2022 11:10:14
I couldn't care less about women's football.

02 Aug 2022 11:11:12
Excellent idea glt mate, they deserve all the credit that they get, really really proud of the girls Well Done.

02 Aug 2022 11:14:11
And it should be done to death ducks, they fully deserve it.

02 Aug 2022 13:03:44
Blue tit - why not?

Do you miss the men rolling around and screaming whenever they get the slightest touch? Or the petulance when the men don't get their way?
Or even still they amount of underachievement and failure the men's national team bring?
They women have been a breath of fresh air, entertaining, down to earth and successful, let that sink in.

02 Aug 2022 13:30:54
Don't get the slating of the woman's game I really don't. It's pretty sad and pathetic actually.

They've just achieved an amazing achievement, beating the 8 times European champs in the final and finally winning a major tournament. Whilst playing really good, entertaining passionate quality football.

02 Aug 2022 14:08:05
The womens football isn’t a great standard. If that’s peoples opinion so be it. Tbh it is pretty crap and where have all these supporters been for the last few years it’s only because England actually won something that they are now big fans of the woman’s game. Pretty sad how fake supporters jump on the glory bandwagon. If England had of been put out earlier in the tournament no1 would be bothering with all this nonsense. They won fair play to them hopefully more girls take up the sport and improve the standard.

02 Aug 2022 14:14:05
It’s not quality football bunk bed your being very generous there. It’s mens under 15 level really if we are going to be honest. Fair play as we have all said but a mens under 15 side would win that tournament if they could enter it.

02 Aug 2022 15:02:14
Finishing was good, but the football was dull.
Well done to them great achievement, but I won't be rushing out to watch women's football any time soon.

02 Aug 2022 15:37:10
Great achievement and they should be given all the plaudits that come their way, they deserve it. Hopefully, this win will help the women's game to cash in and improve even further.
Doubt it's done now, dfs, only a couple of days since they won it so expect a lot more in the media for a month or so yet! Rightly so, let them enjoy their moment.
U15's teams may have won a few years ago but the female game has changed considerably. Doubt that would happen these days, the standard has improved a lot.

02 Aug 2022 15:43:06
Why are you presuming everyone is jumping on the bandwagon? My cousin played for various women's teams, had an interest in it since then.
I actually enjoyed the tournament, why are people so down on them?
Women's sport in general is booming.

02 Aug 2022 15:12:59
And that is exactly the attitude that needs to change!

02 Aug 2022 16:41:02
If the attitude of the viewer is that this is rubbish, poor then that's what they will see. Let's not forget the woman's game has come on a big way in a short time and I, like many others enjoyed the tournament. I've also enjoyed watching WSL games with the family.

Con81. U15? Doubt that very much, I was at the same college as Kelly Smith, retired ex England striker/ Captain, and she was better than virtually all the boys same age and that was about 25 odd years ago.

02 Aug 2022 16:45:07
Yes fair play is right, just don’t think we should get carried away USA women are the best in the world and they got beat 5 2 by 14 year old academy mens team. Did the women not celebrate on Saturday and Sunday is that not enough. we don’t need every prem league match this week to clap in the 56th min do we.

02 Aug 2022 17:11:47
There's context to that game. It was a training match, not a competitive game as the women had a match v Russia days later. If that's the case, the result is of no relevance. If it was under proper match conditions, would the U15's win again?

02 Aug 2022 17:24:09
Aye probably win 7 2 this time lol. I coach I see it with my own eyes our u13s beat a u18s international woman’s side 5 1 the other month. Have nothing against womens football I am just saying it has a long way to go before it can be classed as quality football. Not putting them down fair play to everyone of them. Hopefully it will keep improving the more women play it the better it will get.

02 Aug 2022 17:37:21
If anyone is claiming we have played better over the last season then they are a lost cause!

The women’s game was destroyed in the 1920s by men. They have been forced to be amateur for the best part of a century and part time whilst the men’s game has had investment and many of the players act like idiots. Finally when the women’s team plays well and achieve something, they are faced with this misogynistic attitude… words fail me.

02 Aug 2022 18:34:45
Totally agree BR.



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