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02 Aug 2022 18:09:20
Calvert lewin is inhured MCL injury possibly ACL whaever one he out for a while.

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02 Aug 2022 18:48:39
Where did you here that?

02 Aug 2022 18:54:12
If that is right then panic buy on the horizon. Simms out on loan, oh dear. Rondon our striker.

02 Aug 2022 19:22:53
Plenty of time.

02 Aug 2022 19:25:55
Cornet through the middle ??.

02 Aug 2022 19:30:46
An illiterate wind up merchant me thinks.

There’s nothing wrong with DCL.

02 Aug 2022 19:36:27
It's alright lads, panic over, he just broke a nail on the clasp of his handbag ?.

02 Aug 2022 19:40:43
Sounds like a bad injury.

02 Aug 2022 19:46:17
Rondon suspended.

02 Aug 2022 19:52:29
Really cheered me up! ?.

02 Aug 2022 19:52:47
Apologies for previous post, the bobble did tweet this 2 hours ago, so there is a chance it is correct and DCL may be injured.

No mention of the type of injury though.

Probably broke a nail or just smudged some makeup.

Not panicked really ? ?? ?.

02 Aug 2022 19:55:41
What's the name of that guy who took the penalty? He looks just the job.

02 Aug 2022 19:09:43
Said get rid.

02 Aug 2022 19:20:50
No mention of this anywhere.
You having us on Paloma?

02 Aug 2022 20:16:49
Whether it is right or not, it just stresses how much we need a CF.

02 Aug 2022 20:25:52
It’s on some website called the bobble. sure the club and the fans knew this was going to happen it’s nothing new. The big lad has some sort of mental problems and it looks like it’s not getting any better anytime soon. Maybe this is another Frank Maloney in the making. Whatever it is I hope he sorts it out he has the potential to be a great striker.

02 Aug 2022 21:34:16
Not seen Frank for a while!

02 Aug 2022 21:56:24
It's true he's injured and a doubt for Saturday.
The extent of the injury hasn't been confirmed yet.

02 Aug 2022 22:22:44
All Benitez fault insisting he played while injured at beginning of last season, he legs had strappings.

He wasn't given any extra recovery time from Euros, because Richy went to the Olympics.

Then he sacked the medical staff because they disagreed with him.

02 Aug 2022 22:26:55
To be honest Con you and a couple more on here have more of a problem than DCL ever will.

I'll show a tad bit more of compassion and hope him a speedy recovery from his injury, of which there's no suggestion it is mental health related.

02 Aug 2022 22:32:51
Blimey Con. Are you Dark Clouds resurrected?

02 Aug 2022 22:42:40
Your probably right bluejohns. We all have our little secrets. All joking aside I did hear that the big lad suffered last season with mental health issues. Weather it’s true or not isn’t for me to say. The club won’t put that information out there so they just say he is injured. I think we all wish him a speedy recovery but we all knew we needed a new striker incase this keeps happening and for whatever reason we int got one yet and time has ran out big game on Saturday and possibly without DCL it’s not great is it.

02 Aug 2022 23:01:12
Smit666 you have the devils phone number after your name and your calling me dark clouds. could have picked any number and you picked that one that’s deep.

02 Aug 2022 23:05:38
Eds, why do you let this con81 post his bigotry? Con, explain the problem you have with Frank Maloney? The amount of posts you write that reek of trans-phobia are nearly as bad as whoever edits these pages letting this rubbish through.
You let this idiot get away with his posts when he is ripping certain posters, yet you won't give us a right to reply when we got back. Shocking that you excuse his behaviour as 'banter' the man belongs to the 70's. We all like a joke but he's beyond the pale.

{Ed002's Note - I am sure he will soon move on.}

02 Aug 2022 23:49:37
I hope so, ed002, he ruins this site.

03 Aug 2022 08:47:24
You don't have to respond (yes I know) BT. Antiquated viewpoints on certain subjects are just that antiquated. As ED says, people move on. Casting stones and all that.

03 Aug 2022 09:19:38
I personally liked the 70s. No mobile phones, videos, no e-Mail people used to just talk to each other, and no people having an opinion on everything everyone else did.
Live your own life however that may be, and if people don’t like that feck em.

03 Aug 2022 12:37:25
Yep. If I may say without getting called. PC has ruined society. Equality as well, it has gone pear shaped. Treat others as you would like to be treated, seems fair enough for me.

03 Aug 2022 14:10:30
Do any of you know anyone that is trans, maybe a friend or family? I do and I find it offensive that the same person can spew his bile at every opportunity when DCL is mentioned. It's not even about being PC, nobody would be happy if he was being racist would they? What's the difference? There's just no need for his prehistoric views to be shared, or forced as the case maybe, on a football forum. It's scary that he's allowed to coach kids with his attitude to life.

{Ed001's Note - he is probably John Yems....}

03 Aug 2022 14:22:48
If you don't see what is clearly wrong in what con is saying then you have the same lessons to learn.

{Ed014's Note - he has been banned so hopefully the last you see of him, I don’t edit this page much but if you think he’s returned under another guise then mark a post for me and I’ll get rid.

Apologies if anyone has been offended by the tripe he’s posted.

03 Aug 2022 16:57:46
Ed001, certainly cut from the same cloth mate!

BJU, thank you, glad it wasn't just me that seen it for what it was.

Ed014, sound mate, no need to apologise, it was just tedious and unrelated to the football. Cheers.

{Ed014's Note - thanks mate and you’re welcome. ?



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