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06 Oct 2023 23:01:39
There are a number of discussion threads that I wish to comment on but I think the best way to give my point of view is to start a new one.
So a draw and two wins does not make us invincible, this season was always going to be about consolidation. SD has had one window and is about 8 or 9 games in with players coming back from injury and some playing in the premier league for the first time. I think if we’re honest with ourselves anywhere between 17th and 12th without too much of a dalliance near the relegation zone and possibly a semi reasonable run in the cups would show a steady improvement and be okay for this season and something to build on for next season with two more windows to strengthen.
So losing against Luton while not ideal was probably a reality check, for us as fans who suddenly get excited after some unexpected wins.
Do we think City fans are calling for peps head after their loss to Wolves. No! These things happen, the premier league is the best league and the toughest league in the world and no doubt we’ll get some more unexpected wins and unexpected losses.
However the difference between last season and this season is that we have strikers we are creating plenty of goal scoring opportunities and that sooner or later the goals will come and for now we will achieve comfortable mid table mediocrity this season. A platform to build on.
Consistency is something that the team need they need to have consistent performances, a consistent starting 11, consistent messages from the the coaching staff, a consistent style of play, the instability in the boardroom will be playing it’s part too the sooner that is remedied the better, be it 777 or someone else it needs to be settled.
Calling for SD to be sacked will not help, managing Everton is a poisoned chalice at the moment and it will get that way that no one worth having would want to come.
In my opinion I believe he will get it right. We like FM just need to be patient and weather the storm.
We can help with that by playing our part at Goodison, the away fans certainly never stop singing the boys on, that’s how Goodison needs to be a loud noisy intimidating place to go, The nervous silence is deafening at times.
The debate about 777 rumbles on in the media. There is little that if you’re against the sale that you can do, protests will only feed the media’s portrayal of Everton fans and Goodison Park as toxic which in turn will impact efforts on the pitch.
We as fans just need to get behind the the team and be the 12th man .
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy where we are, but it’s to be. Expected with where we are at . It won’t be a great season but hopefully not like the previous two
Anyway just my thoughts

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07 Oct 2023 04:27:36
Top post Big c very well done.

07 Oct 2023 05:10:15
Is that you sean? ????? only joking Agreed ??.

07 Oct 2023 09:08:20
About as sensible a post as I’ve read on here Big C ?.

07 Oct 2023 09:08:52
Sorry but if you can’t win a home game, which is basically down to team selects and tactics then you’re not good enough.
As for expectations, well we should expect and demand more. Set your expectations low and you go nowhere.
That loss to Luton was all down to Dyche and his tactics. And people saying we were good for 15 mins? Well games last 90 mins + not 15.
Get use to losing and you will lose. Set your expectations low and you won’t progress. The manager should be demanding a lot more from this squad. But to do that he needs to be positive himself.

07 Oct 2023 09:19:59
Top post . A common sense look at the situation and echoes my own opinion.

07 Oct 2023 09:45:59
Don't agree mate, I think he is the worst manager we have ever had, be gone by Xmas.

07 Oct 2023 10:12:47
Nailed it there Woburn. Wish others would take their rose tinted specs off and see the light.

07 Oct 2023 11:00:26
Doesn’t matter how many chances we create if we can’t convert them.

XG isn’t going to keep us up, points are.

Agree it’s going to be a tough season and we shouldn’t expect too much, however what we should expect and this is from dyche himself “the minimum requirement is maximum effort” unfortunately yet to see this.

Too many times there’s very little effort from the players and Dyche comments after games are becoming tiresome.

Pick a team and stick with it - the team that beat villa in the cup was very good - so next game he changed it and we lose! He’s not helping himself.

07 Oct 2023 11:14:07
If we don't win today, think it will be his last game for us?

07 Oct 2023 20:04:53
Just to clarify my expectations for Everton are champions league winners, my earlier post was just a dose of realism. We may go out to win every game and that is what we should try to do but back in the real world we might not and after todays win we face them and West Ham right now if I was offered two 0-0 draws I’d take them . My hopes are that we put up loads of effort and maybe sneak a better result the other side of me hopes we don’t get spanked. We are a work in progress and things are working well and fate maybe played a hand in finding the right blend.
Don’t change a winning side!
Fingers crossed and lucky pants on and sing the boys home is all we can do
Have a happy night blues, watch MOTD and enjoy



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