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21 Oct 2023 11:44:04
Well the team is announced and it’s unchanged from 2 weeks back.
Good to see SD rewarding the players for a good performance, plus it starts to build some consistency.
A decent bench also, with good attacking strength as well as defensive consolidation if needed.
We need something out of this, even if it’s just protecting our GD.

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21 Oct 2023 20:31:35
Well, it could have been worse. Shame the ref didn’t equal up the sides in the second half at 0-0.

22 Oct 2023 08:39:27
I know it isn't but it certainly feels like cheating when you see some of Pawsons decisions. Who knows what the outcome would have been had Konate been a second yellow (99 percent it should have been) but Keanes arm put paid to that, the blokes a liability, putting him on when we are ten men is tantamount to playing with 9 men. Oh and Dyche is a fing idiot. Takes our two wide men off and a big bloke (who needs wide men) on. I don't know the answer but Dyches inability to think on his feet is killing us. I don't blame the starting 11, they did well against a good side.

22 Oct 2023 10:13:40
You can't go all out when you're down to 10 at Anfield. Dyce made the right calls and it was working.

You can make 5 subs now. So you put a defensive line up for the second half and can go back to being offensive later on. Which is exactly what he did.

The problem yesterday was Konate should have gone. 10v10 changes the game completely.

Keane though is honestly one of the worst defenders we've ever had. I've never seen anyone who makes so many mistakes. I was looking for the bus he was flagging down yesterday. He never learns lessons. Luckily tarks and Jarrad are brilliant and as long as they stay fit we'll be fine this season.

22 Oct 2023 10:21:14
Agree dfs. The players deserve a lot of credit, but the manager let them down, and not for the first time.

22 Oct 2023 10:49:44
Totally agree with DFS. Didn't make any sense taking off the wide players . As for Keane, we better get used to him. I think the club is in dire straits moneywise and they will probably cash in on Branthwaite!

22 Oct 2023 11:15:41
BlueJohnus nobody is saying go all out but he took two wide men off and put a big lad/ two big lads up top you call that right call! . Apart from that I believe we are a good side. Would rather Godfrey before Keane.

22 Oct 2023 13:26:16
Keane is a liability. If we'd have had 2 wingers on the pitch they'd have been playing in defensive positions. We still had decoure and Garner on who are players that are great counter attacking players.

The problem yesterday wasn't a tactical one. You can't legislate for What Keane done. So the blame is squarely at the feet of Young and Keane not Dyce. He was brave enough to keep the same team as the match before and the game plan was working. The game plan after the substitutions was working.

I fail to see what you saw. But it's all about opinions. I just think sometimes on match day them 11 players have got to take responsibility. Some did and some clearly let the others AND the manager down.

22 Oct 2023 22:16:59
Same game as you, leaving both wide players on at this level and fitness does not make them defenders but wing backs when pushed. Keane should not even be on the bench, as I said would much rather have put Godfrey on.



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