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26 Oct 2023 08:41:58
With all the recent talk about "consistency" in football (especially within the Premier League) right now. If the Premier League want to deduct us 12 points for one breach of FFP, when Man City have their outcome they should be deducted 1380 points for their 115 breaches, this would ultimately kick them out of the football league.

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26 Oct 2023 10:09:30

26 Oct 2023 11:09:36
It is just some anti EFC "journalist", guessing and making mischief, as per usual.
Lets all calm down and wait for the hearing.

{Ed002's Note - You really don't understand do you. Really embarrassing.}

27 Oct 2023 09:51:05
Ed002 - speculation about what the punishment will be aside, do you know roughly when there might be an outcome one way or the other?

{Ed002's Note - There is no timescale but I would expect the commission to report back reasonably soon as I understand we are now past the stage of presenting evidence. It will then be a case of Everton and their lawyers to decide whether to appeal - then it could drag on a long time - or to suck it up and accept whatever punishment is assigned.}

27 Oct 2023 11:41:50
ED002 just to clarify are you presuming we will found guilty? or just didn't put in if found guilty in your post?

{Ed002's Note - As I have explained in the past, it is not a question of guilt. Everton have been looking at damage limitation.}

27 Oct 2023 14:11:58
----------Read the post cretin-----------

27 Oct 2023 22:58:47
Premier League have been giving their evidence to the panel, its Everton's next week, as reported in several media outlets.

Apparently panel where not impressed by the the presentation by the EPL. Hopefully we can make a better fist of it. I'm hoping the club have got Perry Mason, but more likely got Saul.

27 Oct 2023 22:59:42
Meant to put Saul Goodman.



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