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06 Nov 2023 08:12:20
Arsenal are kicking up a fuss over VAR not intervening over the goal given to Newcastle, and they seem to have a point. The Spurs game that saw a Liverpool goal disallowed created a similar media outcry, yet in our game yesterday saw two clear penalties not given, and yet hardly a word in the media about VAR failure to even check the decisions.

It really is time we started to fight our corner over the appalling injustices we have been victims too, no it does not change the result of any given game, but it does seem to influence referees in their future decisions, the derby game being a prime example.

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06 Nov 2023 10:14:10
I applaud Arteta for saying it as it is. Maybe more managers should come out and have their say, and stop worrying about getting fined. I mean none of them are short of a few quid .
It seems bazaar that the best league in the world with the biggest income of any leagues, can have such poor officials. Agree they should be miked up so we can hear what they’re saying. But if you listened to the recording of them talking during the Liverpool game. It was like listening to a group of mates just having a bit of banter.
The professional approach just wasn’t there, and this is what worries me. You now have a small group of people controlling how football is played and refereed. They have almost become fireproof, formed there own little clique and taken centre stage in matches. In the past a good referee was one who you hardly noticed was there. Now it’s all we talk about.
Is VAR to blame? Well it hasn’t helped. The game is becoming slow and boring, and to add to that we now have matches running into 10mins + (Fergie would have loved that) just because of the amount of time wasted in games.
No the old system wasn’t perfect. But if the linesman’s flag went up it was offside and the game was stopped straight away. Supporters had a moan about it but then moved on. Now it’s analysed for days afterwards, and becomes the main talking point of the game.
What’s the answer? Well here’s my penny’s worth. Mike the referees up so supporters can hear what they’re saying, not just to other officials but to players as well. Introduce sin bins, punish the offending side so the other side gets an immediate advantage. It works in Rugby and it improved the game.
Your thoughts chaps?

06 Nov 2023 10:18:00
What clear penalty?

06 Nov 2023 10:25:10
It's a weekly narrative about refs. Really bad ones get demoted to lower leagues for a week as punishment. Should demote them for rest of the season. They might up their game a bit. And I wish the offside rule would change. Sick of someone being offside and the flag not going up til 2 minutes later.

06 Nov 2023 10:52:22
It's an interesting point about the extra time allowed to carry on until they pull play back. I get the advantage rule as it was and sometimes is still used the old way but this waiting to see for several phases is stupid. Obviously an injury can occur etc but do they add that time onto the end of the game? It'd make sense with some of the inconsistent added time. For instance 1st half Brighton was 5mins? 2nd half with several substitutions and breaks in play it was 4 mins. Doesn't make sense. It all needs someone to weed out a lot of these stupid recent changes. Maybe that'll help the officials too?

06 Nov 2023 23:20:15
It will never happen but var doesn't belong in football and it needs binning. Re the refs. Needs to be more emphasis on grassroots refs, some of the current refs should be simply fired as it's unfair that the championship clubs should have to put up with those sorts of officials.
The only tech I would embrace for refs is goal line technology. A good ref and 2 decent linesmen should be enough.



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