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17 May 2024 13:24:01
Maupay on his way back from Brentford, not good enough, let him go.

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17 May 2024 15:02:31
He scored at Brentford GB. So what did they do different to us for him to score? We seem to have a knack of getting rid of players who go onto do better. Do you think our coaching and game plan could be at fault rather than the players?

17 May 2024 15:06:49
Agree. But we need to buy a buyer first GB and get whatever money we can.

17 May 2024 16:13:36
Wouldn’t touch Maupay with a barge pole, he’s exactly the sort of player who needs to be moved on, hopefully he can go for free.

17 May 2024 17:10:54
Doubt any of us would GB. We all know he needs moving on but we ain't in a position to give away on a "free" and need to find a buyer.

17 May 2024 17:52:05
Nothing is free we save on his wages, simple.

17 May 2024 17:58:07
The difference is they play on the deck and flood the box with players and not hoofed in for 1 striker to wait for the perfect ball. He isn't the answer and will not suit Dyche ball but I do love his shi9housing. Still time for Brentford to make an offer as he did well for them. Guess they want to get the big man's deal done before they make any decisions.

17 May 2024 18:14:01

We can't just give away yanno. Haha. We would after pay up his contract and he carries a value to the business. Simple.

17 May 2024 18:14:07
I think Brentford want to buy him FBS, best thing about him is his mouth.

18 May 2024 10:44:07
He had enough time and enough minutes to get used to whatever system it is we play, plus numerous training sessions. For whatever reason, him and us just wasn't a good fit so we should cut our losses and get rid.
He has spoken about the way the fans treated him here since he left on loan so I don't expect that he wants to be at the club when the season starts. Let's be honest, he's made a name for himself this season for all the wrong reasons. His social media and the way he conducts himself on the pitch brings unwanted attention, the lad comes across as a bit of a rat. Get what we can for him.

18 May 2024 10:55:26
I don't rate him but they play 2 up top. Wonder if they would swap Toney wissa or mbenue for him lol.



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