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21 May 2024 14:16:17
Nice to see Branthwaite in the initial England squad. Hopefully he goes to the euros. If nothing else it will boost his value for the imminent enquiries for his availability!

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21 May 2024 14:50:10
Yep for sure mate.

21 May 2024 14:53:28
Depressing as it is the Euros is at best, Branthwaites chance to secure the transfer he wants. doesn't matter if he wants to stay, he is going and I think he knows it. He now need to dowhats right for him and therefore Everton, play his socks off this summer and show why we all know he is worth 100m.

21 May 2024 15:20:16
Unfortunately, I think he may go before the tourney as we need to sort the latest set of accounts.

I was pondering on this the other day. I am not sure which one I would rather go before June, out of Jared or Onana.

If Southgate's previous approach is anything to go off, it is highly unlikely that Jared plays ahead of Stones and Maguire. Let's face it, he played Dunk and Konsa over handing him his much deserved debut in the last round of friendlies.

Personally, I think it is more likely that Onana increases his value/ interest over the summer than Jared, certainly when you consider that European teams are after Onana. I think the PL sides already know what potential Jared holds, whether he plays this summer or not. A young, big, strong, quick, left/ both-footed centre half. Not many of those about, certainly not any that have Jared's attributes and have already played a full season in the rigours of the PL.

21 May 2024 16:35:41
Hope he stays but can’t see it he’s been massive for us and wish him well whatever he does.

21 May 2024 20:53:19
I don’t think he will start for England either BlueNose.

Would love him to stay but we need the money. Wonder who his replacement will be? Can’t have Keane or Holgate play; it’d be self destruct from the first game of the season.

21 May 2024 22:01:42
Agree BR. I would rather get Stubbsy back in than go back to Keane.

No clue on the replacement mate but just hope we don't spunk money on somebody. I would rather us get somebody in like Tarks who could serve as a decent free buy to tide us over to better days. Someone like John Egan from Sheff Utd would spring to mind. I think he missed last season due to an achilles injury but prior to that he was a decent and robust centre half.

Like the young lad Mengi at Luton too but not sure how much they would want for him.

22 May 2024 02:42:26
Godfrey next to Tarks could see him developing as we all hoped when we first got him.

22 May 2024 06:42:46
Who says we only need to sell one of them BN1878?

Onana We bought for 33m on 5 year contract so approx 20m still on books. We also have a sell on clause with previous club that they get 25% of any sell on profit. Some people have valued him at 55m. Personally don't think he worth that but say it's right 55 less 5.5 (55-33 * 25%) to Liege less 20 still on books gives net profit of approx 30m. I don't think it anywhere near enough to cover P&S requirements

Branthwaite would be virtually pure profit as he only cost 1 m but what could we sell him for?

22 May 2024 13:31:20
Thats a fair point BW. I guess I meant before the June deadline mate, not the entirety of the window, as I think its obvious we will have to sell multiple assets.

It is unfortunate if we do have to shift them before June, as I think both of them would go for much more money 1/ 2 months later.

I don't know how it works but I personally would rather us keep all of our assets that will play in the summer, past the cut off and then sell them when the market is better for us. It will cost us another points deduction but we have dealt with 2 of them in 1 season already.

23 May 2024 00:38:39
But that's the problem BN. in my view we need far more than 30m from Onama before the June deadline or we will still be in P&S violation territory

WE need to sell 2 or 3 of our best players before 30th June in a fire sale and then find some cheap, preferably free, replacements before the season starts

I'm not sure Thelwells up to it.



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