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02 Jun 2024 21:56:33
Sam matterface on Talk****.

"Braithwaite, DCL and Pickford will go this summer for £70 million possibly £80 million".


Can't wait for a time when we truly can stick 2 fingers up to them and the rest of media.

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03 Jun 2024 00:19:26
He didn't say that. Watch the YT vid and delete this nonsense.

03 Jun 2024 01:23:15
"Sam Matterface lists which players Everton must sell to avoid further. "

Type that into YT and you will find the OP isn't talking nonsense and doesn't need to delete anything. It's about half way through as they are talking about player valuations, he says DCL will go, JB will go and probably Pickford. They guess at figures for each player and the total raised.

03 Jun 2024 02:22:17
Only time will tell who stays and who goes. If Textor can buy us from FM then the ship will be steadied immediately.
Personally I would take a points deduction and not sell any of our biggest assets in the summer.

03 Jun 2024 05:43:45
Exactly what he said FBS, word for word! No nonsense perhaps listen properly.

03 Jun 2024 10:48:21
Perry groves says his list of players and fees he imagines we'd get. Sam Matter face says and I quote "so you reckon they'll get something like £70 to £80million do you? " End quote. It's really the small details that make a big difference. Try listening again is my advice. Crikey.

03 Jun 2024 11:04:23
Matterface "Braithwaite will go, Calvert Lewin will go, probably Pickford" Groves "normally you would get £100million for Branthwaite and Pickford, they ain't getting anywhere near that" Matterface "Theyll probably get 70million perhaps £80millipn, you reckon? "

The fact is FBS between both of them they think we will get £70-80 million combined for all 3!. They also think Tarkowski would go for £20-25million (only age prevents this! ) and We will lose money on Onana/ at a push get our money back.

03 Jun 2024 11:26:06
Changes the complexion of the reported quote some what eh?

03 Jun 2024 11:42:57
Not at all FBS, just confirms it!

Matterface states this and asks Groves if agrees or is that how much he thinks we will get.

Regardless it wasn't "nonsense" was it when those figures were brandished by Matterface for all 3.

03 Jun 2024 11:58:04
Understanding the difference between a question and a. Oh never mind. Clearly pointless pointing out the fundamentals. Have a nice day. I rest my case your honour.

03 Jun 2024 15:10:16
Mocker, can you please ensure that the opening line of your post is 100% correct before pressing the send button please? And, in future, maybe type out the entire transcript so certain posters don't get their undercrackers in a twist! If you ask nicely, they might give you their own email address so you can run future posts by them before posting on here. Thanks in advance mate ??.

03 Jun 2024 17:09:08
Haha no worries bluepotato will do my best ???.

03 Jun 2024 18:03:28
What's the Mark Twain quote?

04 Jun 2024 07:37:59
There's a quote from Carl Sagan which pretty much sums it up.

04 Jun 2024 09:56:40
Jesus why are you all worried what the players sell for, it's not your money and I'm sure they will sell for what is fair or what they have to, no point arguing over something that's out of your control, I'm past worrying, will just sit and watch what happens, plus what the media say and what really happens are 2 different things.

04 Jun 2024 10:46:58
Jerry Jerry Jerry ?.

04 Jun 2024 11:48:52
Excellent Andy ?????.



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