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08 Jun 2024 17:49:47
Tough one to swallow lads but I’m all for selling our most valuable players to save the club from
Administration keep us afloat until the process of a new buyer can be confirmed through the dreaded long winded premier league approval. Few shrew frees a loans to replace them. Get through next season then into the new season a start again.

Seems the only way to build going forward with by what Ed is saying in regards to ffp a the debt.

So JB -70mil
Dcl -20/ 30mil you’d think
Onana - 40/ 50mil

Would this save us from going into administration Ed an allow us to restructure debt with a new owner coming in the next 4-6 months.

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08 Jun 2024 18:55:41
Personally if I were buying the club then I would want a say in any players leaving the club. I don't believe we have to sell all three of the players mentioned. So the only question would be who weakens the team the least.
Remember the Prem have just given us 130m.

08 Jun 2024 18:58:46
I don’t reckon we have to sell J B mate, there’s others to go first, no one seems to know what the amount is we have to retrieve before the end of June.

08 Jun 2024 21:22:05
What we want/ think isn’t relevant lads I’m afraid. There’s a financial position we need to achieve by 30th June. None of us know exactly what this is, but we likely need to sell a couple to achieve it. Doesn’t matter who, it’ll depend on offers received. If we could sell Maupay, Onana and Keane, then happy days. But it’s a buyers market.

08 Jun 2024 22:04:28
Probably going to put myself in the cross hairs but I thought it was in the ball park of £48m? Think I read that a few months back.

08 Jun 2024 23:57:17
I thought a lot was the weekly wages which has just shrunk with the likes of Gomes and I assume Dele
Shift Maupay Keane and Holgate may be lucky to scrape £20m but would clear £200k per week from the wages
And then Onana could be the game changer.

09 Jun 2024 01:02:31
I agree with some of the above. I think out of branthwaite onana and dcl it will be onana that moves on.

09 Jun 2024 08:16:44
For a player who doeant start every week he is the obvious choice, Kean maybe needed as back up, maupey I hate I'd give him away, holgate well who is going to want him, Plymouth maybe, but what is going to be shocking is no one from the kids will be coming up as we've given most of them away from last season, we can only have so many loans, so with the ones who have left, the onea everyone wants gone, we could be looking at around 8 players, how do will then get players in with no money and 4 max loans if I'm correct, freebies, I mean if there good they won't come, and if there crap why do we want them, I think next season will be our hardest yet.

09 Jun 2024 10:44:45
There was an article in the ECHO a couple of days ago that said Everton need to alter the PSR profitability figures last year from £63 m to around $38m. Unfortunately that 63m included profits from the sale of Gordon of approx 40m so we need an improvement from £103m (63+40) to £38 or 65m

There's lot of other pluses and minuses such as no costs for paying off the old useless directors, increased revenue from our improved league position offset by the return of Ali and Gomes from loan etc etc

What is clear though however is that we need to sell some of our players to have a hope of meeting the PSR rules. We could flout them for the third year in a row but that would run the risk falling foul of further points deductions

We would make far more profit from selling Branthwaite who, apart from a very small sell on clause would be all profit. Onana comes with a higher sell on clause and we would have to offset any sales with the unused amortisation of his contract

Apart from PSR profitability our other major issue is that we are awash with debt. We owe MSP, R&M, 777 and Moshiri over £1.2 billion. On top of that the stadium isn't finished and we losing every month, adding to our debts to keep running

There's hope there's new buyers in the wind but nothing concrete and nothing immediate and at any point one of our debtors could tip us into administration so selling players just to pay the loan debt is a very real threat to us.



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