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14 Jun 2024 07:48:35
If we have to sell JB for psr reasons then the game is finished in my opinion. How can this benefit our club? The rules need changing. Football has been destroyed. This is absolutely outrageous. If then player wants to go (as is being reported) then get rid. I have no time or sentiment for a player who does not want to play for our club but if its purely to abide by rules then how on earth are we ever going to be able to compete at the highest level ever again?
Only the clubs challenging the top spots are hit hard. It's disgusting. It's unfair. It's corrupt.

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14 Jun 2024 08:42:46
In all fairness we had to sell Branthwaite regardless of a PSR issue or not.
When a so called 'Big Club' like Man Utd (despite their issues lately they're still a massive club) come in for your player and you have the opportunity to sell for circa 75 million, you do it. The profit margin on him is too huge to refuse.

Every Evertonian wants him to stay but the vast majority would agree that it was an inevitable move no matter our financial situation.

14 Jun 2024 08:47:06
Totally agree Pauly. Villa are a prime example of how it is wrong. Overachieved last season, get CL, not really thrown money at it and their reward is going to after sell 1 maybe 2 of their prize assets.

14 Jun 2024 09:37:14
Mocker we are selling to a club with far bigger debts than us. How is this allowed? It's shocking and only getting worse. Like I said if he wants to go then get rid. We will always replace them but the Premier league/ fa/ uefa need a big sort out. Its killing the game we loved.
Villa couldn't be accused of overspending surely? What about Chelsea? Man city 115 charges? We have had 2 point deductions in 1 season. It stinks. It absolutely stinks. I've seen success but my son is 24 now and has seen nothing but decline.

14 Jun 2024 09:40:19
Worcester we have been selling our best players for far too long. Also man utd do not have the pulling power anymore but when it comes to us they seem to have an open window for sales. Everton FC was built on keeping our best players. How on earth can we sell our stars each season and expect to get anywhere?

14 Jun 2024 09:57:03
Totally agree Pauly and feel same and echo your concern about Utd and their debt but being allowed to spend again along with the bending of the rules to allow them into the Europa League when multi club ownership doesn't allow, it's all corrupt and truly stinks! .

Utd and Chelsea will spend big again even after spending massive over last few seasons and failing, they have too much of a head start on the rest after 20 years of CL money and very few restrictions in place then on spend, they are streets ahead of the pack. Truly stinks, yet Newcastle richest club in world can't spend, Villa get CL and need to sell now to comply, how can that possibly equate to a fair league? Baffles me and infuriates.

{Ed002's Note - A large proble is that the posters on this thread simply don't understand the finances of football nor how P&SR work, yet you all keep trying to discuss things you don't understand. It is hopeless. And there is nothing "corrup" - a word none of you seem to be able to grasp the definition of. Just get back to transfers and the takeover.}

14 Jun 2024 10:46:58
In the long term Branthwaite would be worth a lot more to us as a player than making a quick buck now.

14 Jun 2024 10:53:15
Ain't just "poster's" on here Ed mate. Majority of football fans I know feel the same and the actions seem pretty clear to suggest things favour the elite, and in doing so corrupts the system. I mean for over a year you were on about 777 takeover and how wasn't a good thing (you were right) but 1 thing you kept saying was the multi club ownership if in the unlikely event Everton got into Europe etc, rules you stated couldn't be broke yet here we are Man Utd will be allowed to bend these simply because they are Man Utd Ed? Am sure they is a lot more to it all but the fact remains to the vast majority of fans paying or otherwise it all appears to benefit the so called big 6.

{Ed002's Note - No, that is not the case. They can have a period of transition but at present Ineos own less than 30% of Manchester United. The problem is the people blurting out this nonsense simply don't understand what they are saying.}

14 Jun 2024 13:19:43
Being in debt and not adhering to FFP are not the same thing. Most players would sign for Man U, whatever the financial situation their current club was in. It's frustrating, but it's going to happen and we need to focus on recruiting.

14 Jun 2024 19:40:22
I think the main point is still valid. Unless you are the big 6, you will have to sell players as attempts to break in to their clique is near impossible due to PSR. Even with some of them (top 6) throwing huge amounts down the drain in recent years, they can still come back and spend more as they have the financial income globally that the rest of the league just don’t have. The fact Villa, Newcastle and others (like ourselves) have to sell our best players to abide by PSR but the top six don’t shows something isn’t right. Ok - we have messed up our finances but Villa and Newcastle should not have. I can see Newcastle going through what we are going through in a few years time.

What rubs salt in the wound is how City have established themselves from a mediocre club from the championship to the best team in the league over 20 years of being able to throw money away and, in light of what has been discovered recently, likely cheated their way there financially. I’d be interested to know if the PSR rules had been around when City was bought out by the bottomless pocketed Saudi owners whether they would have been able to do what they have did.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel very annoyed and angry at what feels like a monopoly of the league by the big 6. Maybe it’s jealousy of not being one of them but it just feels like we are all feeder clubs. How teams can have players on their bench getting paid £200k a week plus is beyond my comprehension when the rest of us can only afford a few players in the starting line up on £100k. It’s not like we don’t have a decent size ground or a rubbish following. Neither does Newcastle or Villa but we all seem miles and miles off the big 6.

{Ed025's Note - what you have to take into account BR...is that its all crooked mate, its a monopoly that will end up with what they all want..a European super league, sod the rest of us unwashed and penniless its the cheats and money launderers they want as the brown envelopes are bigger mate..

14 Jun 2024 20:20:30
I really wish you were wrong Ed25.

{Ed025's Note - so do i mate..



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