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19 Jun 2024 15:38:33
Always makes me laugh when a buying club think they can dictate the price of a player to a selling club.

Funnily enough, it always seems to be one of the "big clubs" that fall guilty of it.

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19 Jun 2024 16:26:43
Same as that mate.

19 Jun 2024 18:58:25
Pay what he's worth or jog on. sick of us being ripped off in the transfer market.

19 Jun 2024 21:09:13
Exactly lads. “Man Utd tell Everton to get realistic or they will walk away”.

Walk on then you little rats. If you don’t feel as if the fee we are looking for represents value then look elsewhere. If they sign him, he strengthens them and dramatically weakens us.

Perhaps the most annoying thing is that clubs have no issue paying the same type of fees for players who have had one good season in farmers leagues e.g Portugal. Yet JB has been one of the best centre backs in the toughest league in the world. He is 21, big, strong, fast and both footed and they want to pay peanuts. It’s laughable.

19 Jun 2024 21:36:57
All true& I agree BlueNose. fear this is going to end with Jarrad playing up and forcing a move, leaving us not getting a our full valuation.

{Ed025's Note - apparently he really wants the move to United mate..

19 Jun 2024 21:48:45
If so Ed, he is going. Thought he would realistically go, as been said be some middle ground. £55million or so.

{Ed025's Note - i imagine it will end up around that figure Mocker..

19 Jun 2024 21:55:57
Good return and needed but yeah does feel like we are been short changed.

Like the lad we are linked to Greaves from Hull but big shoes to fill, think Tarks can get the best out of partner whoever he is, did it with Ben Mee at Burnley too.

19 Jun 2024 23:02:59
I love him lads and think he is top quality and he will only get better but if he wants to go, I can’t begrudge him of it.

Happy for him to go but if we don’t get full value for him, then I think it’s a disgrace and shows we are still a naive operator in the market, especially when you look at the fees paid for Fontana, cucurella, etc.

I would say to him, look, you can go if it is what you want but do you think you are one of the best young prospects in world football and when he turns around and says yes, I would say, ok, then we will get a few that is reflective of that or you aren’t going.

He is contracted for a few years yet. One more season with us bossing it is only going to make his options better. We brought him from Carlisle and took a chance on him when nobody else did. I think he owes us a decent fee if he wants to go. He is 21 and another season cutting his teeth will do him no harm. It is time to put the club first.

{Ed025's Note - he will be on far more lucrative wages with United than he will ever be with us BN, plus all the trappings of fame and sponsorship deals that comes with signing for the likes of them, its modern day football im afraid mate..

20 Jun 2024 06:12:54
Don’t forget Bluenose: we need the money from his sale. He won’t have much of a say in the price of the sale, just that he can be sold and that will help us.

20 Jun 2024 06:50:19
Yeah like him to stick with us BlueNose for another season or 2 but you can't blame the lad, really hope this doesn't play our in public. As for owing us, I get what you mean but he doesn't really does he it could be a 5000% profit on the lad after giving us a stellar season last season, only thing I begrudge is it's Utd and as rightly already stated the fees paid elsewhere for players of seemingly less standard with the fact Utd very publicly are known to have such vast debt along with us yet they will spend big again and in this case perhaps not the full market value, just doesn't seem right.

20 Jun 2024 12:27:53
Not a bad return considering a small section of fans were writing him off last season after his psv loan. Take the money and run.

20 Jun 2024 13:28:52
Remember if we end up with £55m, £8.25m will be going to Carlisle so we net £46.75m.
not a bad return although I'd love him to stay for one more season.



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