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22 Jun 2024 20:41:55
I for one will be so glad to see the back of DCL let's get a new young and hungry forward in to replace the sick note.

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22 Jun 2024 22:42:59
Do you think he wanted to be injured and miss so many games for us and see his chances of playing for England evaporate?

I hate the way some of our "fans" talk about players. He's always tried his best on the pitch and off it has should gratitude for what he's been given in the way he talks about the club and applied himself to its community.

I give up honestly.

22 Jun 2024 23:17:10
I got told it was mental health issues with DCL more than body injuries? Not a clinical finisher but has scored some important goals for us and I do hope we keep him he loves the club and is a hand full. who else we going to get chris wood or weghorst.

22 Jun 2024 23:53:13
Not to mention, BJU, some important goals that helped us to maintain our Premier league status but some will ignore that to suit their own agenda mate.

23 Jun 2024 00:28:46
I’m with you BlueJohn, he picked up most of his injuries putting himself about for our club and you can see what it means to him to score a goal for Everton. Wouldn’t blame him for moving on with the stick he gets. We’ve far worse players than Dom that we should be looking to move on. The fact that Newcastle are keen should tell the fans something about how good he can be.

23 Jun 2024 03:02:27
In the last 3 seasons he's played 66 games and scored 14 goals. Whether he loves the club or not isn't an issue, his strike rate is. simply not good enough if we want to start climbing the table.

He may well score more goals at Newcastle with more creative players around him but that's not us atm.

23 Jun 2024 08:41:25
So we’re looking for a number 9 that can score 15 goals a season without a decent number 10 or wingers that can beat their fullback and get a cross in?

23 Jun 2024 10:03:12
Maybe we can finally get rid of the 1 up front system that kills our team every season.

23 Jun 2024 10:23:58
So blue John would you like us to buy an injury prone striker who's goals per game strike record is not the best but tried his best?
This is type of attitude is what's holding us back.

23 Jun 2024 12:27:30
Have to agree Skylark you hit the nail on the head mate, we need 5 or 6 new players and Sean has started recruiting early.

23 Jun 2024 14:28:37
Buy no and sell yes. Although my reason for selling is due to the contract he has.

My problem is the disdain people have towards our players simply for putting their body on the line. He's had abuse for his injuries, his taste in clothes and called kinds by his own fans, especially over the last three years.

Personally though I think Newcastle or anyone else will be getting an excellent CF. The narrow view of goals neglects his around link up play and how good he holds the ball, brining others into the game. But his contract situation means we must sell unless he signs.



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