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23 Jun 2024 14:49:50
Can I ask ed02 about this strategy Newcastle, Everton, villa and Chelsea are deploying in overpaying for each others players to beat ffp.

Is it clever business exploiting a loophole or illegal and could teams face problems down the line?

{Ed002's Note - Clubs are not buying players for more money that they are worth. Newcastle have a legitimate interest in two Everton players. There was a lot of interest in Maatsen and Aston Villa paid what Chelsea wanted, and Broussia Dortmund couldn't, to sign one of their players. Chelsea raised the availability of Omari Kellyman during discussions about another player. It is not a strategy.}

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23 Jun 2024 15:18:10
Conspiracy theorists at it again then.

23 Jun 2024 20:37:56
It's not overpaying but it is unprecedented that 2 clubs like Villa and Everton would strike those deals for so called fringe/ backup players before the 30th June. I'm sure that will be evident when both clubs post their end of year accounts.
2 clubs that notoriously do their first team business later in the window have both managed to sign players despite being up against FFP in this financial year. ?.

{Ed025's Note - and 2 fringe players at that Smit, and both for undisclosed fees, and both clubs having PSR issues... it sounds a bit dodgy to me mate..

23 Jun 2024 20:59:52
You got a suspicious mind Ed mate.

{Ed025's Note - and that’s why I’m a big Elvis fan GB.. ?

23 Jun 2024 22:52:24
Not dodgy Ed just a two finger salute to Masters.

{Ed025's Note - that works for me just as well Smit..

24 Jun 2024 12:09:43
I may be way off and this is purely a bystanders view so don't have a go if wrong but, say 10 mill for each player over 5 years 2 mill a year, so this year 8 mill profit for both clubs shows.

Yes I'm aware contracts may be shorter and amounts different but its Purley a guess. Will probably see more of these fringe player type deals over the teams in prem.

{Ed001's Note - if you sell for 10m you don't get 10m. 5% goes to the player sold. Then there is associated costs such as agent fees, which can be obscene these days. Then there is also 5% split between the clubs where he was developed at youth level. Unless a player came completely through Everton's academy system, you would get less than 9m in total. Probably substantially less with taxes and fees coming out of it.}

24 Jun 2024 19:13:28
Cheers for the extra insight ed.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome mate. It is easy to forget how much comes out of transfer fees. And often clubs will sell the debt on to get ready cash immediately rather than waiting for payments, so lose a large cut of it. Liverpool did that with the Coutinho money from Barcelona, to allow them to spend that summer, and it is very common for clubs to do that. Otherwise you are getting it in dribs and drabs and it often just gets swallowed up in the normal running costs.}

25 Jun 2024 07:40:51
It is easy to get carried away with the huge numbers My work team invoice 300k a month, can I go out and buy a Rolls Royce? No, with the payments I get that month I can get a Ford Cortina and 20 John player special.
Cash flow comes in so slowly as no one has millions sat in the banks waiting to buy stuff.



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