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04 Jul 2024 20:14:42
If reports are true DCL wants the Newcastle move and isn't interested in signing a new contract? We have probably offered him less money than what he is currently on what with are current financial state. And he will be looking at it as his last big contract being 27.must be nice to want more than £120 grand a week. No loyalty in the game what so ever. And it's them that ruin most of my weekends lol ? ?.

{Ed025's Note - mine as well RON, the thing we have to realize mate is that all these players are just transient employees and will move when and where they please, your right about the lack of loyalty but its just the way the game is im afraid, hes not the first and wont be the last but it is what it is, we move on to hopefully bigger and better things and i know it sounds a little bitter but if it went tits up for DCL i would not be shedding any tears..

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04 Jul 2024 20:57:16
Totally agree Ed. just hope we get some money and he doesn't go for nothing come the end of this nxt season.

{Ed025's Note - hopefully it wont come to that RON..

04 Jul 2024 21:18:59
But he did kiss the badge the last game of the season so that makes everything ok.

{Ed025's Note - and iv got something else he can kiss Skylark.. :)

04 Jul 2024 22:10:28
DCL always flattered to deceive. Had a decent season a few years ago, won a few England caps but injuries have severely curtailed his career.

Hopefully we can get £25 million for him and move on.

04 Jul 2024 22:42:15
This old loyalty tosh again. We signed him from Sheffield utd so he should have just stayed there right? The same idiotic stance that some on here have had a swipe at Branthwaite from Carlisle . Get ya wooden rattles out and your woodbines and flat caps.

04 Jul 2024 22:50:35
Keen to play in front of the Reform supporters….

04 Jul 2024 23:54:09
Hey Brown Shoes, I remember those days, very good times as well. We could get almost 80,000 in Goodison Park and the football was pretty good also. Players did not throw themselves on the ground every time they got touched, the sponge did magical things and yes players were happy to play for Everton mainly because they were rewarded financially as they would have been with other clubs and with trophies.
We will not be great again until we can convince players like Braithwaite to stay at the club because we can once again reward them as we did in the past. Unfortunately I don't expect that this will happen in my lifetime.

05 Jul 2024 00:31:30
Never a dcl fan. All the best son and shut the door on your way out! Last player I was genuinely gutted to lose was probably arteta, goes to show our transfer deals of the last decade or so!

05 Jul 2024 01:54:44
Been at Everton for 8yrs, pretty loyal I'd say. If he wants a new challenge then fair enough. Good luck to him, I'd like him yo stay as a fit DCL is an asset but I don't begrudge him him a move to a better team currently, competing at a higher level. Quite simple really.

05 Jul 2024 08:42:23
Look if someone offered you more money and a signing on fee to join a better company then you would go. It’s not about loyalty anymore. It’s about getting the most you can out of a very short career. Now whether you like it or not that’s just the way it is.
So while they wear the shirt you support them. Once they move on you support the next one to wear the shirt.

04 Jul 2024 22:40:01
Do we know if them rumours are true or just clickbait like every other story we read in the rags. I for one have always defended him, big fan aswel. I think he’s mustard a with the service will score goals. As proved when having a playmaker like James Rodriguez behind him. Even the way we play under dyche he is absolutely crucial to the system. So before we pack his bags an get on his back, shall we not wait and see if he “wants out” I haven’t heard about a transfer request unless you know anything about this Ed?

He’s a quality player an we will be far weaker without him that’s a fact.

Hope this is all nonsense. From what I’ve heard he loves the city, so I’m hoping it’s all the rags reporting nonsense as usual.

Everton the gear.

{Ed002's Note - He is not going to make a formal transfer request for financial reasons. He is certainly open to the move.}



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