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09 Jul 2024 12:17:58
I find it interesting that Ed002, who has infinitely more information than any of us states "Mr Dyche is largely a peripheral figure. " I presume when it comes to transfers.
Now I know that GB does not agree with that and thinks our manager walks on water and many of us think that he has done a good job for the last few seasons keeping us up under difficult circumstances.
However, I also read that that the potential new owner has had discussions with advisors regarding the managerial situation.
So SD's managerial situation is up in the air, I hope that he is given at least six months to see what he can do but the new owner may wish to make a statement, we will see!

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09 Jul 2024 12:58:28
Hi Mike I certainly do not think Sean walks on water, he did what he was brought in for to keep us up and he did, pretty footy no it certainly wasn’t but would settle for what he managed to do with a very poor Team which was keep us in the Premiership, as for the managerial situation his contract runs out in 2025 and I recently stated the same thing that the new owners would want to get it sorted one way or another some agreed some didn’t game of opinions mate, myself I hope has given the chance and with the new arrivals he’s bringing in it seems he will be here for a while.

09 Jul 2024 13:34:51
Would have thought Dyche would have spoken to Thelwell about the type of player he wants, and what positions he needs to strengthen. It's then Thelwell's job to find these players.
What do you think Harlex :)

09 Jul 2024 15:41:20
Just pulling your leg GB. I guess the point is "who is calling the shots" when it comes to transfers. Maybe it's Thelwell? Yes he obviously talks to Dyche but someone has to make the final decision and from Ed002's comments it does not sound as if it is Dyche. That's my point!

{Ed002's Note - It is not Dyche, no. Obviously he is consulted by Thelwell and the two others involved.}

09 Jul 2024 15:52:42
Yep you are right BlueMike mate.

09 Jul 2024 17:03:10
Love it Brass! Hahah.

09 Jul 2024 17:46:06
You’d expect the manager to communicate with the DofF and that he’d then control scouts, transfers etc. Normal. Also expected that a new owner would review his options when it comes to the manager. Don’t think there’s a story here. If SD does well, he’ll have a better chance of staying, if he doesn’t, he won’t. The squad though should remain more balanced as it’s being overseen by a DofF.

09 Jul 2024 18:11:33
Good post JB agree with all of that mate.

09 Jul 2024 17:09:07
Thanks for the clarification Ed002, we are lucky to have you sharing your information.

{Ed002's Note - Hoping everything is resolved soon.}



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