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01 May 2019 22:25:32
Hi Ed do you know in any interest in Youcef atal and soumare from Ligue 1. Is there any interest in any of our players Lookman Thanks in advance.

{Ed002's Note - Atal no, but there is from elsewhere. Boubakary Soumare perhaps but how could Everton persuade him to give up Champions League for, well nothing really? There is interest in him from elsewhere as well.}

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02 May 2019 05:39:59
Cheers Ed it’s going to be hard to persuade players to come without European football. And we don’t want to be giving them silly wages. Hopefully we have learnt that from the last managers. Hopefully brands has got
His plan all set ready for the summer.

{Ed002's Note - At best Boubakary Soumare would be one for the future for most PL sides so the expectation is that he will end up being sold if he is sold to the PL this summer. But it is indeed an up hill battle to get players to move when European football cannot be offered.}

02 May 2019 10:26:50
Hopefully we can offer them the pathway to be sold to a bigger club by giving them the chance to showcase themselves in the pl and get some profit and hopefully grow as a club from it.

{Ed002's Note - You are living in a fantasy world. Bigfger clubs are already interested in both players. Everton is not running a shop window - Soumare has only played a couple of games in the French league - and that is it.}

02 May 2019 16:47:57
Sorry Ed was referring to young talents rather than them two individuals.

{Ed002's Note - Ok.}

02 May 2019 19:21:00
Ed replies to your comment like your a piece of #### and you apologise to him or her, then in reply to your needless apology you simply get “ok”
Personally I’ll be telling ed2 to wind his neck No need to respond to anyone like that, how he continues to get away with it I’ll never know.
Not Everton related so I apol. actually no I don’t 👍.

{Ed002's Note - That is oK - I am not providing any further information to the Everton page so you won’t have the problem anymore.}

02 May 2019 21:05:57
Ed002 your opinion is always valued on these pages, your wealth of knowledge is second to none. Not everyone agrees with how you respond, but the amount of rubbish and stupid questions you have to put up with I’m not surprised how you respond sometimes. This is a banter and rumour site if people don’t like your responses they don’t need to bother on here.
It would be disappointing if one person whom I’ve never seen before on these pages denied the rest of us genuine fans your knowledge relating to rumours, transfers etc.

{Ed002's Note - If he is not a regular on these pages then we will leave it as it is. It means he will be a supported=r of another side. I will see if I can find out.}

03 May 2019 01:51:53
If youdon't like how the sites are run smeg, then don't come on the page. do us all a favour though and stop the hard case act. why are you fuming? cos ya season tickets just gone up from 99 to 150.

03 May 2019 10:54:28
If you click on the name he has posted some stuff over a period of time not just recently but not loads
At times I think some on here could dial their responses down to be a little less condescending but then I do like the banter and information
It’s tough at times but we don’t have to be like school kids squabbling in a playground, and let’s just hope in 6 years time our posts aren’t pulled up and used against us 😂.

03 May 2019 13:18:10
Ed I didn’t take any offence anyway your football is greater than ours and some of our questions will be fairy tale to you and you do a lot on these pages across all clubs in your own time so i think anyone to take a pop at you is out of order. For me I like reading all your posts I go on to other pages and read them to get a insight to how things are and all the other Ed’s too keep up your good work and don’t let people get to you.

{Ed002's Note - Thanks - it has been suggested he is a Liverpool supporter.}

03 May 2019 18:13:23
Well you can ban him if they beat Newcastle on Saturday but if they lose can you keep his account live until Sunday please 😉.

06 May 2019 14:05:21
Don't know why you support ed02 the way he replies to some posts on here is rude to say the least that's probably why most start off by saying sorry for asking ed02 because they know what type of answer they will get . Is he really needed on this website i for one have learned nothing from ed02.

{Ed002's Note - Ok - I get the point, the regulars don’t want me to post anything either.}

07 May 2019 13:31:22
So skylark has gone off criticising silva and started on Ed002.
In my opinion we’ve learned nothing from skylark apart from he likes to whinge and complain, whereas Ed002 has. a wealth of football knowledge and contributes greatly to the site.
With the transfer window coming up I’d know who’s input on the site I’d want and that’s Ed002, regardless how he responds to some of the stupid and repetitive posts he has to deal with. He actually brings something to this site which us fans can appreciate.
Can’t imagine it’ll be long before skylark slating brands in the transfer window, like previous posts relating to who he has brought in, when the majority have actually finally shone.

07 May 2019 16:44:32
I don't see too much wrong with Ed02s replies in this thread. what's the issue?
Ed002 replied to Eddy and Eddy doesn't seem to have an issue with him. I'm not sure who you and Smeghead are trying to stick up for?

All the Eds bring something different to this forum and if you don't like one of the Eds replying to you then maybe direct your questions at a specific Ed.

Either way don't spoil it for the other posters on here who don't have an issue with Ed002.



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