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22 Dec 2021 11:08:07
Brennan Johnson and Nathan Patterson being heavily linked with a move to us, looks like the start for Rafa to get his own Team together with DCL coming back to full fitness good news indeed.

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22 Dec 2021 11:24:59
Neither of those signings get me even the slightest bit excited. Sell Digne to be replaced by an unknown Ukrainian lad too, and you think that this proves Rafa is leading some sort of booming revolution at the club.
I personally think he's signing average Joe's that will see us take years to recover from.
How long until Richarlison and DCL are also shipped out, with Rafa claiming they disrupt the club, whereas the reality is he just wants to be like a kid in a candy shop and generate funds to do a bit of shopping in the transfer window. He doesn't care if these players are worse than who they replace, he just likes throwing money about.

Rafa out!

22 Dec 2021 11:31:40
Gutted to hear that Worcester. I haven't seen the Ukrainian lad play so worrying to hear that you've seen plenty of him and he's an average Joe ?. We all know how poor digne has been for a sustained period so I don't mind him going but had hoped the replacement was going to be a decent player.

22 Dec 2021 11:38:12
Just like you thought of Gray and Townsend.

22 Dec 2021 11:45:20
WEFC are you having a bubble? You don’t think he cares if the players are worse than who they replace? And he just wants to throw money around lol. Have you heard yourself?

Rafas job and reputation are on the line. He wants to do a good job. He wants the people of Liverpool, both sides to idolise him. He’s certainly not doing a bad job intentionally.

He needs time. He’s trying to build a competitive squad.

I’m not entirely convinced of Rafa. Ancelotti had the same squad last season. He broke a few long standing records and got some decent results. He certainly didn’t get 1 win from 11 games.

That said, I definitely wouldn’t go out there publicly making moronic comments about Rafa, like you have.

What is he supposed to do? They spent 1.7m in the summer, he’s inherited a weak squad, he’s had injuries left right and centre. What do you actually expect from him?

22 Dec 2021 11:48:34
So the fans don’t want overpaid, foreign fancies and they don’t want young British talent. What do they want?

22 Dec 2021 12:28:12
That Patterson is a good player and I’d be happy to see him sign for us. Success with any purchase is never guaranteed obviously, but they are the type of player I think we should be buying.

22 Dec 2021 12:33:07
I don't like to comparison between Ancelotti and Rafa. Ancelotti had James playing outstanding football for a portion of the season. He got goals and assists, he could play through the middle and find that key pass that no one in our team and currently make, at least not anywhere near the same standard.

Our only out and out striker has been out the majority of the season as well. Rafa hasn't helped himself with subs and team selection but we've been destroyed by injuries to key players.

The constant revolving door with managers is what has put our club and squad in the terrible position it is in. What we need is stability and we don't get that by constantly changing managers. Give him until the end of next season, or ideally the season after that, before we make judgement, we aren't going down.

Rafa out is just a stupid idea right now. And puts us right back to square one. New system, new players required ie more money to be spent.

22 Dec 2021 12:53:27
Loads moaning about our over aged squad and now we’re linked with younger players still get fans moaning - couldn’t make it up.

22 Dec 2021 13:01:46
It has to be a wind up worcester, haha good one.

22 Dec 2021 13:13:18
FatChris I get your point about comparing managers like Ancelotti and Rafa. I wasn’t necessarily comparing them but I was making a point of comparing the squads they had to work with and the results.

James or no James - they both had him available to them. One of those managers got half a tune from him, the other didn’t and moved him on.

22 Dec 2021 13:15:13
Maybe Worcester has been on the sauce?

22 Dec 2021 13:27:22
Good one cookie.

22 Dec 2021 14:54:02
Tut, tut. Someone giving their opinion. This is starting to feel like a WOKE site?.

22 Dec 2021 15:07:46
MKBlue you say they both had James available and that may be true. but he was costing us in excess of ten million pounds per year and we're in the mud with ffp as it is. James has been replaced by demarai gray who is on course to beat his goals/ assists from last season easily. he'll be on a fraction of the wages and cost buttons. Add to that, he and Townsend were signed to provide service to dcl who has turned out to be injured all season so I'd say given that fact they are doing pretty well. Rafa is without dcl, without siggy (not his biggest fan, but look at the goals and assists he contributed last season) and reduced our wage bill by circa 350k per WEEK getting shut of James and Bernard. He needs time to refine the squad further and then we can judge how he's doing but to say he has the same squad as Carlo is either naive or disingenuous.

22 Dec 2021 15:19:57
Yeah I agree completely TDavey

I want Rafa to be successful and he needs time to see that project through without people giving “opinions” which to be frank, are wrong ?? they are toxic, thank god the people with these toxic views don’t influence decisions at the club.

23 Dec 2021 10:49:57
Thought this was what this site was all about, having opinions? Right, wrong or totally deluded.



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