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04 Jan 2022 15:16:47
Patterson in five and a half year deal for £11 million plus add ons number 3 shirt.

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04 Jan 2022 16:54:27
Well that's great, but how can we afford them? I know that we expect to get rid of players but that has not happened yet and we must be in a poor negotiating position because other teams will know that we are in a bad financial position.

04 Jan 2022 17:26:45
Been wondering that myself. Unless we have just decided that we won't be getting into Europe any time soon, and are praying the FA don't deduct points.

We've spent 35ish million getting a new RB and replacing a player that until Rafa came along didn't need replacing, yet in the summer we couldn't afford any RB at all.

Makes no sense to me, unless a deal for someone has already been done that we don't know about.

04 Jan 2022 17:36:28
We are 4 day into the transfer window with 26 days to go and your starting to moan about money, can’t you wait until the window closes to see were we are before the bitching starts, besides it’s not your money or business so why worry.

{Ed0666's Note - everyone’s an accountant on this site I thought you knew that Dollo. Clearly you didn’t get the memo

04 Jan 2022 18:53:05
Like taking my missus shopping.

04 Jan 2022 18:57:48
We don’t have to sell in this window, as far as I am aware, as long as we get some transfer fees in the summer, before the end of June, then I am guessing they will also be included in the financial year, sure one of the Ed’s can confirm or dismiss my way of thinking.

If that is the case then we should get some money for Digne and Moise Kean.

{Ed002's Note - Correct in terms over overall spending, but the club cannot simply keep adding players and if the wage keeps going up there will be FFP sanctions. The club will soon report another huge loss. Perhaps it is the time for the club to start acting responsibly?

04 Jan 2022 19:34:10
We will have to ED2 surely do this in a responsible way. I would imagine the accountants have told the club what they can spend, what they must recoup and how much the may save on wages, etc.

You would think the club are sensible enough to have played about with all possible angles to keep us safe. or. they are hoping we get hit with a fine rather than points loss.

{Ed002's Note - No.}

04 Jan 2022 19:42:34
Agree with Ed, I don't like being sour on new transfers and pray they do well, but to whoever said its not my money or business is really missing the point.

If Moshiri spends this club into oblivion he will walk away with a bruised ego, a dented but still obscene bank balance and move on.

We as supporters and the staff of our great club will be the ones left with the pieces that are left over. So no it isn't my business but no matter who currently owns it, it is still our club, and if its being run carelessly we absolutely have a right to voice that opinion.

04 Jan 2022 19:43:21
I think there are some valid points being made about spending.

Whilst as fans we’re getting excited with these incomings we’ve been told numerous times we are close to breaching ffp so would be good to know there is a plan in place to offset these new signings.

Also as we apparently only had space to add one more player to the squad and we’ve already signed 2 and potentially a 3rd on the way you’d hope that this has all been thought through!

04 Jan 2022 20:17:49
I object to people saying that you are moaning when you ask a reasonable question. I am very happy for us to get new and young players in but want us to act responsibly for once as Ed002 has stated many times. As for you Ed0666, no I am not an accountant but do know the basics which is if you spend more than you earn and keep doing it over and over for a long period you end up in trouble.

04 Jan 2022 20:45:14
We have spent 35m on our last 7 players, we recouped 14.5 in summer according to transfermarket, if we sell digne for 25m doesn’t look to bad financially as we only spent 60 odd last year and it’s over a 3 year period, we have got off the wage book, Rodriguez moisekean Bernard Walcott bolasie besic Niasse baines Sandro schniderlin and the likes of dowel garbutt ect, out of contract this year tosun Delph sigurdson all big earners, let’s hope we can get a couple more youngsters in this January am hopefully the summer be a bit more rosey.

04 Jan 2022 21:08:58
I reckon we will get Tosun off the wage bill, possibly Holgate, also a possibility we might move Mina on, would not be suprised to see Tom Davies go out onloan and a few others, got quite a few out of contract this summer, but need get them off the wage bill now if we can.

04 Jan 2022 20:59:38
Ed002 Everton to start acting responsibly? To use your common phrase, I wouldn't hold your breath.

04 Jan 2022 22:58:50
We lost over 100mill last season and its the wages that are the bulk of that.
For every Rodriguez, Dowel and Moise Kean we got off the books we added the likes of Alan, Doucoure the season before and Gray, Townsend, Rondon, Patterson and Mykolenko this time.
To reduce this down Coleman and Digne need to go to reduce the fullback wages. Iwobi needs to go from the wingers and Gbamin, Gomes and Delph need to go from the midfielders. Keane and Holgate from the defenders. All on decent wages but don't play enough to warrant them.
All need to be replaced on the bench with Simms, Dobbin, Gordon, Braithwaite, Nkounkou and Onyango.
What they will do to where we finish in the league is anyone's guess. Hopefully not bottom three but that is the only way we are reducing the wage bill enough.

05 Jan 2022 10:17:27
That’s eight players smit, methinks it might leave us a little thin for squad numbers. Unless your thinking of bringing in more young players we’ve never heard of, and with no egos then that’s fine I guess?.



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