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12 Jan 2022 06:57:51
If we looking at neres and el ghazi, do you reckon richarlison is off? We surely don't need another winger.

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12 Jan 2022 08:00:54
Wouldn't surprise me. Should get a load of money for him. 70 Million at least under the current climate . I know he gets hammered in games but he's too theatrical and falls over as if he has been shot. We don't need wingers we need a creative midfielder and a centre half!

12 Jan 2022 09:26:08
Not only a very good player but probably if not the hardest, one of the hardest working players we have.

12 Jan 2022 09:59:58
Richarleson has been one of, if not our best performing player over the last three seasons. As for falling over theatrically then he is no worse than Vardy, Salla, Kane and Zaha all players that I would personally love to see at Everton. As for a 70m price tag I don't think many clubs would offer anywhere near that under the current climate.

12 Jan 2022 10:03:30
Spot on DFS.

12 Jan 2022 11:22:19
I'd be gutted if we sell Richie this next 12 months, doesn't stop running or sulking, he looks like he's won the lottery but lost his ticket, but he's one of our top players. And El ghazi. Opinions anyone?

12 Jan 2022 11:28:34
Seems inevitable that he’ll move on sooner or later, but I hope it’s later.

12 Jan 2022 11:41:02
So now we have fans turning on Richarlison…really? Wow!
Go support anther club.

{Ed025's Note - hes one one i would keep BA, has heart and gives his all every game, if the others had his attitude we would not be in the mess we are mate..

12 Jan 2022 12:20:29
He’s our best player! Ahead of gray Dom and Gordon! Brazil’s number 9! Why would you want him to go because he sulks, cristiano has sulked his whole careers didn’t most games richy gets kicked none stop.

{Ed025's Note - absolutely big dunc, he can sulk all he wants for me mate so long as he is doing the business on the park..

12 Jan 2022 12:23:23
Could not have put it better myself Ed. ??.

12 Jan 2022 13:46:22
Brett, that's my line ??

I can see both sides but definitely think he should stay. Marmite player but scores goals and has worked pretty hard on defensive duties.

{Ed025's Note - not marmite for me geoff, one of our best 3 players imo mate..

12 Jan 2022 14:55:19
Richy "sulking" is pretty much the grown-up version of what I'm usually doing at the same time, whether it's because of a terrible pass to him or a foul refs don't see. right now he is probably too good for us to manage to hold on to based on our position though.

{Ed025's Note - lets hope not bob, he is pivotal to us staying up mate..

12 Jan 2022 15:01:23
Not very hard that Ed, when you look at some of the duff we have.

I like him but I think he got another few levels he could go up. He can be so much better than he is.

{Ed025's Note - for him to get to higher levels geoff he would need better players around him mate, im just happy to have him as i think hes got a major role if we are to climb to safety mate..

12 Jan 2022 15:16:22
No way Everton would allow Richarlison to leave in this window.

12 Jan 2022 17:20:56
If he was solely playing on the wing, I'd say that you're worry about leaving this window is valid. As he plays as a striker for us, I'd say he won't go anywhere this window. He's definitely going to be the big story stay or go in the summer 100%
I love him, never got his detractors. He is so Underrated and I hate that word. His tracking back and defensive work is criminally ignored by fans and pundits alike. He is a complete player. And yes he has 2 or 3 more levels but as Ed says, those will not be accessed until he has much better players on his team. He will earn us a fortune and we will miss him when he's gone. Even the moaning Minnie's will start to call his praises once he's gone.

12 Jan 2022 17:57:35
He is quite easily the best footballer we have.

12 Jan 2022 20:02:39
I agree Woburn, I think he is our best player and our most ‘sellable’ asset with DCL just behind him. I do feel however that the lad deserved CL or the very least European football should he graciously ask for it. He is a starter for a decent Brazil team.
I don’t want to lost him but if he (for example) became Mbappe PSG replacement and we got say 80mil for him and the Club bought x2 decent 40mil players I would accept that. For example Diaz we could have easily got at the beginning of this season for 35mil (not now ) . It’s all ifs and butts but I think Rafa wouldn’t be adverse to Richy leaving if he got those types of funds I really do.

13 Jan 2022 10:45:07
Do you really trust this club to know how to spend big money in the transfer market?



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