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14 Jun 2022 08:38:12
Hate to say it but Frank might not last until October never mind Christmas. With all the goings on the last week or so we are going to struggle again no movement in the transfer market and looks like we are selling our best player. This is going to be one hell of a fight for Lampard to make a winning team I am worried he is set up to fail as Everton are in a worse position than any of us thought. Needed a complete clear out and it's not looking likely to happen we could possibly be even worse than last year if that's even possible.

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14 Jun 2022 09:25:53
Leagues just finished a few weeks ago and you think it would be sorted by now? so much negativity again! Its going to be a long hard summer for Frank and the board, fans will have to be patient!

14 Jun 2022 09:52:41
If we are predominately looking at free transfers and loans. The club would probably wait till contracts expire and clubs have made squad assessments re availability of loan players (baring in mind most of the EPL clubs are in the holiday season) its not surprising that there hasn't been any announcements re transfers yet. We don't want to create more problems with FFP by spending on new players until we have banked finances to cover any cost incurred. If we haven't signed/ loaned anyone by the 1st Sep then we may be in for an interesting season.

14 Jun 2022 10:22:30
Said it before say it again. Why the rush you would just be paying players wages while they are on holiday.
Some right doom merchants on this site.

14 Jun 2022 11:41:40
Sure I read somewhere that Pre season doesn’t start till July 1st. So as Woburn says why pay a player when on holiday if our finances are in such a mess?

Also majority of contracts end 30th June so if are going to be picking up free agents it wouldn’t be until after this date.

I also imagine Frank may want to see his squad in action for a few weeks of pre-season before he commits to bringing in any loan players. What if one of the under 23s or one of our current first team squad steps up during pre-season and can fill a role but we’ve already recruited a loan player into that slot?

If we are in a big a mess as being reported with our finances then our recruitment will have to be decent this window to ensure no further problems.

We’re going to have to ensure we recruit within our means and into positions we require cover for.

Therefore highly unlikely we’ll be purchasing or loaning anyone until later in window when frank assessed squad and knows what he needs.

14 Jun 2022 12:14:44
Sign Tarkowski now give him 400k to go on 4week holiday or wait and start paying him in July.

14 Jun 2022 13:04:43
Let’s ramp up the doom and gloom before the dust has fully settled! ??‍♂️.

14 Jun 2022 13:30:25
It’s not looking good. Everyone can see we are in trouble like serious trouble. If we end up with gray or Gordon as our number 10 like some people on here are saying we are doomed that’s never going to work. This could take years to sort out again. Frank would need to work miracles to sort this out. No money to spend and selling out best player. If it’s true then god help frank and god help us Toffees. It will be another fight for survival next year. I would love to be more positive but all the vibes coming out of the club are making that near impossible. Season only over and already I am worried we could be worse than last season. I hope I am wrong and it’s not as bad as it looks but it could be worse than any of us thought. Can no1 see this or yous happy I thought like most tv pundits that we needed a complete clear out and start again but don’t think we are in a position to even do that. We have to keep these bums next season and sell richie how is that not a very bad idea. I am very worried about the state of our club. Holy crap we even offered Kenny a new contract? Shows you we are in a bad way offering him a contract thank god he turned it dow. Phew.

14 Jun 2022 13:43:03
I wouldn’t sign him in the first place he is average and I would never sign a 30 year old cb we need young blood in we all ready have a few oaps as it is what age is Coleman 43 and looks like we still keeping him. All the signs are bad it’s worse than we thought.

14 Jun 2022 17:43:16
Crikey Con you’re a glass half empty type of guy.

You’re all doom and gloom. It’s definitely not as bad as you make out.

If we sell Richarlison then so be it.

No issue if we sign Tarkowski - a proven defender in premier league who is clearly better than we have already got.

Who said no money? We just need to ensure we balance books to be able to spend. Potentially money coming in from Moise Kean sale as well as some sponsorship and prize money.

We’ve also released some big earners (Delph, siggy and Tosun) that helps with the wage bill.

We’ve apparently transfer listed a few. Allan, Gomes, Keane and mina have been mentioned.

Kenny was with us since a kid, new contract I imagine was to try and then get a sale for him rather than him leave on a free.

We don’t need a complete clear out we need a few decent additions probably 3 or 4 and we’ll have a decent first 11.

14 Jun 2022 18:07:30
I hope your right. Thing is I’ve been positive every season now for 30 years and every season it’s hard to watch. I thought things would be different when the money came 6 years ago but Everton true to form have messed it all up. The thing that worry’s me is we might be in a worse position now than before the money came. I think we will be doing well to turn this around in 4/ 5 seasons it’s that bad. Hope I am wrong and frank can pull it off. Tarkowski not much better than what we have already he coming from a defence that just went down thank god they were worse than ours. Id love to be more positive but Tarkowski isn’t going to float my boat and remember Keane who did we buy that plonker from Burnley because he had a decent season look how that turned out. Keane has 2 left feet. we just make the same mistakes year in year out.

14 Jun 2022 18:22:13
Doesn't matter if we announce it now. We can't start paying him until his Burnley contact finishes anyway and that's the end of June.

14 Jun 2022 18:37:38
Personally i would prefer us to use Gordon as a no 10 than out on the flank, his first touch is tidy, he can go either way and he is intelligent and knows how to draw and win fouls.

That isn't to say i don't agree with you that we need a better no 10 option than Gray or Gordon. It is an integral part of the pitch for any side. I would rather give Gordon another year of getting to grips with the Prem, rather than put added stress onto him.

I also agree on the fact that we need a clear out mate, i have been saying this for years, so much cannon fodder it is untrue. Hopefully we start clearing it. The likes of Sig, Tosun, Kenny, Delph have all gone (and on big wages too) . I would still like to get rid of Gomes and Iwobi (people getting carried away with the fact he ran for once in the last games of the season) . Davies is on low wages and we can't sell everyone.

As Dan said, the money that frees up from those leaving and the potential fees for Kean and Richy should give us some flexibility to move in the market.

I don't think it is as bad as you think mate. Lampard will have learnt a lot from that first season, he is an intelligent man and knows how football works both on and off the pitch.

The deciding factor on whether the season will be a s*** show or not is the recruitment. Thelwell seems to have good enough pedigree and being a local fella from a family with blues, we shall see how he fares.

We need to be targeting smart buys though, none of the usual sh*** we get in.

Tarkowski may be 30, but centre backs play into their mid 30s. His stats were up there last year, he is rarely injured (something that cannot be said about the rest of them) . Most importantly, he is free.


CB (cannot trust Keane or Holgate imo. Godfrey had a complicated season but i think there is a decent cb in there) .
RB (no clue how Patterson is going to turn out tbh) .

Doucoure (dropped off himself)


I agree that team isn't where it needs to be mate, far from it but with some intelligent buys we should have enough to avoid relegation, especially with the decent home form under Lamps.

You would like to think that there will be 3 worse teams than us next year. Southampton ended abysmally. Leeds aren't looking great and look set to lose Raphina. The promoted teams will struggle.

We need to get this FFP out of the way to give us more freedom again. We need to learn from our mistakes and quickly.

The likes of Kim Min-Jae (CB) , Sanagare (DM - although we should have got him from Toulouse before PSV. Chance may be gone now) , Nunes (CM) , these are the types we need to be going after. Good ages and ready to make moves to a bigger league.

Apologies for the long-winded reply but have some positivity mate, after all that is how we got out of the mess we were in a couple of months back.

15 Jun 2022 01:48:01
When you sign a player their contract usually starts 1st of July so you wouldn’t be paying them for the next 4 weeks ? (obvs excluding jan tranfsers and free transfers altho free transfers you only start to pay after their current contract has ended)

{Ed001's Note - their contract ends at that time, it starts when the deal is done. However a deal right now can't be completed until 1st of July, that is when the player can be registered with a new club and so actually officially joins.}

15 Jun 2022 06:23:28
I’m not sure Gordon is a number 10. The lad doesn’t look up enough and is best used out wide where he can run at a defence.



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